Airsoft is an interesting and popular form of entertainment in many different countries, typically the US and Canada. The airsoft gun is not a handgun, and of course, will not be able to harm the user.
However, in reality, that is not the case. There are many cases of injury when playing with airsoft. So how old do you have to be to play airsoft wars?

What is the legal age to play Airsoft?

According to recommendations from some countries, the ideal age to play airsoft is from 15 years old and up. 

In general, depending on the circumstances and environmental conditions, we can still decide the age to play for children, about 10-11 years old. And the legal age to buy airsoft is over 18 years old. 

Below, we would like to send you detailed information about the objects and rules of the game for each specific area, hoping to bring you useful knowledge. 

Let’s give it a read!

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Teenage Checklist for Playing Airsoft

Airsoft is a highly competitive sports game where the opposing sides use small bullets to shoot each other.

There are similarities between airsoft and paintball in terms of game properties, but they are quite different for these two types of games on many levels, such as age, level, etc.

Therefore, we need to pay special attention to the safety of children when participating in airsoft. Here are a few things you can do to keep your kids to play airsoft safe during skirmishes.

Always make sure they have safety equipment on

Safety equipment to play Airsoft

We think that it is extremely necessary to protect the body against this type of game. Because you can't imagine that during team fights there will be any problems or not. Usually, for a middle-aged person, it can be merely protective glasses. 

However, considering the object of children, it is not suitable. We recommend that you wear a mask with dedicated protective eyewear. Only in this way can the child's skin be fully protected.

On the other hand, long-sleeved shirts and gloves are also important tools in protecting children's safety. In addition, you can also equip the child with armor if you think that is the right thing to do.

Make sure they understand the rules

Make sure they understand the rules 

In addition to equipping the necessary protective tools, you need to accumulate for both yourself and your children. Only in this way can we minimize injuries during playing time.

The damage level of this ammunition is not great for a sufficient distance. The maximum length to avoid injury is more than 15 feet. If the distance is less than 15 feet, signal the enemy to surrender or run instead of shooting.

This rule may vary between different objects and environmental conditions. But, we still want to emphasize to you that safety comes first. Regardless of the law, the core element is still to limit causing accidents to the opponent. 

Selecting The Right Gun For Your Kid

Selecting The Right Gun For Your Kid

With children, of course, they can’t use guns intended for teenagers. To choose the right type of air gun for your child, you need to pay attention to some of the following criteria:


Fitness is an important factor in airsoft. We need to assess the appropriateness of the child's physicality with the weight and size of the gun.

A rather large gun will be difficult for children. Moreover, you should not give them big guns because they are too indulgent, even if they sulk at you.

You can direct them towards some suitable guns by explaining or showing them some of the injuries caused by large guns. We believe that this way, they can listen to you obediently.

Maturity level

The next factor we want to emphasize to you is the level of maturity of the child. Based on the child's level of maturity and understanding, we can choose the right gun model that is suitable and safe. 

For example, for children over 18 years old and have a certain knowledge of trauma, you can let them use medium-range air guns. So, linking to now to choose a suitable version for your needs.

On the contrary, you should consider giving them some toy guns with a short-range and no injury for children who are too young and cannot fully understand airsoft field.


Above all, we still need to ensure the absolute safety of children when participating in airsoft fields. You should evaluate the overview of the combat area and choose the right gun model for your child. 

In addition, you need to make sure that the child is fully equipped with rules to play so that no unfortunate things happen.

We believe that skirmishes like this require special supervision from parents. And, we need to promote such supervised play because it is good for both children and those around them. 

United States Airsoft Laws

United States Airsoft Laws

How old do you have to be to play airsoft in America? That is a question that many players are interested in today.

Each state will have different rules for different age groups.

To help you understand the exact rules of the game, we have divided the states alphabetically. This will make it easier for you to find information.

You can follow each item in detail, or you can scroll down to find your correct state if that's what you want.


In the state of Alabama, airguns are not considered firearms. And only those over 18 years old can own them.

However, saying that does not mean that people under the age of 18 cannot play. They can still participate in games involving light air guns with the consent of their parents or guardians.


As for Alaska, they are not as heavy on the rules of light air guns as actual handguns. So, there will not be any age restrictions to buy guns and the area where you can shoot airsoft.
However, the designated area to start playing airsoft is usually a park, and you can shoot here on the hunting grounds.
That said, it doesn't mean that it's easy to use light air guns in Alaska.
Specifically, in Anchorage - a city in the state of Alaska, where the presence of light air guns is not acceptable, they assessed the level of influence between air guns and firearms as such. Therefore, this type of real gun is banned in this city, and they only appear in shooting ranges


Far from Alabama and Alaska, in Arizona, they are quite strict with the existence of air guns. They assessed the impact of air guns on two different aspects.

