Here Are The Top 8 Best Places To Hide Your Firearms In Your House

 The concept of home security cannot be overemphasized in this current world as the crime rate continues to skyrocket across the globe. As a result, one of the most pressing needs of man today is his ability to keep his loved ones safe from criminals. There are various ways of protecting your home, and one of the most satisfactory ways is having a personal licensed firearm.
 However, the big question that comes with having a gun is how do I keep my weapon in an unnoticed way while I still have easy access to it during emergencies? The good news is that there are many places where you can hide your gun, and you can rest assured that no one can see or notice them. With just a little bit of creativity, it can be protected so well that nobody could ever think of searching for it. This article focuses on various ways your gun can be hidden in your house, and by doing it in plain sight.
So, let’s check out the contenders and find the perfect place to hide your firearm in 2021 for you…


Some bedrooms have a laundry basket where dirty clothes are being kept, no matter who comes in, a laundry basket will never be suspected by either a child, guest, or burglar. If anyone passes through it, searching a laundry basket won’t be the priority. A holster in a laundry basket must be covered by a pile of clothes but must not be hidden in clothes that are not too deep into the basket. Clothes that the owner can quickly identify must be used, pulled out easily whenever an individual is in danger.
Apart from a laundry basket, a wardrobe can also be used. A closet full of old and abandoned clothes can be used for hiding a holster. It can be kept among clothes and must be adequately secured.


Whenever the house is under attack, the first attempt that might occur by burglars is the bedroom, and that might be the target. Hiding a holster in a closet or shelf is common by houses and evident because that is where most people store their guns; the storage of a firearm is of great importance.
A gun can be hidden in a shoe rack, a pair of the old boot can be used, whereby nobody could ever suspect the spot. The arms can be buried, thereby adding a crumpled sock for effectiveness, and nobody could ever notice the place.


It depends on how well your bedroom is being furnished. If your bedroom has a couch, that means your gun can be hidden in a sofa. No burglar could ever enter a bedroom with the mind of searching for a sofa. If a firearm is to be prevented from being seen, the most compelling way to achieve this is to hide it in furniture. Some lounge is well furnished with secret compartments for guns.
 Since a cloth always covers the sofa’s body, a weapon can be hidden inside by removing some portion of the fabric used and attaching it back in an unnoticed way. Nobody could ever notice the spot.


Most bedrooms are decorated with frames, clocks, mirrors, artwork, etc. you can hide your firearm in a picture frame depending on the shape and sizes. A-frame that has a blocked-shape and pictures on every side can be used to conceal a gun. A frame can be placed next to the bed. Mirrors are designed to beautify the room, and nobody could think of checking something hidden there.
 A gun can be kept safe by building it in the wall right behind a mirror. This can also be applied to a clock or artwork.


A hidden spot can be created for a gun in a bookshelf, whereby it will not be noticed. A burglar cannot think of checking a bookshelf for a holster. Your firearm can be kept inside a book with a hardcover and fit enough for the gun. The paper must be among other publications, which will make it less conspicuous than just a book that is left alone on the shelf or stands.


In an ideal world, nobody could ever think of a holster hidden in an electric outlet. This is one of the best storage for a holster. The bedroom will have countless electrical outlets, which means the owner will be the only one who knows where it is hidden. A fake electric outlet can be created by oneself or someone who knows how to without revealing its reason. This can be done by carving a hole into the wall or old hole where the outlet used to be. The electric outlet that will be created must be fit enough for the holster. The chances of noticing a holster in an electrical outlet by a burglar are very minute.


The dressing table is used mostly by women, and it is another excellent place to hide a firearm from burglars. Hiding a gun under the dressing table will never be suspected by a burglar, it is one of the well-furnished tools that can come with secret compartments for guns. Depending on the level of a drawer, a weapon can be hidden underneath without being noticed. A hole can be drilled in the side of a cabinet through the face of a drawer and painting the head with wood stain to match without making it visible.
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