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Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for the gun lover in your life? Look no further! We have put together a special gift basket just for her. This basket is filled with all of the essentials a concealed carry enthusiast needs. From gun cleaning supplies to concealed carry holsters, we have got you covered. Surprise your mom with this unique gift this Mother's Day and make her day unforgettable!

We are going through options ranging from essentials to simpler gifts. Take time considering for the gift basket!


1. Rambo Gun Bag

Most gun lovers are familiar with the standard benefits of gun cases: they keep your gear organized and easy to grab, and they're lightweight and mobile. However, gun cases also have some lesser-known benefits that make them an essential part of any gun lover's kit.

For instance, gun cases can help you never miss a shot because you can't find your gear. With everything neatly stored in one place, you'll always know exactly where your gun is when you need it. Also, the Rambo Gun bag supplies pads that help organize your gun vertically, rather than horizontally, which points straight to the loved ones when walking with them!

Secondly, gun cases can help you stop struggling with bulky, heavy bags. A lightweight gun case is much easier to carry, it is designed to look like a convenient plumber bag, so you won't get as tired when taking outside or conducting concealed carry in public.

And finally, gun cases help you travel light and stay prepared for anything. The best part about the product is the two foam pads showing how durable they make sure all items inside will be protected from any elements, such as water or dirt getting into them while traveling on vacation - which means no more worrying if something comes up during those times!

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2. Shoulder holster - Praetorian Shoulder Holster

The best holster for fast and natural seated drawing:

This holster is designed to draw your weapon in an emergency quickly. It's a tightly wrapped plastic band covering your belly, hips, chest, or wherever else you desire. The quick-drawing design of the Praetorian holster helps prevent rivals from reacting and gives you a few seconds of "upper hand" for self-defense. Also, the natural seated position allows you to keep your gun concealed and close to your body for security. The Praetorian Shoulder Holster is made of durable materials and is adjustable to fit most body sizes.

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Made from great material providing complete concealment, stickiness, odor- and sweat-resistant

The high-quality adhesive neoprene keeps itself and your pistol stuck to the body, staying firmly where it is supposed to be while providing complete concealment. And because it is designed to fit snugly against your body, you'll never have to worry about it coming loose or falling out. Even you're going for a run or running errands, you can feel confident knowing that your gun is securely holstered.

Praetorian S&B Holster is 100% odor-resistant, washable, and breathable, allowing you to clean your holster of any dust and bacteria after hours of hard labor and sweating.

Ambidextrous designed and all-size guns fit 

The holster has long been a staple accessory for gun enthusiasts, providing an easy and secure way to carry their weapon. But with its quick-drawing design, Praetorian Shoulder & Belly Holster is also an excellent choice for gun lovers who shoot with either their right or left hand.

The gun holster is designed to be comfortable and fit all gun sizes. The gun holster also has a safety strap that goes over the gun to prevent falling out.

Ladies can enjoy the privilege 

You concealed carry with this stylish and practical gun holster. The Praetorian Shoulder & Belly Holster can be worn under a jacket or sweater for complete concealment or over a blouse or shirt for quick access.

The Praetorian S&B Holster is a ladies-friendly design that will make you feel better while carrying your gun. The spreading pattern of the holster helps distribute weight, especially in those hard places like between our unnecessary parts or around curves where most women carry their firearms these days.

3. ABC easy holsters

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Unheavy design while ensuring gun adhesion

You'll be able to carry your firearm with you all day long without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. As gun lovers know, carrying a firearm can often be a cumbersome and awkward experience. Whether trying to keep hold of the gun while maneuvering through crowded spaces or struggling to find a safe place to put it when you're relaxing at home, everyday gun ownership can often feel like such of a hassle. Your beloved mother may have encountered those circumstances.

But thanks to the new gun lover gift basket for mothers day, that's all about to change. Featuring a lightweight gun holster and several supportive accessories, this gift basket lets her carry her gun with confidence and comfort throughout the day. Whether she is trekking through busy city streets or just hanging out with friends, the holster ensures that she'll always be able to keep the firearm close by without feeling weighed down or awkward. Also, the ABC easy holster will hold the gun secured, even when running or jumping.

Skin-friendly with breathable material

The material of this holster is breathable, which means you won't have to worry about being overheated or having an unpleasant odor when carrying your gun. In addition, the skin-friendly design means that you won't have to worry about chafing or other irritation caused by traditional gun holsters.

