Dino Belly Holster

Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster

  • Spare Holster for Magazine or Flashlight
  • Made from 600D high-density nylon
  • Weighs only 0.35kg
  • Compatible with a variety of gun types, including popular models like the Colt 1911, Glock 17, 19, 18, among others.
  • If you need more details about the product, select your bundle and specify your preferences in the cart, via chat (red chatbox), or by emailing support@dinosaurized.com.


5-star reviews given by 


5-star reviews given by 

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tactical shoulder holster, shoulder holster, best shoulder holster, shoulder holster review
shoulder holster review, tactical shoulder holster, shoulder holster, best shoulder holster
best shoulder holster, shoulder holster review, tactical shoulder holster, shoulder holster

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Ultimate Concealment and Comfort

Experience unparalleled concealment and accessibility with the Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster, designed for those who demand both discretion and readiness. Crafted from durable 600D high-density nylon, this lightweight holster offers a slim and discrete design without compromising on the security and accessibility of your sidearm. Whether you're a law enforcement officer, security personnel, or a concealed carry enthusiast, our holster provides unmatched features tailored to your needs.

Key Features:

Exceptional Retention: Keeps your firearm securely in place, offering peace of mind in every situation.

Optimized for Concealment: Its low-profile design ensures your sidearm remains invisible under clothing, making it the perfect choice for covert operations or everyday carry.

Rapid Access: Designed for quick draws without the risk of a gun drop, ensuring you're prepared at a moment's notice.

Moisture Protection: Shields your firearm from sweat, preserving its condition and functionality.

Trigger Safety: Fully covers the trigger, preventing accidental discharges and enhancing your safety.

Effortless Draw and Re-holstering: Promotes a full combat grip for an efficient draw and allows for easy re-holstering with a stable build that maintains its shape.

Versatile Fit: Adjustable to accommodate most pistol types, complete with a spare holster for a magazine or flashlight, ensuring you're fully equipped for any scenario.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


Slim & Stealthy

Why You'll Love It:

Ultra-Slim Profile: Say goodbye to bulkiness. Our holster is designed to be as thin as possible, ensuring that it stays hidden under your clothes. No more worrying about your firearm showing through your shirt or jacket.

Rock-Solid Retention: Your sidearm stays exactly where you need it — by your side. Our secure retention system means your firearm won’t budge, no matter your movement, offering you peace of mind throughout the day.

Invisible Concealment: We understand the importance of discretion. That's why our holster is crafted to ensure that your firearm is completely out of sight, making it your secret to keep.

Comfort Meets Compatibility: Crafted from premium, lightweight materials, it offers comfort for all-day wear. Plus, it’s adjustable to fit a wide variety of pistols, making it versatile for your specific needs.

Quick Access: Your firearm is only a swift movement away. Designed for fast draws, this holster ensures you're always ready, quickly and safely.

shoulder holster, shoulder belly holster, shoulder holster for fat guy

Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster for All-Day Comfort

Your trusty sidekick for everyday carry that combines comfort, convenience, and protection in any weather. With its padded shoulder harness, you can say goodbye to the discomfort of carrying your sidearm and gear. The harness, featuring fully adjustable elastic straps, is designed to conform to your body, ensuring a custom fit that feels just right.

Need to move fast? The elastic quick-release buckles offer rapid removal or dressing, so you’re ready for action at a moment's notice. And when the skies open up, the waterproof holster protects your firearm from the elements, guarding against rust and damage. Adjust the belt straps to your liking for a secure fit that stays put whether you're walking, running, or navigating through your day.

But that's not all – the tactical double mag pouches mean you'll have extra ammunition within easy reach. Designed for the discerning carrier who requires both stealth and readiness, this holster is your all-access pass to a comfortable and prepared day. With the Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster, you're not just carrying a firearm; you're arming yourself with the ultimate tool for secure, stealthy, and comfortable readiness.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


bonus Gear Pocket

Imagine the confidence of having a spare magazine snugly stashed right beside your sidearm, ready to switch in smoothly without missing a beat. Or picture the convenience of reaching for a flashlight instantly when the lights go out, without rummaging through pockets or bags. That's the kind of practical magic the bonus gear pocket offers.

