The Horrors Of Failed Socio-Economic Democratic Policies Pushing Young Black boys & girls Into Crime

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By blaming the gun the corrupt politician & media can advance their agenda and look like the give a d**n about the people. 

FACT: in 2015, Chicago, one of the cities that have the strictest gun laws in the country, has more murders than any cities in the U.S. In 2011, 80% of Chicago's homicies are gang-related, at least 75% of those homicides were of young black men. These killings are happening in specific places within major American cities, and they all have the same conditions: Extreme porverty, no jobs, horrible schools, broken homes, gangs and a lot of drugs. In 2009, Chicago has the most gun murders among the nation's 50 most populus metropolitan areas. What people don't know is the fact that in 2009, Chicago has in place for years the city ordinance that bans the sell of handguns within the city limits. What kind of bafoon of logic makes you think these stupid common-sense gun control are gonna do anything to prevent the violence in the inner cities? These kids grow up in places where 6 people being shot in the weekend is normal?

Every horror story begins with a beautiful, thriving American city, safe, and with a strong economy, then Democrats take over - the end. The city is turned into a poverty-stricken, crime-ridden hovel, with the majority of residents wishing to leave. This is the story of many once-great cities in the United States. 

While everyone knows about the Murder City, Chicago, the list is growing with Philly, Seattle, and New York, working very hard to rival every other Democrat-controlled city. 

However, Democrats have never run out of ideas on how to save the city - gun control. While gun control persistently fails horribly in every city in which it has been tried, Democrats quickly come up with better ideas to address the problem - more gun control. 

In some states such as New York, every new gun law is more ridiculous than the first. However, such laws hardly work, and crime continues to rise by double digits. For example, New York had the Microstamping & Ballistics policy, where ammunition manufacturers were required to affix codes to bullet casings. They were required to submit the information to authorities for tracking ammunition usage.

However, the policy failed to solve crimes, with the authorities only managing to collect mountain loads of spent cartridges and backlogs of unsolved crimes. Currently, it's a crime for a non-resident to touch a firearm in New York.

Additionally, the state weakened the preemption laws, allowing local authorities to create local gun control laws. This situation creates a patchwork of local gun laws, which are difficult to navigate.

Law-abiding citizens are turned into felons for just crossing city boundaries. Authorities in New York also issue permits based on personal subjective decision of the issuing officers. Residents could be denied permits when an issuing officer decides to do so for no apparent reason.

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While many people are fixated on the crime problem, the root cause of crime is failed Democratic policies. Poor economic policies ruin the economy of every thriving city, forcing investors to move to relocate to other cities. 

Heavy taxes in liberal cities cause businesses to avoid Democrat-controlled cities. The reason for high taxes is to support large state governments, which gulp revenues to sustain their redundant bureaucracies. Consequently, many companies prefer to move to other cities with more considerate tax regimes that allow them to survive the high operation costs.

Unchecked government regulations also stifle innovation and investment by creating stumbling blocks against businesses. 

Runaway corruption is also a problem in most Democratic states and cities. Backdoor dealings and blackmailing companies cause delays in business operations. They also raise the cost of doing business in Democratic-controlled cities.  

For example, investigators found that Gov. Roy Cooper abused his position to influence the outcome of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline North Carolina. Cooper held environmental permits hostage to coerce the companies to pay $55 million; an amount later increased to $57.8 million. His advisors, also called Duke Energy, CEO Lynn Good, demanding a letter indicating that the company "voluntarily" donated the money. The resulting court cases caused project delays, which increased the costs of completing the project.

With many African Americans living in liberal cities, racial income inequalities continue to rise. Residents of such cities, especially young black males, are forced into crime to survive the new economic reality of the liberal city.

Liberal social policies also lead to the collapse of families. Many boys are brought up without respectable role models. Such passionate youngsters are vulnerable to exploitation by criminal gangs such as MS13. 

By the time they are old enough, they are already too deep in trouble, having committed felonies under the influence or coercion of the gangs. The young boys cannot leave the criminal gangs for fearing execution – a major contributor to shootings in crime-ridden liberal cities. The youths end up embracing crime as the only way of life they learnt since childhood.

The same liberal politicians prevent the police from aggressively enforcing laws, allowing the gangs to take over the streets. For example, there are tensions between the Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, and the Chicago Police department because of her interference in law enforcement efforts. Every weekend is a murder holiday with criminals shooting dozens.

 While liberals claim that reducing the police presence in the neighborhoods would improve the relationship between the law enforcement agents and the African American community, it hurts the law-abiding African Americans the most. This is because criminals do to appreciate good gestures. They exploit the opportunity to victimize the vulnerable members of their community.

The same gun control politicians enact more gun control preventing law-abiding citizens from defending themselves, thus giving criminals an upper hand. Currently, they are also defunding the police while still restricting firearms. Ironically, they still need the police to enforce anti-gun laws. 

Democrats, who claim to be "pro-black," encourage or fail to address riots in the cities, leading to the destruction of many businesses. Small businesses, which are the mainstay of many minority cities, are worst affected by the riots. However, Democrats fail to condemn the wanton destruction of businesses by criminals posing as peaceful protesters. They are also quick to condemn the death of suspects in police custody but are silent when criminals kill black police officers.

For example, liberals were silent when David Dorn, a retired Black St. Louis police captain, was murdered by Black Lives Matter protesters. Capt. Dorn was responding to incidents of vandalism of black businesses. His death did not cause the same outrage caused by the death of suspects who died while resisting arrests.

Similarly, Democrats are silent when criminals kill black people. For example, they never showed outrage when an 8-year old Secoriea Turner was shot by demonstrators who were protesting the death of Rayshard Brooks. The girl was shot a few meters away from the scene of Brook's shooting.

There is a reason that almost all the suspected police shootings of suspects during arrests take place in liberal cities. The hatred of the police convinces many suspects that disobeying police orders is a good decision. The lack of respect for authority could be traced to failed Democratic social policies. Such policies destroy the family unit leaving many young people without figureheads in their families. Consequently, such children grow without any respect for authority even when obeying is in their best interest.  

When lawlessness engulfs Democratic cities, the anti-gun politicians turn to gun control. Democrats believe that gun control is the silver bullet that solves every problem. However, addressing crimes by restricting firearms is tantamount to treating the symptoms instead of the underlying causes.


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