As a left-handed person, you have probably experienced some challenges when using firearms. For example, most firearms are designed for right-handed users, which can make it difficult to shoot accurately. In this blog post, we will discuss the best firearms for left-handed shooters and provide tips on how to use them effectively. We will also recommend some of the top 7 pistols for lefties and discuss how to practice with them safely. 

You keep going to find a firearm that is suitable for you; however, you are a lefty, and on the market, it is difficult to find a firearm for lefties. For lefties looking to get into shooting, the outdated stigma of limited options is no longer an issue. Today's shooters can find a wide selection of ambidextrous firearms - be their pistols or long guns – that enable easy and safe operation for those operating with their non-dominant hand! In some cases, you may need to switch up magazine release buttons but most manufacturers have done the hard work in streamlining today’s models so all left-handed shooters out there don't miss out on any gun fun.

Features of Left-Handed Firearms:

Left-handed shooters can find the perfect firearm for their needs by focusing on certain key features. Investigate choices to discover what will provide the most enjoyable and accurate shooting experience!

1. Choose guns that are designed for both right-handed and left-handed people:

With the convenience of ambidextrous controls, pistols allow for seamless shooting no matter which hand you shoot with. Enjoy improved accuracy and control when customizing your pistol to fit both right-handed and left-handed shooters.

2. Choose guns that have interchangeable grips for left-handed people:

To ensure a comfortable and successful shooting experience, look for guns that feature interchangeable grips as well as adjustable triggers. This way left-handed shooters can make necessary adjustments to maximize their accuracy and control of the gun.

Top 7 firearms for lefties: 

1. Charter Arms Southpaw – Top Pick Handgun for Lefties

 Charter Arms Southpaw – Our Top Pick Handgun for Lefties

The Charter Arms Southpaw is the perfect revolver for lefties! Its cylinder swings to the right and features a release conveniently located on the same side - making it incredibly easy to use. It's time southpaws get their due with this highly functional firearm design.

For those looking for a reliable, left-handed revolver option, the Charter Arm's Undercover Lite provides an ideal choice. This 12-ounce piece features a unique design – with its 2-inch mirror image barrel – making it not just practical but attractive as well!

A Charter Arms revolver is money well spent! For just $435, these reliable firearms have served me faithfully in the past - a great investment for anyone looking to get into shooting or expand their collection.

2. Beretta APX Centurion – Runner Up Firearm for Left-handed Shooters

 Charter Arms Southpaw – Our Top Pick Handgun for Lefties

Take advantage of an incredible deal with this left-handed Beretta pistol, perfect for easily accessible and reliable carry. With the manufacturer's signature quality assurance behind it, you can rest assured that your $400 will go a long way in providing excellent value; serrations across the slide offer easy operation while ambidextrous controls ensure comfortable to use regardless of handedness.

For those looking to purchase a reliable and durable handgun, the APX Centurion is an excellent choice. This pistol features 15 rounds of power, with smaller and larger models also available for all types of shooters. Beretta fans will be pleased by its performance!

3. H&K VP9 - The Most Comfortable Handgun for Left-Handed Gun Owners

 Charter Arms Southpaw – Our Top Pick Handgun for Lefties

The H&K VP9 is the answer to hand gunning excellence. Combining years of tried-and-true manufacturing techniques with a truly ambidextrous design, this carry pistol has earned its place as one of the foremost weapons in self-defense and recreational shooting alike.

VP9 offers 16 unique configurations and guarantees a custom fit, no matter the hand size. For an easily adjustable pistol to accommodate any shooter's needs, you can switch out backstraps and grip panels included in your package - with three straps available and two palm swell side panels! Whether using left or right-handed control levers, the quick magazine release is guaranteed from both sides of this long lever drop slide.

4. Glock 19, Gen 5 - The Most Popular Ambidextrous Handgun:

Gen 5 Glock's superior engineering shines through with the addition of a slide release on the right side and reversible magazine release - making this trusted pistol more accessible for left-handed shooters. Despite my own preferences, there is no denying their popularity and legendary reliability!