The smart gear pocket is designed for both stealth and speed. It hugs your magazine or flashlight close, ensuring a sleek silhouette that won't give you away. And it's not just about looking good — it's about feeling good, too. The pocket's strategic positioning means your extra gear won't weigh you down or throw you off balance.

With the Dino Tactical Holster's gear pocket, you're not just carrying more; you're carrying smarter. It's your personal backup plan that's as effortless as it is essential. So, whether you're in the line of duty or simply out and about, pack that extra magazine or flashlight and step into your day with the quiet confidence of someone who's ready for anything.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


shoulder holster, shoulder belly holster, shoulder holster for fat guy

A Reliable Companion for My Daily Carry

"I've been using the Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster for the past three months, and it's been a game-changer for my daily carry routine. As a private security professional, I need a holster that is discreet enough for plainclothes assignments yet robust enough to handle the rigorous demands of my job. The Dino Holster fits the bill perfectly.

The slim design is fantastic — it stays hidden under my jacket without creating a noticeable outline, which is crucial in my line of work. The extra gear pocket, though, has been the real standout feature. I can carry a spare magazine or a flashlight without adding bulk or compromising my movement, which has been incredibly beneficial during night shifts.

The build quality has held up impressively well against the wear and tear of daily use. Despite the numerous times I've drawn and reholstered my firearm during training, the holster still maintains its shape and firm grip on my sidearm. The adjustable straps are easy to tweak for a comfortable fit, even after a shift in gear.

The only suggestion I would make is to add a bit more padding to the shoulder area for those of us who carry for long hours. But even as it stands, the Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster has been a reliable companion, and I've recommended it to several colleagues already."


Dino Tactical Shoulder Holsters are perfect for

Don't make your firearm soaked in sweat and smell from the hip by carrying something like a IWB kydex holster, it's not comfortable and not good for you gun, also. Wearing a Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster giving you more comfort and freedom while still staying prepared for unexpected situations.

Sometimes you may join a suit-required event like a collegues's daughter's wedding, or your son's high school graduation party. There you may meet a lot of people, with many of whom you don't know anything about. Of course you want to stay prepared to protect your family and people you love but you don't want others to "feel uncomfortable", then it's a good idea to wear a Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster, which is 100% concealed under your suit while still providing you 200% mobility and comfort.

If you spend a lot of daytime taking the wheel, a cab driver or a policeman for instance, you may meet a lot of strangers, people you have no idea who they are and what they're going to do, it's very important to prepare yourself with a pefect-for-seated-draw holster like Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster.

What Made Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster different ?

  • Slim and Discreet Design

  • Versatile Gear Pocket

  • Adjustable Fit

  • Universal Compatibility

  • Retention and Safety

  • Durable Material

  • Light weight

  • Easy to use

  • Adjustable Breathing Shoulder Strap

  • Made from High-quality 1000D Lightweight Durable Nylon Fabric

  • For men or women will provide a more convenient life for you

  • Suitable for travelling, cycling, hiking, camping and daily work


- At Dinosaurized, we believe our products are truly innovative and have 100% confidence in it. We understand that buying things online can be scary with companies not staying true to their customers so we go the extend to keep you satisfied.

- If you bought it and feel that it is not for you, don't worry. Just shoot us a message at support@dinosaurized.com and we will make it right by offering you a replacement or refund. 100% Simple & Risk-Free process.



one-time 50% OFF offer from dinosaurized's old men

Hey there, I've got something special for you. A one-time, 50% OFF discount. You see, our holsters are crafted by a very few incredibly skilled, yet aging artisans. Their handiwork has been key to our success.