Versatile-good for all types of guns

The gun lover gift basket for mothers day is also versatile, as it can accommodate a variety of different types of guns. Whether your mother prefers a small concealed carry gun or a larger firearm for home defense, this gift basket has her covered. The gun holster is adjustable, so you can carry your gun in any comfortable position. The gun also has a safety catch that will keep it from firing accidentally. This gun holster is the perfect gift for the gun lover in your life. With ABC easy holster, they can learn to carry their gun in any way. So don't wait any longer. Get your mother the perfect present today with the gun lover gift basket for mothers day. She'll be sure to embrace the thoughtfulness and practicality of this unique and valuable gift.

4. Short gun holster for women

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Materials combining polyester and spandex

With 79% Polyester and 21% Spandex, the concealed carry gun holster is a great gift for the gun lover. The material is lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it perfect for concealed carry. The gun holster comes with a belt loop and clip, making it easy to attach to your belt or purse. The holster is designed to be the perfect fit for your gun, whatever you're doing. It molds around every curve with an extra layer in between, so no worries about slipping or losing grip on anything!

Speedy draw

For those who like to carry their guns on the side, this 2-in-1 holster is perfect. It can be worn left or right and has an elastic band that fits around your hand perfectly, so you never have trouble drawing weapons when needed! The smooth draw makes them perfect for conceal carry. Short gun holsters also provide a lifetime warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your holster will last a lifetime.

Ideal concealment regardless of types of clothes

These beautiful, soft, and smooth gun short holsters are not only practical and functional, but they are also perfect for daily wear. Whether it's paired with sporty shorts, sweat pants, slacks, skirts, or suits, a short gun holster is sure to be one of your mother's favorite accessories. With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, there's sure to be a concealed carry gun holster that's perfect for any outfit!

As gun lovers know, the short gun holster has truly revolutionized how we carry our weapons. Equipped with all the features you need to keep your gun secure and accessible, this holster is the best answer for those who feel confident in their skin. Whether you're on a hike or just heading out for a night on the town, this gun lover gift basket takes away that nagging feeling of self-consciousness and allows us to enjoy any outfit without worrying about what people might think of our gun.

5. Belly band holster

a. Dragon Belly Holster

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  • Meeting the requirement of portability and security,

This concealed carry gift is perfect for a gun lover. The Dragon belly Holster concealed carry also comes with a matching belt, making it the best concealed carry gift for mothers day.

  • Durable and comfortable

Constructed from lightweight, non-smelling synthetic materials, these specialized gloves fit seamlessly against your belly like a second skin. They provide a comfortable and discreet platform for carrying firearms around during long days at the range or on hunting excursions. Still, they also help protect your body from the harmful effects of gun recoil. 

  • Sticky concealment

The Dragon belly concealed carry holster is equipped with a sticky material on the inside that helps keep your gun in place and is "invisible in public" while you are carrying it. This makes it the perfect concealed carry gift for mothers day.

  • All-attires suitable

The Dragon Holster is an innovative way to holster your gun while wearing any clothing that fits your comfy. You can carry the weapon in place from sweat pants, gym shorts, or loose-fit jeans with this stylish waistband rig that clips onto most belts up front and pulls down around the back where it locks into position -no more unsightly racks!

  • Available for both left and right-hand draw and all concealed carry positions

This product is available for both left-handed and right-handed people. It can be used in all positions requiring a concealment holster, which will work well regardless of your dominant hand or side! This will make you confidently walk outside, knowing you are always armed, never caught off-guard, and ready to defend with the best availability.

  • Lessen the feel of heavy gun

The Dragon belly Holster is the ideal solution for carrying heavy, bulky firearms. Unlike traditional holsters that can put a great deal of strain on the hips and upper body, this innovative holster uses twin straps to distribute the weight of the gun evenly across the wearer's midsection.

b. Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster

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Easy-to-reach position for the gun

Keep your handgun secure and quick to reach, saving you at least 3 seconds while drawing. It also frees your hand from carrying everyday carry (phone, wallet, purse, money), which is much handier.

The Dinosaur 3-in-1 holster is the perfect choice for those who want an ambidextrous and comfortable holster that is also 100% concealed. The Dinosaur's unique design allows it to be worn in a variety of positions, making it the perfect choice for both right and left-handed shooters.

It offers a feature that is placing an easy-to-reach position for the gun by keeping your handgun secure and quick to reach, saving you at least 3 secondswhile drawing. It also frees your hand from carrying everyday carry (phone, wallet, purse, money), which is much handier.


The Dinosaur is also adjustable for both height and cant, making it one of the most versatile holsters on the market. In addition, the Dinosaur's skin-friendly materials make it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. The Dinosaur 3-in-1 holster is the ideal choice for those who want a holster that is easy to use and conceal. 