The Gen 5 G19 is the perfect pistol for any left-handed shooter! With its reversed mag release and ambidextrous slide release, you get all of Glock's legendary qualities with particular attention to this model's comfort. The textured grip offers a more secure hold while the lack of finger grooves allows shooters to customize their fit in order to maximize accuracy. Get your hands on one today – you won't be disappointed by Glock!

Glock handguns are well-respected among law enforcement personnel for good reason - their chambers are thoughtfully designed for ultimate reliability and compatibility with a variety of ammo types, plus an ambidextrous slide release is included. With three magazines also in the package.

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5. CZ P07

Česká Zbrojovka, with a long history of producing quality firearms for all kinds of shooters, released their modern take on the venerated CZ-75 in 2009: the P-07. Admired by legendary 1911 enthusiast Jeff Cooper and seen often at pistol competitions around the world today, this DA/SA pistol has earned its place among knowledgeable gun owners who value performance and reliability above all else.

CZ put the P-07 on the scene to amp up its already impressive pistol lineup. Although designed with right-hand shooters in mind, southpaws can still get their groove on; simply employ your index finger from your dominant shooting side. The design of this gun stands out for more than one reason: it comes with two safety levers that can easily be switched to suit the user's preference. Additionally, its frame construction includes a slide-in system rather than riding on top which helps reduce recoil and improve accuracy.

The CZ P-07 and its variants are ideal for shooters seeking a comfortable carry gun due to their "de-horning" feature, interchangeable backstraps which allow custom fitting of the gun, metal sights, tritium night sights, and 15-round magazine capacity. This well-built DA/SA pistol is perfect for those with an appreciation for tradition in firearms.

6. Walther PDP:

The Walther PDP offers a wide range of pistol configurations for personal defense. Especially ideal for left-handed shooters, it features an impressive 4" barrel and 24 oz body combined with 18 rounds capacity in 9mm caliber.

Featuring an innovative slide release and reversible magazine release, this gun is perfect for left-handers. Removing the slide has never been easier thanks to a convenient takedown lever placed just in front of the trigger guard. Additionally, serrations along top of the slide provide extra grip when racking it back while optics cut allows users to install red dots quickly and easily.

7. IWI Masada:

The IWI Masada pistol is a reliable and elegant entry into the modern polymer-frame, striker-fired realm. An ode to its namesake ancient fortress, this firearm from IWI combines impressive features with their renowned reputation for quality firearms - making it an unexpected powerhouse in its class.

This underrated pistol packs a serious advantage for left-handed shooters, with easy to use ambidextrous magazine and slide release controls. But don't overlook its other great features - outstanding ergonomics offers a secure shooting grip 'high'n tight', and an excellent trigger press awaits your finger on the draw.

Can A Lefty Use Right-Handed Firearms?

Experienced shooters understand that firing mechanisms are generally designed for right-handed users. This can create some challenges when it comes to lefties picking up a firearm, as their experience may be suboptimal due to several drawbacks. While still possible, the shooting journey of any southpaw should not go overlooked or ignored - understanding these limitations is key in making sure you have an enjoyable and safe time out at the range!

1. Weapon Controls:

It can be quite a challenge for left-handed shooters to use traditional right-handed firearms. Most weapon controls are located on the left side of the gun and operated by the shooter’s thumb, but when these same guns are used by southpaws they find their thumbs instead falling on an area where there aren't any controls - proving difficult even in tasks as simple as switching fire modes or ejecting magazines. To tackle this conundrum, such users must drop their usual shooting stance and switch hands temporarily so that they have access to all necessary controls.

2. Hot Casings:

While the physics of rifle shooting often provides challenges, one particular issue is particularly uncomfortable: hot casings can be ejected close to a shooter's face. Even though this mostly happens without any harmful consequenses, it may occasionally end up hitting your cheek - or worse yet, finding its way inside clothing!

3. Weapon Shape:

When purchasing firearms, it is essential to keep in mind whether the weapon was designed for use by a right-handed shooter. If an ambidextrous firearm cannot be identified, this may result in awkward shooting positions and discomfort when using these rifles or shotguns - potentially compromising safety!

