Perseus Sling Bag

Perseus Sling Bag

Vertical Design & Comfort Fit: Effortless Access, Easy Wear.



Meet the Perseus Sling Bag, your ultimate companion for every outing! Designed with a detachable water bottle holder and a tactical small bag, this day pack adapts to your needs. Whether you're carrying a tablet, snacks, or small essentials, the Perseus Sling Bag keeps everything organized with its ample front pockets and interlayer compartments. Made from durable and lightweight 900*600D polyester, it ensures longevity and ease of carry, wherever your journey takes you.


Enhance your daily carry with the Perseus Sling Bag, equipped with 7PCS Accessories including a USA flag patch, tactical Molle clips, and D-Ring carabiners. The main compartment is spacious enough to fit a 14” tablet, phone, and much more, making it ideal for both urban and field use. The MOLLE system on the backpack allows for easy attachment of additional gear, making it a versatile choice for your everyday needs.


Experience comfort with the Perseus Sling Bag, designed for all-day wear. Its breathable padding reduces sweat and increases comfort, while the adjustable shoulder strap can switch between left and right positions to suit your preference. Quick and quiet access to the holster ensures readiness at all times. Whether used as a shoulder sling, chest bag, backpack, or hand carry, the Perseus Sling Bag is perfect for a range of activities from fishing to indoor work.

"I love how versatile this bag is! Whether I'm running errands around town or hitting the trails for a weekend adventure, it adapts to fit my needs perfectly. Plus, the water bottle pocket is a game-changer!" - Mark

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Why Giraffe Sling Bag ?

Detachable Modules: Includes a detachable water bottle holder and tactical bag.

✅Ample Storage: Features multiple pockets and compartments for efficient organization.

✅Durable Material: Made from strong, lightweight 900*600D polyester.

✅Accessory Included: Comes with flag patches, Molle clips, and D-Ring carabiners.

✅MOLLE System: Equipped with side webbing for attaching extra gear.

✅Comfortable Design: Has breathable padding to reduce sweat and enhance comfort.

✅Versatile Carry Options: Functions as a shoulder sling, chest bag, backpack, or hand carry.

✅Quick Access Holster: Contains a discreet holster in the hidden back compartment.

✅Adjustable Strap: Shoulder strap can be switched from left to right with ease.

✅Multi-Purpose: Ideal for daily use, range days, fishing, and more.


The Perseus Sling Bag offers discreet yet accessible storage options, making it ideal for concealed carry enthusiasts who prioritize safety and convenience. With its versatile carrying options and durable construction, it provides peace of mind while ensuring quick access to essential gear.

Whether you're hiking through rugged terrain, camping under the stars, or exploring new trails, the Perseus Sling Bag is your ultimate companion. Its water-resistant material, multiple compartments, and comfortable carrying options make it perfect for storing essentials during outdoor adventures, keeping you prepared for whatever nature throws your way.

Navigating bustling city streets and crowded public transportation can be a challenge, but the Perseus Sling Bag makes it a breeze. Its compact design, ergonomic features, and anti-theft pockets make it an essential accessory for urban commuters. Stay organized, secure, and stylish on your daily commute with the Perseus Sling Bag by your side.



"I really like this bag. It has plenty of room for everything I need to carry when camping, hiking, playing airsoft or other outdoor activities. It seems well made and it always nice to have the option to add other bags or hang some gear from the loop on the pals/molle system. I think this well hold up pretty well as long as I don't abuse it too much." - Emily

"I use this pack as an athletic training bag and is it perfect! It is super durable and all the different sized pockets are great to hold various items. The zippers are good quality and glide well. Velcro and zippers pockets are nice on the inside so secret pockets. I took the additional strap off, but it is super simple to put back on if I change my mind. Great quality & great durability!" - Alex

"This seems like a knock off of some of the brand name sling bags that cost way more money. But for my purposes, it will do the job. It has multiple zippered pouches, the zippers seem like good quality, and the strap is adjustable for either shoulder carry. It also has a handle for hand carry, and the nylon material is a lot more sturdy than some budget bags I have ordered before. I will use this mostly for daily carry or travel, so it won't really be subjected to "hard use", but it might be able to withstand that as well." - Ryan

"I am glad I stumbled onto this product. I recently downsized what I bring into the office with me, and was using a normal small sling bag... It was a bit small, didn't hang on the shoulder well, but I knew I wanted to get another bag in that same range. This is a great little bag. It carries all I need, with space for more if I need to bring other things with me, the many zippered pockets allow me to keep my stuff sorted, it hangs well on the shoulder. And I can use the hook and loop strips to throw some cool patches on. I know a lot of products you find on Amazon can be hit or miss on quality, but this one is definitely a hit." - Jessica


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