Gun holsters are for the protection and easy access to guns when moving around. You don’t want to be seen with a gun out in the public even if you have a license, it can send the wrong information, so, it’s really advisable to go for something well hidden from the views of people and also handy.

Gun holsters vary, they come in different sizes and designs and that, can get really confusing to choose one. When choosing a gun holster, you should consider the most comfortable holsters. You should not choose holsters that make your waist as well as your back ache. You should pick the holsters that conceals the gun and sticks comfortably.

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Your gun holster primarily secures your firearm so you have total control over it anytime, protects the trigger from unintended touch and keep it within the reach. Although there are various holsters, they also have their different uses. You need a different holster for working out than you would need for patrolling the streets or even shooting in a competition.

Holsters can be divided into four broad categories by use;

  • Duty holsters, worn by uniformed law enforcement and peace officers and security work force.
  • Tactical holsters, worn by military, high rise security forces, and law enforcement personnel in some occasions.
  • Concealment holsters, worn by civillians, peace officers and private
  • Sporting holsters, worn for sporting and hunting


There are five main types of gun holsters, they include;

  • Outside the waist band holsters: Also called OWB is holster is worn outside on the waist as a belt. It’s a good one but it doesn’t conceal the gun from public views.
  • Inside the waist band holster: Also called IWB is secure and stays hidden and provides easy access to your firearm in an emergency. It is one of the best holsters for the concealed carry.
  • Pocket Holsters: Pocket holsters are specifically meant for hand guns. When you see a gun in a pocket holster, the first thing that comes to your head is ‘self-defense’. This way, the guns can quickly be pulled out when there’s an emergency.
  • Ankle Holsters: This holster also simplifies self-defense. A person carrying an ankle holster wants to be able to reach for his ankle and pull out the gun when needs of that sort arise.
waist band holsters

 Other holsters; The holster behind the back, the shoulder holster, the holster at the chest or on the upper thigh,  are sometimes contained in an external bag, like a purse…


  • Meet Carrying Needs: you should know the reason why you are carrying the gun in the first place, as it was earlier mentioned, different holsters for different tasks. The first and basic step is to know the rules behind carrying your weapon. The bottom line of carrying a concealed holster is to keep it hidden, it should be different from the one designed for the open carry.
  • Reckon Retention: the second basic factor to consider when choosing a gun holster is absolutely retention. Retention decides the relief of pulling out the gun from the holster, which can be a major concern to anyone.
  • Choose The Appropriate Materials for Your Carrying Needs: There are basically two materials used in making gun holsters; Leather and Thermoplastic. Holsters made of leather lasts for a long period if time and even when it starts to lose fit, you can get it back to shape by dunking it in warm water for about a minute and leaving it to dry. Thermoplastics on the other hand is spefically known for its durability and firmness. It doesn’t require breaks in time as it can work for long, but can be distorted by the exposure to high temperature. Whichever you chose depends on your needs and preference. However, knowing about their importance is also a great deal.

When choosing a gun holster, you should consider a tough and comfortable one. Made from non-smell, light weight, durable synthetic materials, these gloves will fit your belly as though it is a second skin. The holster should be soft enough to avoid any rigid movements from the wearer. You should be able to move in all directions without your firearm being noticed or raising any alarms wherever you find yourself.

You should also look at the expedient and beneficial aspect of the holster, it should be sticky and concealed. No one wants their gun to fall off from the holster, no one wants their guns to be out of reach during an emergency and no one really wants their gun to be exposed during any activity except they have it in their hands.

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