7 reason why millions of gamers switched to this futuristic-designed Keyboard 🎉

By Camila Plumey, JAN 23,2023

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Typing on an ordinary keyboard for extended periods of time can lead to a host of health and posture problems. The standard keyboard layout can cause strain on the wrists, hands, and forearms, leading to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Additionally, the fixed position of the keys can cause the shoulders to hunch and the neck to crane, leading to neck and shoulder pain.


The good news is that people are starting to recognize the importance of ergonomics in the workplace and are seeking out products like ergonomic keyboards to help alleviate these issues. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to promote a more natural typing posture, with features like split keyboards and angled key sets that allow for a more comfortable typing experience. As people become more aware of the potential dangers of prolonged computer use, the trend towards ergonomic keyboards is only set to continue.

1.Unleash Unrivaled Comfort

Wave goodbye to wrist and shoulder strain. The split-key and 3D design of the Synthex X1 works in harmony with your body, allowing you to game and stream longer without compromising your health.

2.Feel the Power of Precision

Enjoy satisfying, tactile keystrokes that reduce fingertip pressure, offering you an unparalleled typing experience. Dominate your opponents with the heightened control and responsiveness you've always desired.

3.Effortless Integration

Plug in the Synthex X1, and you're good to go. No hassles, no headaches - just seamless connection with your computer's USB port. The 6.0 Ft cable offers you the flexibility to create your dream gaming or streaming setup.

4.Master Your Multimedia

Stay in control with 7 built-in multimedia hotkeys that grant you instant access to essential functions. Enhance your gameplay and streaming flow, keeping your audience captivated and coming back for more.

5.Embrace the Future of Typing

Adapt to the Synthex X1's innovative split design and unlock your true typing potential. Experience newfound speed, accuracy, and comfort as you ascend to the elite ranks of gaming and streaming.

6.Universal Compatibility

The Synthex X1 effortlessly integrates with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, making it the ultimate addition to any gaming or streaming arsenal. Versatility and adaptability have never looked this good.

7.Invest in Your Success

The Synthex X1 isn't just a keyboard; it's a promise of quality and reliability that elevates your gaming and streaming performance. Join the millions who have unlocked their potential with the Synthex X1 Keyboard and start building the gaming and streaming empire you've always dreamed of.


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