Dinosaur Magnetic Mount

super strong magnet

allow you to cock your pistol immediately


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"I recently purchased the DINOSAUR MAGNETIC MOUNT and it's been a game-changer for my home defense setup. The installation was a breeze, no drilling needed, and it holds my firearm securely while keeping it easily accessible. I'm impressed with its strong magnet and the quality of the materials. It's not just functional, but also discreet and looks great in my home and my car. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to store their firearm or tools!" Kevin Corden - Vietnam veteran

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Be Ready When Seconds Matter

 Ever had one of those heart-pounding moments, like a sudden break-in, where every second is crucial and you need your gun immediately? That's where the DINOSAUR MAGNETIC MOUNT steps in.

 Picture this: It's the dead of night, and bad news comes knocking at your door – and they're not alone, or coming with good intentions. In times like these, hesitation isn't an option. You've got to be quick and decisive. That's what our mount is all about. Engineered with neodymium, it's a beast, holding your firearm securely but always within your immediate reach.

 Think about it, not just for your gun but for any tool you need at a moment's notice. Quick, reliable, no-nonsense setup – because when trouble comes calling in pairs or packs, fumbling for your firearm is the last thing you want. No drilling, no hassle. Just attach, and you're set. 

 DINOSAUR MAGNETIC MOUNT: It's not just smart, it's essential for those moments when acting fast and acting decisively could mean everything.

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Why Dinosaur Magnetic Mount Stands Out in Home and Car Defense

Dinosaur Magnetic Mount vs. Gun Vault: The Dinosaur Mount wins hands down in access speed. In emergencies, those extra seconds needed to unlock a gun vault can be critical. Plus, it's way more portable and space-efficient than a bulky gun vault.

Vs. Nightstand Storage: Sure, a nightstand is convenient, but it's not nearly as secure. The Magnetic Mount keeps your firearm safely in place, which is a big deal, especially if kids are around. A nightstand drawer? Not so much.

Vs. Desk Drawer: Digging through a desk drawer for your firearm? Not ideal. The Magnetic Mount gives you immediate, unobstructed access. Plus, no more worrying about your gun getting buried under papers or other junk in the drawer.

Vs. Carrying in Your Car: Carrying on your person in a car can be awkward and uncomfortable. The mount? It's right there, within easy reach from the driver's seat. Plus, it keeps the firearm stable and secure, which is super important when you're on the move.

So, when you stack it up against these other options, the Dinosaur Magnetic Mount is just more practical and secure. It's all about having your firearm accessible and ready, without the hassle or safety concerns of other storage methods. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the road, this mount's got you covered.

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Quick Draw, Dual Storage, Enhanced Safety

In Critical Situations, Every Second Matters:

Dinosaur Gun Magnet enables you to cock your pistol without needing to remove it from the holder. This feature is vital in high-pressure scenarios.

It offers a strategic advantage by delaying the reaction time of potential threats, providing you with an extra 3-5 seconds for self-defense.

The magnet's upgraded design allows for versatile storage options. It can securely hold either two guns or one gun along with a magazine simultaneously.

This functionality ensures that you can quickly access both your firearm and additional magazines whenever necessary.

100% No-Risk Replacement Guarantee



Strength & Durability: Crafted from neodymium, the Dinosaur Magnetic Mount boasts an impressive 75 lbs. holding capacity, ensuring your firearm is securely stored. Its versatile design allows for easy installation on both magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces, such as cars, walls, and a variety of terrains.

Universal Use: Beyond firearms, this magnet is perfect for holding tools like screwdrivers and hammers, making it a versatile addition to any toolkit.

Quick Access: Tailored for tactical scenarios, the magnet provides rapid and convenient access to your firearm, ensuring you're always prepared.

Easy Installation: Effortlessly mountable on vehicles, in offices, and on many other surfaces, this mount requires no additional hardware for installation.

Firearm Safety: Equipped with a natural rubber coating, the mount ensures your firearm remains scratch-free, maintaining its condition and value.

Compatibility: Designed to fit all sizes of semi-automatic pistols, the Dinosaur Magnetic Mount is as versatile as it is robust.

100% No-Risk Replacement Guarantee


"But i don't wanna drill into my car panel or my furniture..."

- I understand that you don't wanna drill holes in your vehicle. Instead, you want some kind of tape to stick the gun mount into your car or furniture.

