Raptorbuz Hearing Protection

RAPTORBUZ Hearing Protection

Perfect Fit, Unmatched Comfort, 

and Superior Noise Isolation


Are you seeking versatile & reliable hearing protection for shooting?

This Raptorbuz Hearing Protection is the ideal choice for you! Our custom molded earplugs offer a perfect fit, ensuring unparalleled comfort and a secure seal to effectively block out harmful noise generated by firearms. With a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 31dB, you can trust Raptorbuz to provide exceptional sound defense during shooting activities. Whether you're a professional shooter or an avid enthusiast, Raptorbuz Hearing Protection is designed to enhance your shooting experience by preserving your hearing health without compromising on comfort or performance.

PERFECT fIT for Loud Construction, Industrial Spaces, Landscaping, & More

This Raptorbuz Hearing Protection can withstand the rigors of loud construction sites, industrial spaces, landscaping projects, and other noisy environments.  We understand that comfort is crucial, especially during extended wear. Raptorbuz leverages natural pressure points to provide all-day comfort, so you can focus on your tasks without discomfort or distractions. Additionally, the low-profile design of our earplugs not only enhances comfort but also provides superior noise isolation, effectively blocking out the loud and potentially harmful sounds present in these environments.

Optimal Noise Reduction and Enhanced Safety

Our cutting-edge Raptorbuz earplugs are designed to meet the demands of industrial spaces, landscaping projects, loud concerts, musicians, and more.
Raptorbuz takes hearing protection to the next level with its innovative features. The custom molded earplugs are easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear, ensuring a personalized and secure fit. What sets Raptorbuz apart is its re-moldable nature, allowing you to fine-tune the fit whenever needed, ensuring the perfect seal for maximum effectiveness.
  • EPA Certified Protection: With an impressive NRR of 31, Raptorbuz earplugs offer top-level defense against loud, damaging noises in various situations.
  • Stay Secure & Comfortable: The custom fit ensures they stay firmly in place, providing uninterrupted protection without the worry of them falling out.
  • Crafted in the USA: Trust in the quality and craftsmanship of Our earplugs, proudly designed and assembled in Colorado, USA.
  • Easy Shaping: Simply immerse the Raptorbuz earpieces in warm water for 3-5 minutes, allowing them to soften and become pliable for effortless shaping
  • Tailored to Your Ears: Simply place the pliable earpiece in your ear and shape it to achieve the perfect, personalized fit.

  • Remoldable for Perfection: If adjustments are required, simply re-heat & re-shape the earpieces to ensure an ideal fit every time.

Personalized Fit, Unparalleled Performance

Say goodbye to generic earplugs and embrace the perfect fit and freedom to create any shape you desire with Raptorbuz Earplugs.
Whether you prefer a traditional earplug shape or something more unconventional, Raptorbuz Earplugs can be molded to your specifications. It's like having a custom-fit solution that adapts to your needs.
The process is simple and straightforward. Just heat the Raptorbuz Earplugs with warm water, allowing them to soften and become pliable. Then, insert the earplugs into your ears and shape them to the desired fit or form. The pliable material retains its shape once cooled, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit that stays in place, providing reliable protection.


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✔️Customized Perfect Fit: Unlike standard earplugs, Raptorbuz Hearing Protection offers a fully customized perfect fit by molding them to the exact shape of your ears for unparalleled comfort & a secure seal.

✔️ Superior Noise Isolation: Focusing on noise reduction, its custom-fit design and low-profile construction effectively block out loud, damaging sounds, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet or focus on your tasks without compromising on safety.

✔️ Remoldable for Lifetime Adjustments: If you need to make any adjustments anytime, simply re-heat and re-shape the earplugs to achieve a perfect fit again.

✔️Made with Quality and Care: Designed and assembled in USA, they are crafted to withstand rigorous use in various environments, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.



"Very comfortable.

The earplugs are very easy to form making them very comfortable. They do a great job at muffling loud noise while still being able to hear talking. I have used them for shooting and auto races they have performed for both."

John CasevilleMI

"Best earplugs I've had yet.

These earplugs are fantastic. They come with small, medium and large three flange silicone fittings and one set of foam fits. The thermoplastic is easy to form and works well to filter sounds and hold the plugs into place. I only wish I had bought them sooner!"

Fredericksburg, White Oak, PA

"OH.MY.GOSH! I love these. They were super easy to mold and fit perfectly. I'm an average sized female and have smallish ears, I had no issues with the foam buds.I used them at the indoor range and didn't get as great a result with the reverb as I did outdoors. I used them on both the rifle and the pistol ranges and I have to say that I LOVE THESE FOR RIFLE SHOOTING. To not have to wrestle with my muffs or have muffs squeezing my ears, AMAZING."

Alissa T., SutherlandNE

"GREAT FIT. Fast shipping and easy to shape to ears. Definitely would buy another as a back up. I also where them under my muffs depending where am shooting. But for the most part very comfortable."

 William G., Hixson, TN



1 Pair of Raptorbuz Hearing Protection

$59.99 /PAIR

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3 Pairs of Raptorbuz Hearing Protection


TOTAL $149.97 (3 PAIRS)



2 Pairs of Raptorbuz Hearing Protection


TOTAL $109.98 (2 PAIRS)  

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