If you're looking for a new Glock pistol, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Both the Glock 48 and Glock 19 are popular options, but they have different features that may make one better suited for your needs than the other. In this article, we will compare the two pistols in categories to help you make the best decision possible.


Speaking of pistols, Glock 19 has been considered one of the most popular handguns in the U.S. and around the world for years. Now, with the advancement of Glock 48, one of the newest and most similar to Glock 19, it is high time we gave out this comparison. Overall, this would be natural to compare these two gun lines, as they resemble in some ways.

Story of Glock 19

glock 48 vs glock 19 comparison

Glock 19 began in 1982 when Austrian manufacturer Glock Ges. M.B.H. presented their new product, which was soon to become a revolution in the world of pistols – Glock 17. It was a lightweight and simple design that quickly became popular among European law enforcement agencies as well as U.S. police forces and civilians. With time, it has only improved – now we have Glock 19X, which is a crossover between Glock 17 and Glock 19, and it is becoming more and more popular due to its versatility.

When it comes to magazines, the Glock 17's extended 17-round magazine will fit in the Glock 19, as will more prominent 33-round magazines that are prevalent in the realm of pistol caliber carbines. Most sights and trigger improvements for the Model 17 will work on the 19. However, bear in mind that there exist several generations of Glock 19, and internal components designed for each generation are distinctive and might not be compatible with other generations.

Story of Glock 48

glock 48 vs glock 19 comparison

On the other hand, the story of Glock 48 begins only recently, in 2019, to be precise. This model was designed only to provide the best possible concealment without compromising firepower or accuracy, making it ideal for plainclothes officers. Glock 48 was designed as a more concealable option than the Glock 19. The most significant difference between the two guns is their size. The Glock 48 has a slimmer profile and is shorter in length and height than the Glock 19. This makes the Glock 48 much easier to carry and conceal than the Glock 19, which is one of its main selling points.

At first look, the differences between a Glock 48 and a Glock 19 appear to be minor. They are around the same length and height and have equivalent barrel lengths. The width of each pistol and how it impacts their capacity and concealability are where things really matter.

Specifications comparison

A gun's physical formation can be classified in four different ways.

1. Number one is the length of the handgun, which is determined from the muzzle to the end of the grip or the end of the slide, whichever one is greater.

2. Secondly, the height of the handgun was assessed from the bottom of the magazine to the top of the slide.

3. The third factor to consider is the pistol's breadth.

4. The weight of the pistol, when fully loaded, is the final consideration.

The specifications are practically indistinguishable. Having said that, there are several parts that the two firearms have in common. Both pistols are the same height, standing at 5.04 inches tall. They also have the exact grip length. And the trigger distances on both weapons are similar: the 48's is somewhat shorter than the Glock 19's, but not by very much.

The Glock 48 is, as expected, smaller. The grip width is 1.10 inches, and the slide is 0.80 inches thick. The slide of the 19 is 0.13 inches wider, and the grip is 1.26 inches thick. It may not appear to make a significant impact, but it does when you actually hold it in your hand.

The caliber of these firearms is the most significant distinction. Single stack 9mm magazines with ten bullets are included in Glock 48. Glock 19 comes with 15 round magazines out of the box. However, it can hold cartridges up to 33 bullets.

The two are significantly different in mass. With a full magazine, the Glock 48 weighs 25.12 ounces. When filled, the Glock 19's weight is 5 ounces heavier.

Having known the specifications is not enough. It would be best if you had a deep dig into what those numbers imply, after all. So let's get into the central part.

Which one is better for you

48 vs. 19: Concealment

The Glock 19 is not a small pistol. It's a service weapon, after all. The Glock 48, on the other hand, was designed with concealability in mind. The Glock 48 is the better approach if you want to reduce the gun's size without compromising on performance.

