The Radically Invasive Projectile (RIP) is a next-level innovation, designed to create up to nine separate wound channels, ensuring maximum impact and devastating effects with each shot Our in-depth RIP round review covers everything you need to know about this game-changing technology, including its legal status and the best practices for using it. Get ready to take your shooting skills to the next level with RIP rounds!

1. What Are RIP Rounds? How Do They Work?

Introducing a revolutionary advancement in ballistics technology: RIP Rounds - Radically Invasive Projectiles. This powerful ammunition uses an innovative technique unlike anything seen before, using the concept of Advanced Energy Technology to create up to nine points of entry with just one shot! Developed by G2 Research and introduced back in 2014, these copper-tipped machined bullets make for truly extraordinary performance that leaves its competitors far behind; instead of making only single penetration into their target like any other regular projectile round would do, RIP rounds are essentially acting as hole saws!

With the threat of hijackings on the rise in the 1970s, law enforcement had to come up with a way to effectively target terrorists without hurting any innocent bystanders who are in a closed environment.

AET rounds - designed specifically for enclosed environments like airplanes! These revolutionary bullets fragment upon contact into multiple pieces so they quickly lose energy, the one that can minimize damage done to nearby targets.

The nine millimeter RIP Luger round revolutionized the idea of bullet trajectory. The advanced design ensures up to nine separate wound channels and a maximum penetration depth of sixteen inches - perfect for stopping any assailant before they can threaten innocent bystanders or even penetrate common materials like metal, wood, glass and winter clothing! With this level of power with its remarkable accuracy at short-mid range distances, it's no wonder why professional shooters consider the RIP loading essential in their arsenals.

Our all-copper RIP Rounds 9mm are a true force to be reckoned with - the light bullet weight of 92 grains packs serious punch, delivering an impressive 1250 fps velocity!

This copper hollow point bullet is crafted with a Winchester-inspired crowned nose and machined meticulously to leave thin webs of copper connecting vertical spires. This innovative design not only gives the bullet unparalleled accuracy, but also an unforgettable shape that's sure to impress!

The unique ammunition offers a dynamic effect with advanced technology -- when entering fleshy targets, the spires of our copper bullets peel back and break off into trocars which quickly decelerate before reaching their shallow resting place. Copper may not be as dense as lead, but its advantage lies in how it maintains energy while slowing down sooner than solid projectiles do.

RIP rounds are revolutionizing the world of high-velocity hollow points, with innovative external channels and spires that set them apart. This revolutionary design builds on existing technology to give shooters a brand new take on light projectile velocity - something no other round has achieved before!

Alongside their impressive power, RIP rounds provide a clear tactical advantage - the ability to fire multiple entry points with just one round! Not only does this make them more powerful than standard ballistic bullets, but it also reduces time and energy wasted reloading. With RIP rounds on your side you can tackle any target faster and easier without compromising firepower.

With all of the above mentioned, let’s sum up some characteristics which make RIP ammo so outstanding:

  • Penetration and spread: 

  •  The incredible RIP bullet penetrates an impressive 14" deep under ideal conditions, with its trocar pieces breaking off to reveal a truly formidable base.
  • Test results prove that the trocar penetrates between 3” and 6” after break-off, then spreads out radially to nearly a half foot diameter - without substantially damaging critical organs

  • Accuracy and grouping: Studies have found that when shot at 25 yards, RIP ammo provides consistently precise accuracy with 2” groupings. However, users should be aware that fine-tuning may be necessary—if a gun is zeroed for another type of ammunition, using RIP will require some range time to ensure optimal results before carrying it out and about.
  • Precision: G2 Research has built a reputation of taking their RIP ammo to the next level. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention-to-detail is evident in every bullet, which are CNC machined for ultimate consistency between lots. Plus, all bullets use solid copper construction – making them safe while providing superior performance!

2. Pros and Cons Of RIP Rounds? 

• Pros: 

  • Multi-entry points: Alongside their impressive power, RIP rounds provide a clear tactical advantage - the ability to fire multiple entry points with just one round! Not only does this make them more powerful than standard ballistic bullets, but it also reduces time and energy wasted reloading. With RIP rounds on your side you can tackle any target faster and easier without compromising firepower.
  • Penetration safety: RIP rounds, through their innovative design and technology, are not only able to break apart into nine individual entry points upon impact. Instead they also reduce the risk of collateral damage by quickly losing power once entering a target - making them an exceptionally efficient option for any firearm!
  • Impressive destruction: RIP Round is designed for maximum destruction. When it strikes its target with precision and accuracy, the amount of damage inflicted is significant. All energy stored within each round completely transfers to their victim upon impact, making this ammunition mightier than any other type on the market today.

