Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG

Aether Head Lamp

Ultra-bright (350 Lumen) - 230 degree range of light - Motion Sensing Option

1 Set (Shipping Cost: $3.99)2 Sets ($34.99/set + Freeshipping)3 Sets ($29.99/set + Freeshipping)

Discount is available for a limited time only!

  • Max of 350 lumens, you could see a spirit in the dark! That’s how bright it is.

  • 230 Degree of Illumination and 150ft away, it will light up pretty much everything in your field of view.

  • The Aether Band is made of silicone , stretchable and adjustable to fit any head size with no extra pressure. You can wear it all day and forgot it's there.

  • Designed with motion sensor mode, easily control the headlamp even if you have gloves on or your hands are dirty.

  • IPX4 rating, which means it can resist water splashes from any direction.

  • Rechargeable 1200 mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack, can last up to 8 hours depending on use.


 - The COB (Chip on Board) of Aether Band provide 230-degree illumination.

- The COB technology results in more efficiency and up to 25% less heat given off, versus traditional LEDs. Which mean less heat on your head.

- The side XPE LED is a beam light that brightens
 for a long distance (150ft). 

- The XPE technology provides a better beam versus traditional LEDs.

- While you have 230 degree range of light, sometimes you just want to light focused directly in front of you. 

- But if you are needing peripheral light as well. This is the product for you as it can give you field of view lighting or focused flashlight.


- Unlike other headlamp on the market that is made of plastic, and while it did an okay job lighting up areas, it was not comfortable to wear. They're heavy or awkwardly big and put pressure on your head.

- The Aether Band is made of rubber in the front, and a fabric stretch band for the back, which is much more Lightweight (2.47 ounces), flexible and comfortable to wear.

- The COB technology results in 25% less heat. Which mean it doesn't make your forhead hot after work.


- One of the most interesting features of the Aether Band is the motion sensor.

 - If you select the WiFi looking icon button near the power button, it activates a motion sensor. And with the pass of the hand adjacent to the battery compartment, the light will turn off. 

- Each time your hand is passed next to the battery compartment, the light will turn on or turn off. 

- Whatever light setting you are using when you press the Sensor button is the setting that will turn off and on. This feature will work perfectly no matter day or night

- Imagine when you walking at night that you only need the occasional light. Instead of fumbling for a
button to turn on the light, a simple pass of the hand will do that for you.

- Or in cases your hands are dirty or greasy and don’t want to touch your head, you wave your hand by the sensor to temporary turn on and off the light.


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"Our boss ordered these for us so our hands are free from holding flashlights lol and they work pretty well outside in the cold weather(Alaska) easy to use and charging is fast also very bright for when we work outside!"

Lucas Anchorage, Alaska

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"I thought this would be an improvement over the bulky headlamps that give me headaches and never seem to light up what I need. This thing absolutely is an upgrade in every sense. No extra pressure and you almost forget it's there. Only problem is your hair looks wild after wearing it... Unless you like looking like Jackie Moon with a headband. This lights up everything. It must look like a Halo when it's on because if anyone directly looks at you when it's on, they usually say "Jesus" so be prepared for that...."

Richard , Los Angeles, California

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"Heres is something that I was excited to see and hoped it wasn't gimmicky. I spend a lot

 of time outdoors from being at a lake or up in the mountains. I bring a lot of different types of light with me. One thing is for sure I always have a head lamp. I take head lamps pretty seriously and have use them from my time in the Marines to multi day solo trips into the mountains. This one covers a lot of features from many types of lights in one. Here the good and bad.


This is comfortable to wear for a long time. A lot of head lamps are heavy or awkwardly big and put pressure on your head. Often I put the head lamp around my neck until I need it. Well this one is so comfy I forget its on my head. It feels like a sweat band or a ball cap on my head.

 Its light really light. The functions are pretty easy to cycle through. You have a power button and a motion button. The motion setting at 1st seemed to be a meh and a I won't need that feature. But I use it a lot now. I was working my my jeep and watching a video on how it install something. I would have to turn off my light to see my screen then turn it back on to look under the hood. 

The light is bright and can cover a crazy area in front of you. I was out at the lake a little late. I was able to see everything around me and made packing up a breeze. Its USB-C charging and can be charged while using it. I had a battery pack in my jacket and ran a USB-C line to my head lamp. This extended my high power setting and when I take off my headlamp I was able to use it as a tent lamp and hang it above me.


This is just as common with other brands and its battery life. This one has a short battery life in the highest setting. You get a couple of hours with it. If you  choose to use the lower or lowest you get a pretty decent amount of time.

Overall this is a very multi purpose light and I really enjoy having it. I almost hate to use old head lamps after using this one. Its small easy to pack and charges up quick. I have been in light rain with it, but have not submerge it and don't plan on it. definitely a good bang for buck item. "

-DestinMalboro, MA

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"Want to blind people that try to hit you with cars while you are out for a stroll? 

This light is for you! Dont want to blind people? This light is still for you. Ok, so 

I cant bring myself to wear it as a headband, BUT it makes an excellent light necklace. 