Pick from runners and women

Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster is also seemed to be the best holster for runners and women. Yes, you're reading this correctly! Gun owners know that sometimes it can be tough finding a place to put your gun when running or working out, so the holster is designed with these needs in mind - it has got a wide fit which allows users their preferred position no matter what they are doing because of how flexible it is. Plus, there's also some extra room if needed due to either movement between exercises/workouts, etc., but most importantly (in my opinion) will never leave her firearm exposed while being dressed down by someone else.

6. T-rex Gun Mat

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The T-REX Gun Mat is 100% water and oil-resistant, perfect for any shooting environment. The viewing leverage of this mat allows you to better understand how your guns work and see if there are leaks or other condition problems that could cause injury during operation! With an explosion view on each firearm shown in explicit detail and pressure absorbing rubberized nylon material construction, this accessory will save money by reducing downtime and providing protection against scratches from pickup handles when carrying firearms outside. It is also universal, which means it includes guides for many types of guns on ONE MAT. The bonus is that this T-REX Gun Mat is oversized, giving more space for you to disassemble the gun while cleaning.

T-REX Gun Mats provide all of the standard benefits of a good gun mat.

They keep your work area clean and organized, give you a clear view of your firearm as you disassemble it, and provide a slip-resistant surface to help prevent accidents.

In addition, T-REX Gun Mats offer emotional benefits that other brands can't match.

T-REX Gun Mats help you feel more in control of your workspace, confident that you're taking care of your firearms properly, and sure that you're using the best possible materials to protect your equipment. Whether you're a casual gun owner or a professional firearm enthusiast, T-REX Gun Mats are the perfect way to ensure that your guns are always well-protected.

7. Hearing Protection

a. Macro Ultra Low Profile Earmuffs

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Designed with the modern, busy professional in mind, Macro Ultra Low Profile Earmuffs offers superior noise protection without sacrificing style or comfort.

Made from high-quality materials and boasting an ultra low profile, lightweight, and slim design, these earmuffs are perfect for professionals who need reliable protection while on the go. Featuring NRR 27 protection from noise and sound dampening composite housing, they offer superior sound quality and a comfortable headband with a sturdy metal wire frame that is easy to fold up for convenient transport and storage. Whether walking through city streets or working in a busy factory, Macro Ultra Low Profile Earmuffs is the intelligent choice for anyone looking to keep their hearing safe and protected in even the noisiest environments. Significantly, these earmuffs are entirely suitable for you when practicing shooting.

Macro Ultra Low Profile Earmuffs offers many benefits that appeal to both safety and convenience.

Standard benefits of the earmuffs include protecting your hearing while shooting and a compact and lightweight design for easy transport and storage. The earmuffs also have an NRR 27, meaning they will protect you from a significant amount of noise. So, when practicing with continuous shootings, your ears will not be overwhelmed by the blasting sound.

However, the emotional benefits are what really set these earmuffs apart. Macro Ultra Low Profile Earmuffs allows you to keep your focus during shooting by blocking out distractions. Additionally, the earmuffs provide a sense of safety and security by protecting your hearing. In today's uncertain world, it is more important than ever to have a product that can provide both protection and peace of mind.

Macro Ultra Low Profile Earmuffs is such a product, and it is sure to be a valuable addition to any shooter's arsenal.

b. Raptorbuz Hearing Protection

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  • Personally molded earplugs

Raptorbuz custom molded earplugs are easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear. It creates a perfect fitting earplug that will never cause irritation, never fall out and provide superior noise hindrance. Raptorbuz earplugs are made from a soft, flexible thermoplastic material that is moldable to the unique shape of your ear in just minutes. Raptorbuz has been independently tested and rated the #1 best performing custom-molded earplugs on the market. Raptorbuz is also customizable so that you can adjust the fit for maximum comfort. 

  • Suitable for various purposes

They are perfect for any activity where you need hearing protection, including shooting, traveling, working, and attending loud concerts. Raptorbuz is also great for safety purposes. They seal out water and dust, and they can be used to help prevent injuries from loud noises. 

  • Ensuring ear protection and comfy

Raptorbuz earplugs are the perfect choice for any person looking for a comfortable, custom-fit solution to their hearing protection needs. Using a unique molding process that relies on your own natural pressure points to form perfectly to your ears, Raptorbuz earplugs will provide a comfortable and secure fit every time. Whether you have standard ear shapes or more complex, asymmetrical configurations, Raptorbuz plugs will adjust and remain in place throughout the day. And with a wide variety of sizes and decibel ratings available, Raptorbuz plugs offer customizable protection for anything from regular listening environments to noisy concerts or audio editing studios.