The slimmer profile and shorter length of the Glock 48 make it much easier to conceal than the Glock 19. It's also lighter, which makes it more comfortable to carry for extended periods of time. The Glock 48 is ideal for I.W.B. carry (when used with the appropriate Glock 48 holsters) and provides a new level of confidence and concealment.

The Glock 19 is more suited for O.W.B. carry, as many assume, but with the correct Glock 19 holsters, it may also be carried I.W.B. If you want a concealed carry gun with a weapon light and a red dot optic, the Glock 19 is a wonderful choice.

All in all, the G48 is a Glock 19 that has been downsized to the smallest size possible.

Whether you're looking for a holster that carries Glock 19 or Glock 48, we have just what you need. We'll keep your weapon secure and easy to access no matter which gun is in question!

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48 vs. 19: Sight

The sights on the two pistols are not so different. The Glock 19 comes with standard iron sights that are easy to see and use. The Glock 48 comes with Ameriglo Bold night sights that glow in the dark and provide an excellent sight picture.

Glock 48 is easier to see in low-light conditions with The Ameriglo Bold sights - features a luminous front post and a blacked-out rear. The bold front sight is easy to acquire, and the rear sight has a wide U-notch that makes it easy to align the front and rear sights.

However, while these two both have red-dot optics, I think Glock has somehow failed to upgrade the M.O.S. for Glock 48.

Glock added details to the 48, and those additional features are incompatible with some of the most popular red-dot sights on the market. They collaborated with Shield to create a red-dot designed exclusively for the Glock 48, cutting into the gun.

The Glock 19 M.O.S., on the other hand, has several mounting points that will function with almost any optic on the sale. Furthermore, there are numerous aftermarket mounting options, so finding one optic for Glock 19 would never be a problem.

48 vs. 19: Management

The Glock 19 is a little easier to control than the Glock 48. The Glock 19 has a larger grip, and the slide is also slightly heavier. The consequence is that the recoil of the Glock 19 is somewhat more manageable than the smaller Glock 48.

While Glock isn't renowned for providing excellent triggers (in fact, the contrary is true), the G48 has what I'd call a decent trigger. In other words, while the trigger is "sufficient," it still leaves a lot to be desired. The incorporated safety blade and ridges on the trigger finger appear to take a toll on the trigger finger after a hundred or so rounds. It works nicely as a self-defense trigger. Just get used to the blisters if you're a range gun. However, some of them have a rather inconsistent trigger, sometimes a little hard to pull, sometimes leaning more towards than it is supposed to be. With a Lyman scale, the average pull weight of the Glock 48 trigger was right around 5.5 pounds. This trigger weight and overall performance are quite reasonable for a self-defense pistol.

Due to the lack of ridges, the Glock 19 trigger is said to perform more pleasurably than the Glock 48 trigger. A draw weight of 5 pounds was tested, and it felt light and smooth. In the Gen-5 G19 used in my evaluation, I loved the short journey time mixed with a crisp break. The Glock 19 provided me with remarkable accuracy, which I credit to the trigger and frame size. The increased grip size on the Glock 19 also makes it easier to reach and manipulate the controls. The slide stop and magazine release are easy to reach and use, even for people with small hands.

48 vs. 19: On-rage comparison


Both guns perform admirably, taking the lead downrange. You can easily handle small targets quickly if you have the appropriate foundations. In action, I can have a fresh shooter shooting a human-sized target at 25 yards after an hour of training.

The Glock 19 is one of the most user-friendly stock firearms available. The large full-sized grip, huge sight radius, and decent trigger make hitting what you intend for a breeze. The Glock 19 has been long-standing due to its ease of use. The qualities of the Glock 19 are, in the end, what will make the Glock 48 so appealing.

The Glock 19 is relatively easier to reload than the many other versions of Glock for a variety of reasons. The magazines are thicker and more comfortable to hold. It's also more natural to toss a new one into the larger magazine slot and more suitable for regular to large hand sizes.