The on off sensor is a stroke of genius, we used it on 4th of July to light fireworks

 amd quickly turn it off. Seriously this light is game changing! "

Chris L., JacksonvilleFlorida

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"I work on a lot projects in the garage. While I have significantly brightened the area with overhead LED lights, there are still situations where you need an additional light. After becoming frustrated with holding a flashlight in my mouth and drooling all over myself for the 10,000th time, I decided to give this AETHER Headlamp a try. This thing has been a game changer. Between the wide angle LED light, which lights up a big area, and the side LED, which allows you to focus the light on one area, this has all my lighting needs covered. My favorite feature is the motion activation. Instead of turning the light off when heading over the work bench for a few mins, I can simply wave my hand by the side lamp and it will turn off. When I need it again, a quick wave and its back on. I highly recommend it."

 Erin., TurnertownTX


  • At Dinosaurized, we believe our products are truly innovative and have 100% confidence in it.

  • We understand that buying things online can be scary with companies not staying true to their customers 

    So we go the extend to keep you satisfied.

  • We are happy to offer you a 45 day replacement guarantee with your purchase.

  • If you bought it and feel that it is not for you, don't worry. Just shoot us a message at 

    and we will make it right by offering you a replacement.

  • 100% Simple & Risk-Free process.

Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG
Aether Band GG

Aether Head Lamp

1 Set (Shipping Cost: $3.99)2 Sets ($34.99/set + Freeshipping)3 Sets ($29.99/set + Freeshipping)

Discount is available for a limited time only!


Shipping time?

- (U.S customers only) Standard shipping time is 3-9 Calendar days to ship and arrive. All packages are seriously & strictly sterilized before being sent.

- We'll immediately upload your tracking code to your email after the shipment, it may take 1-4 days to be activated.   

Will it fit my husband's extremely large head? Does it fit over baseball cap and winter stocking hat?

- Yes, They will fit a extremely extra large head. The band is quite adjustable. They will fit around a baseball cap, Hard Hat, Cowboy hat, Stocking cap. 

Can the cob and xpe be on at the same time?

- COB and XPE modes cannot be turned on at the same time. 

How long battery last on a full charger?

- Head lamp can keep on for about 3 hours in the brightest mode, and last about 8 hours under the low brightness of the spotlight. I suggest buying 2 of them, and putting the other in your pocket as a spare, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

What kind of usb charger is this?

- Typical usb charger...

Can you turn on the the side light and the wide light at the same time?

- There is currently no support for simultaneous opening functions.

Can i swim with it? Is there a depth limit?

- Not recommended for swimming . This has an IPX rating of 4 , meaning that it is " splash resistant " from any angle . But that doesn't make it waterproof ! It will take an IPX rating of 7 to make something waterproof to a depth of 3 feet ( 1 meter).

Does this fit on a hard hat?

- Yes a standard hard hat it will fit on.

Any idea if this would adjust big enough to put on a fire helmet?

- This is not meant for a fire helmet it will melt under heat like that.

So how do you get the wave feature to work? Mine doesn't have 5 light modes either only has 4 unless you're counting off as a mode?

- Hold down the button for the strobe feature.

What does each button do? What does it activate?

- There are two buttons on the side, the left button: control the wide beam LED on the front and the long-beam light on the side, and select the brightness mode. The right button turns on the infrared sensor mode. In the infrared sensor mode, you can control the light to turn on and off by approaching the sensor with your hand.

Does the band pull on hair? I don’t need this mop ripped out every time I take it off.

- I have long hair and have not had an issue with hair pulling

Is it adjustable for all size heads?

- Yes it’s adjustable and comfortable.

Can you light up just the side lights and not the wide angle?

- Yes

What's the color of fully charged and the color to indicate it's changing?

- Fully charged is green when charging it shows a red light.

What are the 2 plastic loop clips that appear to slip onto headband for?

- The clips are for attaching to helmet/hardhat.

Can I plug this cord into my phone charger power brick and plug it intothe wall?? Or will that be bad for the battery?

- The only problem with phone charger bricks are that they are usually low wattage (like 5 watts), so charging will take longer. I have a higher wattage power brick (12 watts - which I bought for a different device). I used it to charge the headlamp when I got it. Worked just fine. Batteries mostly care about fast charging, which generates heat and reduces overall battery life. Slow, cool charging is best. 

I do not see any light indicating it is charing or done charging. is the power led supposed to light when being charged?

- The light should be red when charging and green when complete.

After fully charged, does it hold the charge while stored away so it’s ready to use when the power goes out?

- Yes. Maybe for up to a week or so

Not using the motion on/off feature when u turn it on and off do U have to go through all the stages of lights

- No you don't. If the lamp is left in one setting for more than maybe 30 secs the next press of the button turns it off completely

Padding? Thanks

- The lighted strip is made of a resilient plastic material. Not padded, but still comfortable. The back strap is a soft, stretchy material. Padding not really necessary. Overall, quite comfortable and light.

Do these fit a fat head 7-3/4” dia?

- I measured the inside circumference of the headband at its maximum length without stretching the elastic to be 24 inches which would be approx. 7-5/16" diameter.

I can't get the instructions? i thought i read them somewhere. so far, i've been able light the band and blind myself with the stroping.

1.Press the Switch to cycle the COB High/COB Low/XPE High/XPE Low/Off modes. Stay at one mode for 10 seconds press the switch to turn off directly.

2.Long press the switch 2 seconds into Strobe Mode.

3.Press the sensor switch into the sensor mode.(The sensor area is located around the sensor switch).

Can this fit over a bike helmet?

- Yes,the band is elastic.