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Obama awarded Joe Biden with an undeserved medal of freedom - a sharp contrast with Biden's record in respecting personal liberties. Biden opposes every aspect of freedom that Americans pride themselves in. As President Trump recently accurately pointed out, Biden wants to replace American freedom with radical left fascism that will irreparably destroy our country.

 Dinosaurized Blog: Joe biden hates America and second Amendment

Despite his attempts to conceal his intolerance towards freedom of thought, Biden's grumpy nature reveals his hatred for freedom of expression. When Biden angrily lashed out at the factory worker who confronted him on his Second Amendment record, the incident showed an intolerant monster who cannot tolerate the First Amendment rights of Americans. 

 However, to enact his socialist tyranny, Biden needs to disarm Americans, and has embarked on a campaign against the Second Amendment - and taking Americans' AR-15's is just the beginning. 

 Every dictatorial nation that has existed started by taking people's firearms. It's for that reason that the founding fathers enacted the Second Amendment in the constitution - to ensure that the citizens' rights to bear arms would never be taken arbitrarily. 

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Noah Webster, one of the founding fathers of the second amendment, pointed out the need for Americans to keep their firearms.

 "Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every country in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops." 

 Despite his deteriorating mental faculties, Biden understands that an armed populace is a threat to his radical leftist socialist tyranny. Consequently, undermining the Second Amendment remains his priority. 

 For over four decades, Biden has voted for unconstitutional legislation to undermine the Second Amendment. Unlike his cognitive abilities, his anti-gun stance intensified as he progressed in his political endeavors. 

 During his tenure as the vice president, Biden was Obama's point-man on gun control. He cheered on Obama as he undertook 23 executive orders on gun control, none of which made America any safer. 

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Individually, Biden voted for various gun control bills that would undermine the ability of law-abiding Americans to keep their firearms. However, the same bills fail to address the criminals who do not obey any gun control laws. Biden has no problem with that because criminals taking over the streets with illegal firearms will justify more radical gun control to make way for his socialist authoritarianism. 

 Currently, Biden plans to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) that shields gun manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits originating from the criminal misuse of firearms by third-parties. Biden voted against the law in 2004 and 2005. His website lists the issue as one of the most urgent pieces of legislation to enact upon taking over office.

  Repealing the PLCAA will make gunmakers responsible for every criminal misuse of their firearms by third-parties. By doing so, Biden wants to bankrupt American gun manufacturers, ensuring that the United States could no longer manufacture its own firearms and would rely on exports. 


This action will deny Americans the choice they always had in firearm selections, further weakening the Second Amendment. Additionally, many Americans will be unable to exercise their Second Amendment rights out of the sheer lack of the necessary equipment. Meanwhile, you can check our tactical gear page where you can find an assortment of the best tactical gear in the world.  

 Many firearm manufacturers supply for both civilians and law enforcement. However, they cannot survive solely by providing for law enforcement. When they close down, law enforcement will be affected by the shortage of firearms, ammunition, and gear.

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Police departments will be forced to import commonly-used firearm components, opening a new era of American dependence on foreign nations for its domestic law enforcement gear supply. 

 Depending on foreign manufacturers will diminish the US government's freedom in arming its police. Additionally,  many countries use strategic industries, such as firearm manufacturing, to blackmail others and have commercial or political reasons. 

 Biden also wishes to ban commonly used firearms, which the radical-left gun control activists refer to as "assault weapons." Prohibiting such firearms will ensure that Americans have less freedom on the type of weapon they could own. 

 Tyrant Biden also wants to coerce the black community to support his policies or risk marginalization. His remarks telling black people they "aren't black" unless they support him shows how little respect he has for the black community. To him, black people are only useful as long as they support his ideology. Black people have no freedom to choose which party to belong to, according to Biden. They have to toe the line and follow the path that the leftist choose for them. 

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 Additionally, Biden's gun control disproportionately targets the black community. Biden is a proponent of the anti-gun campaign that has convinced many black people that firearm ownership is racist and intended to harm the community. Consequently, firearm ownership is frowned upon in African American society. Legally armed black Americans have to remain discreet to avoid infuriating the community that believes gun control will benefit them. Consequently, the black community lost its freedom to exercise the Second Amendment rights - something Biden supports. 

 Taking American guns is the least Biden will do. He promised to censor social media. Biden vowed to repeal section 230 and hold social media sites for the content generated by their users. 

This action is perhaps the most surprising thing for Biden to do considering the hard left benefits immensely from the social media that deplatforms and silences conservative voices. However, you can join our blog where we fearlessly exercise our First Amendment by discussing patriotism, the military, the second amendment, gun accessories, and other issues affecting our great nation.

 Biden will also limit the freedom of religion. He promised to remove exemptions for faith-based ministries, ushering in an era where such institutions will be forced to partake in actions that contradict their faith. Revoking the exemptions means that religious ministers will be forced to, for example, officiate gay weddings. Additionally, Biden will remove the conscience protections for physicians. Consequently, religious healthcare workers will be forced to carry out abortions and other medical procedures against their will.

 The current COVID-19 crisis also revealed the other side of the democratic presidential candidate. Biden supports a nationwide mask mandate that will be enforced by both the federal and state governments. The 77-year-old does not believe Americans have the freedom to make the right health choices. 

 Under Biden, Americans, especially women, will no longer have the freedom to privacy from the opposite gender. Biden wants to enact an Equality Act that will force women to share bathrooms with males claiming to be women. This policy will affect sexual violence survivors who will find themselves trapped with males in similar circumstances to those of their sexual abuse. Additionally, employers will be forced to pay for hormonal therapy during their employees' sex transformation procedures.  

Evidently, the United States is not ready for the leftist socialist tyrant, and keeping him out of the highest office will be the only way to defend our freedom. 

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