- It's "ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN!". The problem with most of the tape is if you live in an area where it hot outside. the adhesive will fail.

- This could be very dangerous mounted on driver side with a loaded gun, or mounted under the desk and you have kids in the house, just for it to fall going over the tiniest bump.

- You, as the person who's responsible for carrying the gun, should accept as little compromise as possible.

- Therefore, if you want it to stay 100% secure, you will have to drill into your vehicle or furniture.


When it comes to gun mounts, there are key necessities:

 Secure holding and quick draw capability.

Many gun mounts on the market sacrifice one of these crucial features, often trading off security for lower costs.

At Dinosaurized, we don't settle for compromise. We believe a gun mount must excel in both safety and functionality.

Crafted from powerful neodymium, a rare earth metal, our magnet boasts a formidable 55 lbs holding power, outperforming competitors by 30%.

The Dinosaur Gun Mount ensures your firearm is held safely and securely, even on the roughest country roads filled with vibrations

100% No-Risk Replacement Guarantee


suitable for multiple scenarios

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100% No-Risk Replacement Guarantee



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"This magnetic gun holder does a great job it will also allow you to cock your pistol without removing it from the holding device. It was easily mounted in my jeep and wish I would’ve gotten one sooner. Good product for the money."

Wyrm DC, Washington DC 

100% No-Risk Replacement Guarantee


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"- Comes with screws and plastic anchors

- Used with S&W M&P 40

I have a couple of magnetic mounts that are just for the gun, no magazine holder. I like this better. This gun doesn't have a safety on it so I prefer to keep it unloaded. I also have to admit (don't laugh) the magnets on my old ones are too strong. Not quick-draw at all. This one has replaced one of those.

Just to mention, the magnet in the magazine side is just as strong, it easily holds the same gun.

Very pleased with this and I will be buying at least two more."

Brian MentorMinnesota

100% No-Risk Replacement Guarantee


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"Dinosaurized makes nice items for your weapons.

The idea of a simple yet strong mount for my Glock is something I always wanted and by using the strong magnets and plastic body, they have achieved a good mix of not scratching the slide and holding well even when light off-roading (I haven’t done any stump jumping lately so we will go with light off roading for now).

So the mag holder and the pistol holder are tops in my books and I like the simple yet effective design.

I highly recommend this quick draw mount and remember to teach your kids not to touch your weapons unless your reaching them about safety. We don’t need anymore accidents and those that can’t keep a weapon safe shouldn’t have them. Every one I own has a trigger lock and the mags are in a separate safe as is the ammo.

Please stay safe and yes I do recommend this product!"

-DestinMalboro, MA

100% No-Risk Replacement Guarantee


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"The only drawback is that if your gun does not have a flat topside to your pistol it will wiggle back and forth. i.e. a Glock it works great with but my Sig P250 which isn't perfectly flat rocks from side to side when I dive down the road. Still holds it in place and has not fallen off because the magnets are strong. Wish they had maybe a shim magnetic strip I could put on it to keep my sig from rocking."

Thomas L., RoanokeVirginia

100% No-Risk Replacement Guarantee


vertical shoulder holster, gun shoulder holster, tactical shoulder holster


"Just as described- comes with screws and washers. Whole thing has a rubber shell so it won’t scratch up my gun. Exactly what I needed, strong enough to hold my sig p365 with ease, and I can pull it off without too much force so it’s quickly and easily accessible in an emergency situation. Great to hide in the slim space behind a bed headboard or back of a nightstand, since you can stick it on with the adhesive strip- you could put this almost anywhere flat. Very pleased!"

 Erin., TurnertownTX

100% No-Risk Replacement Guarantee



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Does the magnet leaves marks on my gun

- No, it won't

Is it a 2 way magnet? Like Will the magnet stick to my metal gun safe to where I don’t have to use the screws?

- No it does not have magnet on back side.

Will this work if the pistol has optics? I have a sig p320 compact with the romeo1 optic.

- No, it won't.

i affix the mount under the dash. to use, i first push it forward to rack the slide, then pull it out and it is loaded/cocked. right?

- If you have clip with bullets in it and push all way into gun , yes it will chamber a bullet.

When you mounted inside a car, does the magnet interfere with gps, radios, phones?

- No,  it will not interfere your gps, radios, phones

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