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Want to provide perfect protection for your gun while being outside?

RAMBO GUN BAG is the answer!
Protect Your Gun and Stay Prepared with RAMBO GUN BAG
Are you tired of holsters that don't provide enough protection for your gun? RAMBO GUN BAG has got you covered. As a blue collar worker like a farmer, trucker or construction worker, you often find yourself in rough environments that can damage your gun. But with RAMBO GUN BAG, you can keep your gun in perfect condition, preventing accuracy issues and gun accidents.
Tough, Padded and Lightweight
RAMBO GUN BAG is a rugged, well-padded, and lightweight gun bag that lets you carry all your everyday essentials in one compact tactical waist bag. Unlike other gun bags, RAMBO GUN BAG features not one, but two foam pads for extra protection. The inside pads provide a barrier between your body and gun, keeping your gun safe from oil and sweat. The front pad protects your gun from any objects in your front pocket. No more scratches from collisions with knives or pens.


Vertical Draw for Safe and Smooth Access
Most gun packs, bags, and fanny packs on the market have a common flaw: they carry the gun in a horizontal position. This can be dangerous as your gun could be pointed directly at family or friends. With RAMBO GUN BAG, your gun is carried in a vertical position, making it safe and smooth to draw. Plus, there's room for two more pouches for a mag and flashlight, so you can stay prepared.


Discreet Design, Tactical Quality
RAMBO GUN BAG looks more like a plumber's tool bag than a gun bag, keeping you discreet in public. But don't be fooled by its practical look, this gun bag is made from 100% military-quality materials, providing full protection for your gun and gear, inside and out. The easy-to-open, durable zipper allows for a fast and smooth draw, and if you need even quicker access, simply leave the zipper open.

" This is a compact option for transporting or storing your firearm if you don't need all the space and contents of a range/pistol bag. While it has a belt loop option, the pouch is way too big, in my opinion, to be used for concealed carry. Not only would it be potentially obvious, but the drawing of the weapon would take a minute since you'd have to unzip the thing to retrieve and draw the firearm. I do like that I can fit 2 clips in with the pistol. The pockets were handy for holding identification, receipts from the range, contact information for your lawyer, etc. Zippers could be a bit higher quality but they may just need to be worn in or lubricated a bit. overall, nice size, padding is acceptable for the intended purpose. would not recommend for the purposes of concealed carry. Fits in the center console of my car or under the front seats of my car. Could probably shove between the center console and driver's seat, but that seemed unnecessary. I have used this when I have taken my firearm from my car into the house or hotel, or (both places I was legally allowed to possess it), without drawing attention to myself. It almost looks like a small planner or folio."

- David TaylorMiami, Florida


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"Very well made bag. Nice quality, nice materials. Zippers are great, not sure why others commented on having problems. Definitely big enough on the inside for any size handgun, my Glock 17 fits fine. With that said, the larger, thick handgun takes up so much of the width of the bag, it's hard to put anything in the front pouches. With a G19, I can slide my badge case in the front, or my Galaxy S9, but not both at the same time. It's a very tight fit, nothing is going to slide out that's for sure. The bag is very nice for what it's designed for and that's carrying a weapon inside of it. It protects the weapon very nicely. The Velcro strap that holds in the gun is very nice too. It would be nice if it had a smaller Velcro strap for an extra mag. It shouldn't be too hard for me to rig something up with some Velcro straps I already have. Draco Bag has a larger gun case with a shoulder strap that is more like a European man purse. That one can handle a wallet, phone and the gun, but it is also pretty tight with a larger gun in there. This smaller Draco Bag really only fits the gun and one item no thicker than a cell phone, which is alright for me because that's what I wanted it for. It's very well made, should last a long time, and it protects the weapon very nicely. I carry it around much like a business person carrying a smaller Franklin Planner would. I've attached a picture of a piece of Velcro I fashioned to hold an extra mag, works great. That's a G19 with an X-grip on a 17 round magazine, and an extra 15 round magazine in the picture."

- Pablo Barron, FARRELL, Mississippi

" A quality made and well-designed case, suitable for use for its stated purpose and/or for many other uses. It's ample size will undoubtedly please many, as it may likely hold objects of fairly stout size. That said, I recommend looking at the dimensions and pictures carefully. This "little" case can hold quite a lot and can expand to a respectable size, so you'll want to be sure this is what you want if your primary consideration is to attach it to a belt and wear it, which is easy enough to do seeing that it's well designed for sturdy attachment to a variety of belt widths. I find it to be a tad too large to use as a holster overall for wearing on a belt, but that only reflects my personal preference. I purchased it with that in mind, and although I will likely never use it on a belt to house a firearm, I could imagine using it with or without a belt to house hunting or fishing equipment, tools, electronics, a wallet, important papers, food and/or drinks, toiletries, and/or whatever else one may feel the need to have nearby.


- Jason M.Miami, Florida

"I use a wheelchair and was looking for a bag that doesn't reveal what it has inside. I added my own carry strap, and wear it crossways in front of me. It fits my Ruger LC9S and extra mag perfectly. Room for checkbook or phone too! Love it!

- Donald G , FARRELL, Mississippi


In addition to its practical use, RAMBO GUN BAG has a stylish and discreet design, making it perfect for women who want to carry a concealed weapon while still looking fashionable. It's versatile, allowing you to wear it in different positions, whether at the 12, 3, 9, or 6 o'clock, giving you the freedom to choose what works best for you and your outfit.

If you're someone who spends a lot of time driving, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable carrying a concealed weapon. RAMBO GUN BAG offers a comfortable solution for all-day gun concealment, so you can keep your weapon close without the added sweat and discomfort.

For those who are passionate about guns and tactical gear, RAMBO GUN BAG is a must-have item. Its combination of practicality and style makes it the perfect addition to your tactical collection.





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