2021 Liberal Women:

Carrying A Gun Or

Against The Guns? 

While the rise of Gun-Save-Life reports still didn’t show up on Mainstream Media and the police are even further defunded, more and more US residents are arming up for the worst cases. What's your opinion?  



According to NSDV Fact on average of a year,

For anti-gun liberals who's reading this article, with a rapid rise of crimes rate up to 36.7% after "the defund the police" movement, now it is time for you to get one. Why?


You are being threatened by armed intruders breaking into your house .. 

Fear To The Guns

🙌 Call the cops, wait at least 11 minutes for them to arrive?

🙌 They planned the whole thing & considered to defeat you easily

🙌 They never hesitate to fire their first shot

🙌 You're non-resistant with only 35% survival chance until the cops' arrival?

🙌 It's worried if the guns in the hands of the murderers

Carry A Gun

💪 Determine the numbers of suspects, load your guns

💪 The only thing they didn't know that you're an expert in guns

💪 But you can aim & place warning shots, stop any attempts to hurt you

💪 Own the situation with 87% winning chance to scare them away

💪 Don't worry because the guns are in the hands of good citizens

Let’s be honest, you're always the first line of your defence.. not the cops. Your weapon may be the difference between going home that day or NOT. So look past the “phobia” of firearms and carry a real gun. 

It’s better to have it & not need it rather than to need it & not to have it”
- Capt. Woodrow F Call. Lonesome Dove mentioned on Gun Possession


✅  Take Gun Lessons Properly

Joining gun classes, gun clubs and training hard to be an experienced marksman before get yourself a damn good rifle/pistol  

✅  Carrying A Concealed Gun On Your Body All The Time

A serious note for everyone, never leave your gun! Always have it on your body, not in your handbag, not in your room. With a concealed holster, you're always a step ahead with the criminals to turn any situations upside down.

✅  Being Comfortable With Your Holster 

Choose the perfect holster for all-day-wearing flexibility.  We have many gun holster for women that fit your size, stick to the body & comfortable while sitting, working or running. 

✅  Perform Quick, Easy Draw While Sitting, Packing or Lying down

Learn how to tactical quick-draw effectively. Most gun fights are very unexpected, and thus the quick-draw is a skill which should be perfected in any glimpse-of-death situations.

✅  Prepare Your Women with Guns & Get Them Trained Well

With gun ownership comes responsibility. All gun owners should be educated on the risks associated with guns and they should take gun class properly to ensure that their guns are used safely, stored securely.

✅ Join Gun Owner Community

If you have the Liberal Anti-Guns point of views and still want one. Then I highly recommend you to join some Gun Owner Community around your neighbourhood first.

I strongly believe that you'll change your mind about American Gun Owners, which is far from the irresponsible, rude & violence-prone rude depiction given by the MSM. Each of them is just a hero to their family under the name "armed U.S Citizen". 

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