Baldman Holster


100% Concealed, vertical, sticky & comfy

 Easy On - Easy Off


Baldman holster is ambidextrous, if you're a lefthanded gun owner you can change its side by releasing the 4 buckles and reinstalling them. 

If you order more than 2 holster and want different style, feel free to leave a note at cart, or leave us a message here or email us at


Baldman shoulder Holster is the perfect answer for you!

- One big problem that fat folks usually have with paddle holster and belt holster is that they are usually stuck under our belly and make us sweat a lot, which is not only ridiculously uncomfortable, but also not practical. Besides, when it comes to concealment, they don't really work well for fat people and tend to print due to our large belly.

Baldman shoulder Holster is the perfect choice for fat folks, it not only conceals your firearm perfectly but also stay put and firm so you can carry it all day without feeling anything. 

- Comfortable material:Invisible, odor-resistant, breathable, very lightweight & skin-friendly.

- Good for seated draws: Baldman shoulder Holster is completely comfortable and does a great job of keeping your sidearm out of the way, especially if you plan to carry it while seated at your office desk or in your car. 

- Good for big/long barrel guns: Baldman shoulder holster works exceedingly well for heavy handguns, much better than hip-mounted holsters because they spread the weight of the gun over a larger area of your body. 

- Ambidextrous: Baldman shoulder Holster allows you to choose which handedness works better for you.

- Another funny use: The fact that it makes you look like a Prohibition-era gangster or a suited contract assassin isn’t bad, you can use it as a part of a Halloween costumes. 


Baldman shoulder Holster is the solution to 3 biggest problems that hip holsters have.

 - The first one is the seated draw. You can't easily draw your firearm especially when you're seated in a car, the gun gets tucked between your belly and your pants ( it gets even harder to draw if you're a big guy), not even metion the seatbelt that gets in the way. Baldman holster provides you much easier access to your firearm which stays right under your armpit.

- Secondly, it's the "situation awareness", which proved to be, acorrding to a lot of firearm instructors we've worked with, much more important than draw speed, especially when you're in emergency situations. Drawing your firearm from Baldman holster is much more natural and smooth, looking just like the way we cross our arm over the chest, it gains much less attention than drawing a firearm from your hip. 

- Third, it's printing, If you're wearing an iwb holster, it's hard to conceal your gun 100%. You'll have to wear a really large size pants or it's gonna get noticed in many ways. With Baldman Shoulder holster, you can just wear a jacket and nobody will see anything.


 Baldman Shoulder holster is a good news for folks with back issue, it distributes the weight of your handgun more evenly over a larger area of the body.
The well-padded shoulder harness offers maximum comfort, the stretchy areas on the shoulder straps make it comfortable to wear and does not make you feel constricted regarding everyday or exaggerated movements.
Best holster for summer: The Baldman Shoulder Holster emerges as the ideal choice during the sweltering summer months. When the heat rises, traditional kydex or leather holsters become less than ideal, often leading to discomfort and irritation due to their contact with the skin. In contrast, the Baldman Shoulder Holster, designed with breathability and comfort in mind, stands out as a superior option. Its lightweight, skin-friendly material ensures that wearing it directly against your skin is not only bearable but pleasant, even in the highest temperatures.


 Number 1 shopping tip for anyone who's going to buy a horizontally-pointing holster: Don't buy it. Because if you carry a holster like that walking with your friends or family members, your gun is pointing at them. This doesn't make any sense because from day 1 as a gun owner we all learned that: "Never point the gun at anything you don't intend to destroy". Also, you will have to spend a lot of time relearning how to use this unatural, unsafe kind of holster.
Not like many other shoulder holsters, Baldman Shoulder holster is a vertical shoulder holster. So when you carry a gun with a Baldman, it points to the ground, much safer and easier to use.

New in Style: Khaki Baldman Shoulder Holster

We're excited to unveil the latest addition to our Baldman Shoulder Holster range – the sleek and versatile Khaki color. This new variant offers a stylish twist to our classic holster, blending functionality with a fresh aesthetic.