But, we've recently paused production. The guys? We're taking them & their family on a trip around Europe - it's something they've always wanted to do. So now, we've just got a few folks left handling the shipping of our remaining stock.

 Now, I'll be honest - it does sting a bit to give you this offer, because we value our products and the craftsmanship that goes into them. But we need to clear out the warehouse soon so our remaining team can join us on the Europe trip. And who knows, you might end up with a holster that becomes a rare collectible.

This stock? It's flying off the shelves and we can't say for how long it'll stick around. But hey, there's no pressure here, we're on your side. We do have to say, though, we truly, truly believe that missing out on this state-of-the-art holster at such a GREAT DISCOUNTED price would be a real shame. It's an opportunity that doesn't come around often.


70,000+ Customers
1 Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster

⭐ Basic Offer ⭐

1 Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster

  • 1 Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster

  • $35.99 ea.

  • Free Shipping For Order of 2+ Items

  • 120-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Only-today discount

  • 1 Free Navy SEAL's handbook of shooting skills: Combat Marksmanship


70,000+ Customers
3 Dino Tactical Shoulder Holsters

⭐ Best Value ⭐

3 Dino Tactical Shoulder Holsters

  • 3 Dino Tactical Shoulder Holsters

  • Only $25.99 ea.

  • Free Shipping For Order of 2+ Items

  • 120-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Only-today discount

  • 1 Free Navy SEAL's handbook of shooting skills: Combat Marksmanship


70,000+ Customers
2 Dino Tactical Shoulder Holsters

⭐Most Popular ⭐

2 Dino Tactical Shoulder Holsters

  • 2 Dino Tactical Shoulder Holsters

  • Only $30.99 ea.

  • Free Shipping For Order of 2+ Items

  • 120-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Only-today discount

  • 1 Free Navy SEAL's handbook of shooting skills: Combat Marksmanship


Can this holster fit a Glock 19 comfortably?

Absolutely! The Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster is designed for versatility and can comfortably accommodate a Glock 19, along with a range of other similar-sized handguns.

Is the holster effective for concealed carry under light clothing?

Yes, the Dino Tactical Shoulder Holster is designed with a slim profile specifically for concealment, making it effective under light jackets or shirts.

What size magazine or flashlight can the spare pouch accommodate?

The spare pouch is versatile enough to hold most standard-sized magazines or small to medium-sized flashlights.

How should I care for and maintain the holster?

The holster is water-resistant, offering protection against light rain and moisture, but it's not fully waterproof.

Shipping time?

- (U.S customers only) Standard shipping time is 7-12 Calendar days to ship and arrive. (Shipped from U.S, by USPS)

All packages are seriously & strictly sterilized before being sent.

- For Non-US customers, shipping time may vary from 10-20 Business days. 

- We'll immediately upload your tracking code to Paypal after the shipment, it may take 3-4 days to be activated.   


- You can hand wash your bag in warm soapy water by soaking it and working it with your hands. Then thoroughly rinse under cold water and hang to dry. Do not machine wash or dry. Remember: Do not machine wash or dry.


- If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support (support@dinosaurized.com) to get an easy refund. We just ask that you send the product back to our warehouse!

Payment Method

- We accept payment via Paypal, Credit card, Debit card. If you want to pay via wire transfers (Bank transfer) or Bitcoin, simply email us at support@dinosaurized.com.


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"I've been in law enforcement for a decade, and the Dino Tactical Holster is a standout. The spare pouch for my flashlight has been particularly useful on night patrols. Superb retention and comfort!"



"As a daily carrier, I appreciate the Dino Holster's low profile. It's comfortable, doesn't print, and the magazine pouch is a bonus. A small addition of a non-slip surface would make it perfect!"

Carlos M.

shoulder holster review, shoulder holster for men, shoulder holster for fat guy, right hand shoulder holster
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"The quick-release feature of the Dino Holster is excellent. It fits my Glock like a glove, and the extra pocket for a mag is a lifesaver. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a reliable holster."

Jake P.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


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