  • Heat reshapable

Heat the Raptorbuz thermoplastic molds with boiling water, let them cool and shape them to fit your ears. That's all there is to it, and if you don't get the right fit the first time, Raptorbuz is the only re-moldable bespoke earplugs. The Raptorbuz molds can be remolded as many times as needed to get the perfect fit, so they are sure to stay comfortable no matter what kind of work you're doing or how long you need to be wearing them. With superior sound insulation and an adjustable design that fits most ear shapes and sizes, Raptorbuz is simply the best option available for anyone who needs reliable hearing protection.

8. Women's Concealed Carry Tank Tops

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Made from Polyester and Spandex

High-quality compression is made of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex. Spandex mix fabric with flexibility, breathability, and skin-friendliness. This Women's Concealed Carry Crop Tank Top is a stylish, comfortable shirt designed for daily use. Unlike traditional shirts, this top features a concealed tank design that allows you to carry all of your essential everyday items discreetly and securely. Made from soft and stretchy fabric, this crop tank top fits snugly against the body, providing all-day comfort without restricting movement or binding. 

Usable for most guns

This crop top will safely and securely keep your handgun close at hand while still maintaining a stylish look. The holster perfectly fits compact, subcompact, and revolver handguns, but please note that full-size handguns may be too long for this crop top. This crop top also features a built-in bra for extra support and comfort. If you're heading to the gym or down town, this concealed carry crop top is a great choice for stylish, convenient handgun storage.

Range of sizes

This concealed carry crop top is available in a range of sizes from Small to Large, offering customers the best user experience. Please refer to the size chart mentioned in the below photos to pick the right size as well as the best color that fits you the most.

Easy to use in many situations

Women's Concealed Carry Crop Tank Tops are the perfect way to keep your self-defense gun close at hand while still maintaining a stylish and flattering look. The tops feature two identical holsters, one under each arm, that is perfect for extra magazines or an iPhone-size device. The new pocket is also perfect for storing additional ammunition or a spare magazine. The Concealed Carry Crop Tank Top is made from a breathable and stretchy fabric that is comfortable to wear, even when running or doing yoga exercises. The Concealed Carry Crop Tank Top is available in black and white and comes in sizes XS-3XL. 

Clothing matched

Whether you are a police officer, military personnel, law enforcement agent, or ordinary citizen just looking to protect yourself and your loved ones, Women's Concealed Carry Crop Tank Tops can help you obscure the profile of your pistol or revolver under just about any clothing. With its sleek and sporty sleeveless tank top design, this concealment apparel looks and feels great both indoors and out, making it perfect for everything from covert operations to more simple applications such as going out for a jog or visiting the firing range.

9. Training class

These courses are a great way to learn how to properly and safely use your concealed carry gun. These classes provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and effectively use a firearm. Additionally, many of these training programs are geared towards certification, allowing students to demonstrate their competency when using a gun in public settings.

Whether you're new to shooting or have some experience under your belt, training can help you level up your firearm skills. Most concealed carry training classes will teach you the basics of shooting, gun safety, and self-defense. You will also learn about the different concealed carry guns and holsters available. Concealed carry training is a great way to prepare yourself for using your concealed carry gun in real-world situations. You will learn about weapon safety as well as the proper techniques for aiming and firing in different conditions so that you can always shoot precisely and accurately when needed. Armed with this knowledge and expertise, you will feel truly confident when using guns, able to protect yourself and take on any challenge out there.

A gun lover gift basket for Mother's Day can be a great way to show your mom how much you care about her safety.

10. T-shirts

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A T-shirt may be the answer for many of you who intend to give your mom a simple yet concealed carry-related present. You can find shirts with clever sayings like "My favorite color is camo" or "I'm not short, I'm compact for concealed carry ."These will get a chuckle out of your gun-toting mom and let her know that you are thinking about her concealed carry lifestyle.

The T-shirt is constructed of thick, hefty cotton that is comfortable and soft. A T-shirt made from high-quality cotton will be more comfortable to wear and easier to care for than one made from a cheaper material. In addition, it can swiftly wick away sweat, ensuring that wearers are not overheated in hot weather. Furthermore, the T-double shirt's stitching on the sleeves and collar increases its longevity. You can wear it for a long period without becoming tired of it. Shoulder-to-shoulder taping provides extra reinforcement at critical stress points, resulting in a garment that will hold up better over time. By taking the time to find a T-shirt that is well-constructed, you can enjoy years of comfort and style.

These T-shirts are available in diverse sizes, color combinations, and fabrics so that you have a wide range of options even though it is a simple-yet-meaningful gift.

However, avoid using bleach at any costs if you want to maintain the time usage of this loving gift T-shirt.