Why Khaki?
Versatile and Stylish: Khaki is a timeless color, perfect for both casual and formal wear. It adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.
Subtle Concealment: Ideal for discreet carry, Khaki works well under various clothing colors, offering a less noticeable holster option.
Year-Round Suitability: Equally fitting for summer lightness or winter layers, Khaki maintains its understated charm in any season.
Durable and Fashionable: Made with the same high-quality materials as our standard holsters, the Khaki variant is both long-lasting and visually appealing.
All the Same Great Features: The Khaki Baldman Shoulder Holster is ambidextrous, comfortable for all-day wear, and suitable for multiple firearm types, ensuring the same high-quality experience as our classic models.

"First off, the holster is made from very comfortable and strong nylon which is a huge plus for me. In addition I'm very pleased that it could hold both my Beretta PX4 subcompact, and my Ruger LCP just fine (the Ruger needs to be fastened down a bit more).

Another very useful feature the Baldman Shoulder Holster has is the straps at the bottom that'll loop to belt loops. This is welcoming especially because if one wears heavy garments or layers of clothes (such as I do in the winter months), your gear won't get lost in a sea of clothes."



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Why Baldman shoulder holster?

✔️Good for fat guys & drivers, perfect for seated draws.

✔️Comfortable: Baldman shoulder holsters' material is completely wear-resistant, thick enough to provide protection but still so comfortable and skin-friendly when worn for long hours.

✔️ Universal Fit—Baldman shoulder holsters fits most sizes of firearms.

✔️ Good for your back & ankle: Not like waistband, ankle or hip holsters that put heavy weight on one single spot on your body, Baldman shoulder holster distributes the weight, so it helps folks with back or ankle-related issues.

✔️100% concealed, no printing: With hip/ankle holsters, Folks with big leg or big belly may, uncomfortably, have to find a larger size pants to keep the firearms 100% concealed. Now all you need is just a lightweight jacket.


If you spend a lot of daytime taking the wheel, a cab driver or a policeman for instance, you may meet a lot of strangers, people you have no idea who they are and what they're going to do, it's very important to prepare yourself with a pefect-for-seated-draw holster like Baldman holster . 

Sometimes you may join a suit-required event like a collegues's daughter's wedding, or your son's high school graduation party. There you may meet a lot of people, with many of whom you don't know anything about. Of course you want to stay prepared to protect your family and people you love but you don't want others to "feel uncomfortable", then it's a good idea to wear a Baldman shoulder holster, which is 100% concealed under your suit while still providing you 200% mobility and comfort.

don't make your firearm soaked in sweat and smell from the hip by carrying something like a IWB kydex holster, it's not comfortable and not good for you gun, also. Wearing a a Baldman shoulder holster giving you more comfort and freedom while still staying prepared for unexpected situations.



"I had never really used a shoulder holster before. I saw this one in figured you know what why not? I'm pleasantly surprised by it. It's simple enough and gets the job done. Two straps sit on your shoulders beneath them is the pistol holster and the magazine pouches. You can adjust the height of where these sit on your body with the straps. from there it's connected flush to your body with two bungee/stretchy cords that attach to your belt. I found I could easily throw on a slim fitting jacket and have everything concealed."

Joseph MentorMinnesota

" - Has great range for size adjustment and can go very large. I’m over 6 foot and 280 still had room if need.

- Velcro on bottom straps attached to belt or cummerbund and will FIT IN MOLLE SLOTS

- Both straps have an elastic connection that keeps the whole setup in place but let’s you move as needed.

- The actual pistol holster itself has a 2 button system and the system itself is on Velcro and the Velcro can be moved to fit almost ANY PISTOL and literally in any position since the Velcro pad is so huge that it attaches too.

The best underarm I have used mainly because the Velcro can be positioned to fit any of my guns and The elastic is now a must for me, I could move in my leather one freely at all."

Jim G.Malboro, MA

"Comfortable and easy to put on. Since I’m left handed, I was able to easily convert for left hand Use. My glock 19 is a snug fit. I normally don’t use the Velcro over the handle since its snug enough to hold. I also use it for my Taurus if I want to carry something smaller. Very comfortable to wear and the price is great! I don’t us the traps to my belt as everything stays in place when wearing a jacket or vest which I normally wear anyway."

Rashidi S.., RoanokeVirginia

" I love this holster. Since I was a child, I always wanted one just like this. I NEVER carry in my purse, and this is another way for me to carry. I threw a sweater over it, and you can’t even tell. Tried with My 40mm Smith and Wesson "

 Jude Rodriguez., Turnertown, TX




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