The Glock 48 shares many of the same characteristics as the Glock 19. The grip, sight radius, and trigger pull are all the same functions. The gun is as effective and straightforward as a conventional Glock 19. As the grip is slightly thinner, small-hand size gun owners would opt for it.


You may want to look at the slide manipulation. The Glock 48 slide is going to be just a little bit harder to manipulate because it's not as wide, and you can't get as much of your hand on it as you can with the 19. That being said, it's not going to be a huge difference, and if you're carrying the gun in a proper holster, you shouldn't have any problems. From a concealment standpoint, the Glock 48 is going to be the better choice because it's thinner and easier to hide.

The Glock 19 frame is more prominent, which makes it a little more challenging to conceal. It's not impossible at all, but you will definitely have to dress around the gun a bit more. The Glock 19 is also a little heavier, making extended periods of carrying uncomfortable. However, for those who prefer the heaviness and firmness of a gun, G19 is bound to get.

The Glock 48 does not have an ambidextrous magazine release, although the Glock 19 Gen 5 does. A flared mag well on the Glock 19 makes reloading faster and easier. The Glock 48 has a full-sized slide lock, which is standard on all Glock handguns.

48 vs. 19: Price

The Glock 48 is one of the most affordably-priced handguns on the market. It's a great gun for those who are looking for a quality firearm without breaking the bank. Glock 19, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive. This is to be expected, as the Glock 19 is a full-sized gun, and the Glock 48 is a compact gun.

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Overall: Pros and Cons

The Glock 48 is an absolute choice for those who are looking for a quality firearm that is affordably priced. The Glock 19 is a worthy choice for those looking for a quality firearm with a higher budget, but it is worth it.

Glock 48: 

The Glock 48 is a popular 9mm pistol that offers several advantages for shooters. It is affordably priced, has a great trigger, and is easy to reload. In addition, the Glock 48 has an incredible sight radius, making it easier to hit targets at longer ranges. However, there are also some downsides to appraise. For example, the Glock 48 does not have an ambidextrous magazine release, making it difficult to reload for left-handed shooters. Additionally, the pistol does not have a flared mag well, which can make reloading slower and more complex. Overall, the Glock 48 is a good choice for shooters who are looking for an affordable and accurate 9mm pistol.

Glock 19: 

The Glock 19 is known for its reliability and shoot ability. One of the main advantages of the Glock 19 is its capacity. The Glock 19 can hold up to 15 rounds in its magazine, which is more than enough for most self-defense situations. Additionally, there are multiple magazine options available for the Glock 19, which gives users the ability to tailor their guns to their specific needs. Its size is neither pros nor cons, as some might prefer the firm grip of G19 while others might feel it is heavy. One main drawback of the Glock 19 is its cost. The Glock 19 is one of the more expensive handguns on the market, which can make it difficult for some people to afford. Additionally, the size of the Glock 19 can make it difficult to conceal, especially for people with smaller hands. Overall, the Glock 19 is a great choice for people who are looking for a reliable and shootable handgun. However, cost and size can be a disadvantage for some people.

Final thoughts

The Glock 48 and the Glock 19 are both great handguns for shooters. The Glock 48 is a good choice for those who are looking for an affordable and accurate pistol. The Glock 19 is such a choice for those who are looking for a reliable and shootable handgun. However, it is the cost and size can be a disadvantage for some people when choosing a gun to purchase.

Other factors that play a role may include existing handguns that are similar and the intended use for the firearm in question. If someone already owns a Glock and likes it, they might lean towards another Glock in a different size or caliber.

Both pistols have their pros and cons, so it really depends on the shooter's specific needs and preferences. If you're looking for an cost-efective option and a reliable gun that is easy to shoot, the Glock 48 is a great choice. Ultimately, both pistols are great choices for shooters, and it really comes down to personal preference. Consider your specific needs and preferences before reaching your decision. Whichever gun you choose, you'll be getting a quality firearm that will serve you well.

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