One of the many pistols that both civilians and police officers prefer is Beretta 92fs. It's a tactical firearm ideal if you are concerned with your safety as it features a quick-firing rate, incredible reliability, and minimal recoil. Now that you have your gun, the question is, "what is the best Beretta 92fs holster concealed carry?”

It is a question of what holster would be perfect for carrying your firearm around, protect it from scratches, and ensure it doesn't accidentally fire. The thing is, there are many options in the market, and that makes the search overwhelming. No worries, though. This article features the top 5 Beretta 92fs concealed carry holsters and information on how to find the best pick.

So, let us see which of them is perfect for you starting with a brief comparison.

Best  Holster Concealed Carry Comparison

Product Name

Pros & Cons


Hand Orientation

Holster Type



Dinosaurized ABC Easy Holster

It is a lightweight, and 100% concealed holster that is versatile even for beginners. The only issue, perhaps, is its high price.


Right-hand or left-hand



Check the price here.

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

It’s an excellent holster with top-notch features but at a higher price range.





Check the price here.

Alis Leather ALIS20206 Leather Holster

It is a classic leather holster with standard features. The problem is it isn’t the easiest to draw from.


Left and Right-hand



Check the price here.

Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 Tactical Holster

This is ideal if you don't like IWB or OWB design holster. Its biggest disadvantage is its high price.


Right-hand or Left-hand

Thigh carry


Check the price here.

HQDA OWB Tactical Paddle Holster

It has notably superior polymer construction. However, it only offers a right-hand draw with a not-so-easy release.





Check the price here.

What to Look for in a Beretta 92fs Holster Concealed Carry

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Since Beretta 92fsis a popular handgun, you are never short of options when it comes to holsters. But because there are many to choose from, you must find it challenging to decide on one. If you don't know anything about Beretta 92 concealed carry holsters, there is a chance you might buy a low-class product at a high price.

You may want to consider the following traits and features so that you can pick a quality holster for your handgun at a reasonable price.


How well does the Beretta 92 concealed carry conceals your handgun? Concealment is a valuable aspect of a holster that most users look for, but it depends on you. If it is not a problem that your gun is visible, you can choose an open carry or OWB holster. But if you like that it is not easily seen, you can look for a holster with an excellent concealment design.

Material and Texture

The texture and material are essential to your comfort. It would be great to choose a carry with an exterior that isn't harsh to your skin. Surely, you would also want a holster that doesn't feel uncomfortable when worn under your shirt and touching you directly. You might also want to consider this in terms of exposure to sweat, picking one that doesn’t smell or seep through.


The best Beretta 92fs holster concealed carry can effectively protect your firearm from scrapes, but only if it is made from quality materials. Consider researching the different materials used for holsters, such as nylon, leather, Kydex, and neoprene. Each of these materials has its unique protective traits that you might want for your Beretta 92fs holster.


Retention refers to the holster's ability to make sure the gun won't fall out no matter what. No one wants to reach for their firearm and find out it isn't there because the holster didn't hold it properly. Thus, you must make sure your Beretta 92fs holster has good retention. You can make sure of this by checking if your gun stays in place after turning it upside down.

Trigger Coverage

This factor has to do with the Beretta 92fs concealed carry’s ability to cover the trigger. You want a holster with excellent trigger coverage to ensure there won’t be any accidental discharge. This is a vital feature that every holster must have as it will provide no accident happens. With this, you can rest assured that your handgun's trigger is safe.

Stitching Quality

The stitching quality is another factor that has to do with durability. You see, some holsters barely hold together with only a few days of use. If the holster you bought is like that, then that is nothing but a waste of money. If you can, look for a holster with stitching that doesn't soon fall apart. It might be hard to tell this, but some holsters have tell-tale signs.

Mag Pouch

While it’s not that important of a feature, it’s a nice bonus to have a Beretta 92fs concealed carryholster with a mag pouch. This means you can carry more ammo than what you can usually have. It's not a deal-breaker feature. However, this is great if you always visit the range, work as armed private security or police/military.