Back to our question, the answer can be “yes”. However, when the lefites use right-handed pistols, they have to pay attention to every difficulty and practice more to master them!

How to practice using left-handed firearms:

Whether you're a novice with firearms or an experienced shooter, practice makes perfect! Developing your skill in left-handed shooting is essential for safety and precision. To ensure accuracy without injury, it's important to learn the fundamentals of stance, grip and trigger control before hitting the range. With regular training at gun ranges featuring facilities for southpaws like yourself, you can rest assured that any firearm purchases will be used responsibly now and into the future.

Holsters For This Kind Of Firearms: 

Left-handed shooters have a wide selection of holsters to choose from, ensuring their firearm is comfortable and secure. Many are specially designed for lefties while others can be easily adjusted in order to fit different types of pistols. Additionally, these holster options offer extra protection against daily wear and tear when carrying your gun on the go.

1. Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster:

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Dragonbone Tactical Gloves

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For the ambidextrous among us, Dinosaur 3-in-1 holster can provide double the firepower. The versatile set of gun holsters allows for an easy draw from any position you desire. Plus, with an additional pouch to store a magazine or extra ammo, you'll never be underprepared in a firefight!

Are you prepared for an unexpected, dicey situation? Having a reliable holster like the Dinosaur 3-in-1 can save precious seconds when drawing your firearm in time of need. Not only will it keep your weapon secure and easy to access but also free up both hands so that they are ready even while carrying other essentials such as phones, wallets, or purses.

Embark on your most daring missions with the trusty Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster. With its advanced sticky material, you can feel confident in a firm hold of your firearm as even strenuous movements like running and jumping won't cause it to loosen up! Keep yourself safe during emergency situations where an extra second counts more than ever.

2. Baldman Shoulder Holster:

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Dragonbone Tactical Gloves

Looking for a quality holster that's designed to fit your needs? Look no further than Baldman, an ambidextrous option where switching its side is as easy as releasing four buckles and reinstalling them. Perfect for both right-handed or left-handed gun owners!

The Baldman Shoulder Holster is designed to provide a perfect fit, no matter your size. It's made with comfortable yet firm materials that ensure the firearm stays in place even when worn all day long – an ideal choice for those of us who don't like feeling weighed down by our carry gear.

For effective, long-term comfort and convenience when wearing heavy handguns, Baldman's shoulder holster is an excellent choice. Featuring an ergonomic design that evenly distributes weight across your torso versus a hip-mounted option, it keeps you both agile and secure.

3. Fujobi Pancake Holster:

For outdoor enthusiasts, Fujobi's holster is the perfect companion for superior firearm stability. Featuring two strong clips designed to keep your gun in place no matter how much you move around or carry heavy weights - it's a must-have accessory that will stand up to any extreme activity.

For those with a fuller figure, the best holster is one that can combat sweat and provide quick access to your firearm even when tucked close against the body. Extra consideration must be given for holsters that remain easily accessible while providing an adequate grip on straps or buckles under all conditions – whether in extreme temperatures, after heavy perspiration has occurred, or simply due to movement from physical activity.

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4. ABC Easy Holster:

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ABC easy holster offers a custom solution for new gun owners, with an ingenious adjustable design that eliminates the need to buy multiple holsters. Experience simplified convenience every time you shoot.

Navigating the holster market can be challenging for new gun owners. Many companies offer complex, hulking designs created to look "cooler", but these features come at an increased cost that many buyers don't need – and may even hurt them! Carrying heavy holsters over long periods of time puts strain on your spine and posture; it's also slower when pursuing active activities like running or crawling. Simple is often better in this case: choose lightweight models offering basic functions for worry-free shooting experiences.

ABC easy holster is a convenient, cost-effective solution to safely and securely conceal your weapon. With its simplified design that eliminates unnecessary components, you can trust ABC for effortless access when it matters most.


In conclusion, finding the best firearms and holsters for left-handed shooters is essential for getting the most out of your shooting experience. By following the tips and recommendations we have provided in this blog post, you can find the perfect firearm and holster that will help you get the best performance when using a left-handed gun. With dedication and practice, you can become an expert shooter in no time. Happy shooting!