The first aspect defines the states of the explosive-launched gun. And, of course, air guns do not belong to this aspect because they do not use explosives or some structures such as springs or electric motors.

The second aspect that Arizona offers is its use in criminal offenses. They consider an airgun to be a handgun, so hand-held airguns here are prohibited items. And it can only be used in shooting or hunting areas.


According to Arkansas regulations, light air guns are considered fake firearms, so they cannot circulate here. Therefore, the use of light air guns in Arkansas is taboo. Therefore, you should not use them for any reason.


In California, air guns are considered real firearms. Only people over the age of 18 can use them and must use them in a certain controlled environment.

On the other hand, minors can still use light air guns with the consent of their parents or guardians. Selling firearms to minors in California is illegal and can carry varying penalties.

In addition, there are also some different regulations on the circulation of this type of air gun in California.

Specifically, a legal lightweight airgun is required to have an orange 6mm gun with a sulfur-coated handle and trigger. If the lightweight air gun models do not have any of the above characteristics, it is illegal.


Not as strict as in other states, in Colorado, it is legal to buy an airsoft gun.

Only those who are over 18 years old can buy guns from these addresses. Minors can still use firearms with the consent of a parent or guardian.

However, not all places in Colorado have such regulations. There are cities where they tighten rules on the use of air guns and seem to ban them.

Specifically, in Boulder, the use of firearms is not recognized, and if violated, you can be fined up to 300 dollars.


There are no detailed regulations on the sale of light air guns to subjects, and we can implicitly understand that anyone can buy them.

However, the reality is not so. Some airgun stores do not allow minors to purchase an airsoft gun and use firearms, so they do not sell them.

Buying an air gun is not considered at such stores. You must be over 18 years old. In some cases, minors can still use a firearm if they have the consent of a parent or guardian.


People over 18 can legally buy and use firearms, and those under 18 can also use them with parental or guardian consent.

One difference in Delaware from other states is that, although it grants airgun rights, it prohibits the use of dangerous weapons, of which high-powered light air guns fall.

Therefore, you need to be very careful in choosing a light air gun. You can pay attention to the orange nose so as not to confuse it with other banned guns. 


It is legal to use light air guns in Florida. According to the law, minors under the age of 16 who buy and use firearms without adult supervision will be punished.

Specifically, if a minor is first violated, they will be subject to a fine of 3 days in prison and 100 hours of community service.

In repeated offenses, the sentence for minors is up to 15 days and 250 hours of community service. In addition, the parents or guardians of these children will also receive appropriate punishment.


In Georgia, airguns are not considered firearms. Therefore, the circulation of light air guns here is not too difficult.

However, you will not be used in places such as parks, amusement parks, or historic sites. These locations are strictly prohibited by Georgia law.

For the state of Georgia, there is no exact age limit for the use of airsoft guns.


You must be over 18 years old to purchase and use a light air gun. And the areas where you are allowed to shoot must be in a safe zone and have legal approval to avoid causing injury to people around.

Minors may use airsoft guns if supervised by a parent or guardian.


In Idaho, airguns are not included in the definition of firearms, so it is perfectly legal to circulate this product. However, much will depend on the specific regulations of the city or county where you live.

Persons over 18 years old or minors accompanied by an adult can purchase an air gun at the store.

A minor child cannot use an airsoft gun independently without the supervision of a parent or guardian, which is illegal.


In Illinois, people over the age of 13 are allowed to purchase their lightweight airguns. Conversely, those under the age of 13 who want to use air guns need permission from the government.


Minors are not allowed to use airsoft guns without parental supervision. Persons over the age of 18 may purchase and use firearms within the specified range.


The gun laws in Iowa give anyone over 18 the right to buy and use a firearm. Minors can only use it with supervision from a family or guardian.


There are no specific regulations regarding the possession of light air pistols in Kansas. So adults can buy guns for minors; it’s perfectly legal. On the other hand, only those over 18 years old can purchase air guns.


Persons from 18 years old can purchase air guns. And all others can use guns for free because air guns are not part of the firearms definition in Kentucky and do not have any regulations.


Only people 18 years of age and older can purchase a lightweight airgun. More specifically, in New Orleans, it is strictly forbidden for those under 18 to buy guns.


There are no regulations on the use of air guns on main. They are legal for most ages. However, some suppliers of this item believe that minors should not use firearms without parental or guardian supervision.


Maryland counties have different age requirements for airguns. Maryland law requires that people over the age of 18 be eligible to purchase and own an airgun.


Minors in Massachusetts may not purchase and use airguns without parental or guardian consent. Violations can result in hefty fines.


Although it is licensed to operate and market airguns, Michigan law is extremely strict with cases of supply and sale to minors.

In addition, airguns that use metal bullets are taboo in Michigan law. The maximum sentence for this behavior can be up to 90 days in prison or a fine of $100.

In case you bring an air gun on school grounds, you can receive a sentence of up to 93 days in prison or $2000.