Draw Speed

Whether you are in active military service or a civilian, a holster that ensures quick drawing is an excellent feature. A holster that hinders your draw and makes you fumble when taking out your handgun is not the best. A concealed carry holster like that is almost useless, so make sure to pick one with fast draw speed as one of its primary qualities.


Is the holster versatile? While the holster you are looking for is for Beretta 92fs, it would be an excellent choice if you can also use it for other gun models. This is perfect, especially if you have multiple firearms, allowing you to avoid buying a holster for each. On that note, make sure to check the compatibility of the holster you pick. 


One of the things that help you determine the reliability of a product is brand reputation. With that said, it would be best to consider the holster's brand as well. Most often, the big brand names equal high-quality holsters. However, there are also quality holsters at a more reasonable price, so do carefully check each item.


Just like the brand name, the price is a critical indicator of how good a product is. Ideally, you would want the cheapest holster with the highest quality, but the reality isn't like that. Often, high-quality holsters are the priciest, although you can still find cheaper but quality ones. There are also low-class holsters with high prices, so be careful when looking around.

The factors mentioned are a great help when you shop for Beretta 92fs holster concealed carry. Keep them in mind so you can choose the holster that will suit your needs, whether in terms of concealment, protection, retention, pricing, and more. But first, take the time to determine what kind of holster you like.

General Holster Types

Besides knowing what to consider when shopping for a Beretta 92fs holster concealed carry, it also helps to know the general holster types. Some of the different types of holsters are IWB, OWB, shoulder, ankle, and women-specific. Each of them with pros and cons that tell you if they are the holster type you need.

1. IWB Holster

IWB or Inside the Waistband is the type that you wear inside your waistband or pants. It's the most popular type of holster that allows maximum concealment. However, wearing an IWB holster can be uncomfortable. Nevertheless, this is the type of holster you want if you don’t like your handgun visible for everyone to see.

2. OWB Holster

OWB or Outside the Waistband holsters are those that attach to the waistband or belt but outside of it. As you can see, it is the opposite of an IWB holster. This means OWB is a fairly visible holster, making it the least ideal type. The position of the holster makes it so that the holster peeks out or prints through the shirt.

3. Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holsters are as their name suggests – it's the type you wear on your shoulder. It is also one of the popular types, especially for those working in the police or military. Shoulder holsters are easy to hide by just wearing a loose shirt or jacket over them. But if you do, the holster becomes a lot less accessible, and the drawing time declines.

4. Ankle Holster

Since most types of holsters are made for men, women-specific holsters have become popular over the years. These holsters are more functional towards women's build and comfort since they are actually designed for women. There are various types of women-specific holsters, such as carry purses, purse holders, and thigh holsters.
Make your choice of Beretta 92fs holster concealed carry based on what you want and what makes you feel comfortable. If it's okay for your gun to be seen, then the OWB holster is excellent. If you like to hide your Beretta 92fs, then the IWB is a perfect choice. Shoulder, ankle, and women-specific holsters are great for backup and other functions.

Top 5 Beretta 92fs Holster Reviews

Since you now know the different types of holsters and the factors to consider when you buy one, let’s move on to the reviews. In the rest of this article, you will learn about the top 5 highly recommended holsters for Beretta 92fs. They are an excellent starting point when searching for the best concealed carry Beretta 92 that you need.

  1.  Dinosaurized ABC Easy Holster

The best Beretta 92fs holster concealed carry in this list is Dinosaurized ABC Easy Holster, a universal and unisex concealed carry for multiple gun models. It has numerous features that make it an excellent holster, including the fact it is lightweight. This holster is comfortable to use thanks to the surgical grade elastic neoprene it’s made of, which is breathable too.

It is 100% concealed, promising not even to have printing visible. It allows free movement as well for improved draw time, a big help in sticky situations. ABC Easy Holster boasts of a simple design without any unnecessary parts. It is versatile and adjustable, ideal for use no matter the model of the gun – Beretta 92fs or not.