• Cons: 

  • Costly: RIP rounds offer enhanced performance, but at a cost. The high cost of RIP ammunition makes it an impractical choice for many shooters. In fact, some shooters have reported problems with the quality and consistency of RIP rounds, leading to concerns about reliability in real-world situations. While RIP ammunition may seem like a promising development in the world of ammunition, the lack of tangible benefits and high cost make it a less-than-ideal choice for many shooters. However, for game changers looking to get ahead of their competition – this extra expense may well be worth it!
  • While RIP (Radically Invasive Projectile) ammunition may have been marketed as a revolutionary innovation in the world of ammunition, its performance falls short of the hype. One of the main drawbacks of RIP rounds is that they lack any significant difference in performance when compared to other types of fragmenting ammunition. The bullet design of RIP rounds is meant to create multiple wound channels and increase the effectiveness of the round. However, when compared to other fragmenting rounds, the differences in wound channel size and penetration depth are negligible. 

Let’s go deeper at the monetary discrepancy between RIP rounds and traditional ammo:

The tech is hot - we mean, literally! RIP rounds have hit the market and they're driving up prices. While these innovative rounds come with all sorts of exciting benefits, one major downside is that their price is typically more than traditional ammo options in order for companies to remain competitive. That said, check out this pricing breakdown side-by-side and let your wallet decide what works best for you!

However, the final decision still lies on your needs and wants. When it comes to protecting yourself, investing in RIP rounds is the way to go! This advanced ammo technology maximizes your ability to defend against a potential threat while minimizing risk - far beyond what traditional ammunition offers. With these high-tech bullets at hand, you can confidently feel protected from any unwanted intruders and secure knowing that those around you remain safe too. 

No significant differences between RIP rounds and other fragmenting rounds: Our discussion of the price point could have been sufficient, but we felt that weighing out the differences between existing fragmenting rounds and new RIP rounds warranted some extra attention. If you are an investor in hollow points or "fragmenting" ammunition cartridges, it's time to determine if there is a worthwhile distinction between your current setup and our latest offering: RIP Rounds!

3. The Legality Of RIP Rounds?

Self-defense rounds can often spark dramatic debates, controversy and hysteria. In the past few years, Winchester Black Talons have been both applauded as an outstanding self-defense round or vilified for its controversial design. Take Winchester's Black Talon as a prime example: The infamous bullet caused quite the fuss just a few years ago with its discussed effectiveness for defense coupled with public concern about potential harm it could cause. As debate swirled around this unique ammunition type from both sides of the aisle, ultimately even Winchester had to pull production due to overwhelming pressure – proving that safety should always be at top priority when talking about firearms!

With RIP rounds, the answer is both a resounding "yes" and an emphatic “no”. RIP rounds have become an incredibly popular option among ammo enthusiasts. While these particular types of ammunition are classified as hollow-point bullets in America, they remain legally available for purchase across the country!

4. Should I Carry RIP Rounds?

You should definitely give them a go if you feel they're the right fit for you. Your gun needs to be capable of feeding and firing these rounds with accuracy – but bear in mind that there's no long-term performance data out yet as this is still relatively new on the market!

5. Conclusion

Home and business owners looking for a powerful, effective form of self-defense now have the option to upgrade their standard handgun with Radically Invasive Projectiles (RIP). These rounds provide greater lethality while maintaining magazine capacity. The frangible bullet design offers increased danger towards an attacking target, significantly reducing the chances of it hitting innocent bystanders in its trajectory. RIP is sure to give extra peace of mind when confronting threats!

RIP is a revolutionary self-defense round that has captured the attention of gun enthusiasts everywhere. Despite its initial buzz, extensive evaluations have demonstrated that it does indeed live up to expectations and offers reliable protection for those who need it most.

6. FAQ(s)

1. Are RIP Rounds Better Than Hollow Points?

RIP and hollow point ammunition provide an accelerated transfer of energy to targets due to their design, facilitating more effective damage than compared to a round-nosed bullet. RIP bullets create multiple wound channels while hollow points promote larger single channel wounds for increased penetration power.

2. How Many Rounds In A Box Of RIP 40 Ammo?

With G2 Research's RIP .40 S&W 115 Grain Hollow Point Ammo, there are 20 rounds packed per box, you can take aim for longer and make every shot count.

3. Are RIP Rounds Ideal For Self Defense? Will Shooters Be Charged With A Crime? 

Considering the potential risks of using G2’s RIP rounds in self-defense, it is important to stick with ensuring that you were legally justified for shooting and emphasizing how fragmenting bullets help prevent over-penetration.

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