Minnesota allows people over the age of 18 to purchase light air pistols. Minors must have parental supervision to use them.


Mississippi law is quite gentle with airguns, and there are no rules about the age to use guns. That said, it doesn't mean they're all easy. Some stores have separate rules about buying and using firearms for each generation.

Light air guns and other firearms are taboo on school grounds.


Federal law in Missouri states that only people over the age of 18 can buy. In addition, there are no state regulations regarding the age of airgun use. 


Montana allows people over the age of 18 to purchase and use firearms. Minors may use firearms with parental supervision.


There aren't any interstate regulations regarding the age to purchase and use a lightweight airgun. Therefore, anyone can own and operate an air gun.


Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase a light air gun. Minors may not use it without the consent and supervision of an adult. Light air pistols are strictly prohibited items on school premises.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, it is against the law to sell air guns to minors without the consent of an adult. On the other hand, this subject is only allowed to play the gun under the permitted conditions or guardian.

New Jersey

Airguns and firearms are the same in New Jersey, and if you use an airgun without a valid document, it is considered a violation of the law.

Legal gun owners must be over 18 years old and have a gun buyer ID issued by the local police department.

New Mexico

In New Mexico, there aren't any regulations regarding the subject or age of using a light air gun. They are legal in this state and can be owned by anyone.

However, if you use air guns for violent purposes, you will certainly receive extremely heavy sentences.

New York

People under the age of 16 in New York do not have the right to own a light-air pistol. Children between the ages of 12 and 16 can use firearms with the supervision of a parent or guardian.

And children under 12 years old are not allowed to use guns despite adult supervision.

North Carolina

No laws are governing the possession and use of airsoft guns in North Carolina.

However, there are still some regulations regarding dangerous weapons, and light air guns fall within them. Specifically, it is illegal for children under the age of 12 to possess airguns.

North Dakota

It is legal to own a light air gun in North Dakota. The age at which you can buy a firearm must be over 18 years old. 

Canadian Airsoft Laws

Canadian Airsoft Laws

What is the minimum age to play airsoft? Let's find out more details through the information section below!


Light air pistols are legal in Ontario. Only people over the age of 18 can buy and use firearms. Children aged 12 to 17 can only use light air guns with close supervision from an adult.

British Columbia

Minors do not have the right to use a firearm without the supervision of a parent or guardian. Only 18 years of age and older can legally own and use firearms.


In Alberta, people over the age of 18 need a purchased license to own and use them. In contrast, minors under the age of 18 must attend a successful Canadian gun training course to have a chance to own an airgun.


People aged 18 and over have the legal right to own and purchase firearms, in contrast to those aged 12 to 17 who can only shoot with adult supervision.


In Manitoba, similar to Saskatchewan, people eligible to buy and use firearms must be over 18 years old.

New Brunswick

Only people over the age of 18 are eligible to purchase light air pistols in New Brunswick.


Teenagers 12-17 years old may only shoot with adult supervision. People over the age of 18 have the right to buy and use firearms.

Prince Edward Island

As long as there is direct adult supervision, minors must be able to use air guns legally.


What is the minimum age for airsoft? To learn more about this, take a look at some of the frequently asked questions below!

Can you play airsoft 13?

In fact, Airsoft is safe for teenagers as long as they are aware and fully understand the game’s rules.

To do that, parents need to increase their responsibility and knowledge for their children. And of course, children can fully take on more responsibility around the age of 13.

Can 10-year-olds use airsoft?

It is legal for children aged 10 - 12 to play airsoft in the United States. However, some localities will still have their regulations to prevent this from happening.

In Canada, it is illegal for children aged 10 to 12 to play with light air pistols. On the other hand, children 12 years old can still use firearms with supervision from a parent or guardian.

What is the minimum age for airsoft?

Most airsoft battlefields in the US have a minimum age of 12.

However, they usually stipulate that an adult must supervise children aged 12-15 at all times. Therefore, children under 12 years of age should not be encouraged to play. The ideal age to play airsoft is still 15, as we mentioned above.

Can an airsoft gun kill you?

No, light air guns can't kill people. This model uses plastic bullets at low speed and takes time to destroy. Although not deadly, if we do not know how to use or do not follow the rules of safe use of guns, injury is inevitable.

How bad does airsoft hurt?

Airsoft is like any other sport and can cause injury. They can break skin, damage teeth, and cause soft tissue or bone damage.

More serious harms seem to be quite rare and are usually caused by using metal BBs instead of plastic, fired from a 400-500 FPS gun at close range.


How old do you have to be to play airsoft? The age we find the most suitable is 15 years old. At this age, children's perception and understanding are complete. Therefore, you can be completely assured that children to use air guns at this age.
If you still have doubts about this type of entertainment, you can refer to the video about airsoft war, and they will be very helpful for you there.
Thank you for reading! 

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