Among its notable features are the skin-friendly material, basic design, and stickiness that ensures it stays with you. It also includes a removable metal clip and the single size fits all, even if it is a flashlight-mounted one. The only issue perhaps is its high price, but the quality is worth it.

2. Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

Concealment Express is one of the popular brands that offer a wide range of holster options. One of these options is the Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster, the type you wear inside the waistband, with plenty of great features. First, it is made from Kydex that provides superior durability and consistency to the holster, not to mention it is lightweight.

It doesn't interfere with your draw, thanks to its undercut trigger guard. With this feature, Kydex Holster is one of the fast-drawing Beretta 92 IWB holsters in the market. The sweat issue isn't a big problem with the holster’s full-length sweat guard and rear sight shield as well. It is also said you won’t even feel that you're wearing a pistol, thanks to the stealth belt clip.

But the best is the ‘Posi-Click’ retention system with its audible ‘click’ that just satisfies you. Moreover, this Kydex Holster makes sure not to slip thanks to its black oxide steel hardware that ensures the screw is secure no matter what. Like ABC Easy Holster, it is quite expensive.

3. Alis Leather ALIS20206 Leather Holster

This holster is perfect for those who prefer theirs to be made out of leather. ALIS20206 is a classic holster constructed from premium cowhide leather. It's worth noting that it is molded leather with a snug fit to ensure your Beretta 92fas won't be moving around as you go. One thing you might not like about it is it doesn't have adjustable retention.

Instead, it has a thumb break that ensures it stays in place. It also makes it easy and quick to draw your handgun. Those who like to carry more magazines will like ALIS20206 since it comes with a magazine pouch with two buttons for clips of different sizes. As an OWB holster, it sits close to the hip, and with the belt loop design, you can tighten the belt to pull it closer.

Another feature that you might appreciate is that it has a closed-end. With it, the barrel of your Beretta 92fs can stay clean. ALIS20206 is an excellent holster, but one issue you would want to think about is it doesn't provide the easiest draw.

4. Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 Tactical Holster

This Blackhawk holster is this list’s best tactical holster with a SERPA Auto-Lock. This is ideal for you if IWB or OWB holsters aren’t to your liking. It easily creates the perfect draw that suits you, thanks to its passive retention system. Because it also includes a detent adjustment screw, Blackhawk Serpa ensures you will not lose your handgun while moving around.

It has excellent security improved by the Thumb-Activated Pivot Guard. If you aren't a fan of IWB or OWB holsters, you might like its flexible thigh platform. It means this holster outfits your thigh, making your gun quickly within reach. This position makes it so that your firearm won't be in your way or feel uncomfortable.

Out of the many thigh holsters in the market, this one is easily the best. It easily adjusts to your leg and the weight is evenly distributed thanks to the Y-harness suspension. There’s also the quick-disconnect swivel buckle to put it on or take off quickly. All these make it a fantastic thigh holster, but also one of the most expensive.

5. HQDA OWB Tactical Paddle Holster

As a tactical holster popularly used by military and uniformed law enforcement personnel, it is easy to say HQDA is one of the best OWB holsters available. It is all due to this holster’s features that include a level II protection courtesy of its automatic locking structure. This means your gun will stay in place after holstering it.

For quick drawing, it requires only an index release. One of the features many shooters like is the audible ‘click’ when you lock the holster. Well, HQDA also has it. In terms of adjustability, it is also superb. You can have HQDA OWB Tactical Holster at any position from 0-degree to 60-degree. It makes HQDA a pretty comfortable holster to use.

When it comes to material, this one is made from polymers that give it high stability and resistance to both scratches and heat. Its features are impressive, including the quick release, but that takes some getting used to.


It may be challenging to find the right Beretta 92fs holster concealed carry from having so many options to choose from. But with this review article, you know where to start. Keep in mind the information and advice mentioned above, and you can find the holster that suits you the best. You can also start your search from the top 5 Beretta 92fs holsters we've mentioned.

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