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Apollo Weapon Light





- It's late night and you're sleeping, your wife wakes you up, and says: "I hear something in the backyard". You grab your gun, run into the kitchen, open the backdoor, it's very dark so you turn on the weapon light to see what that is. In front of you, just over 20 feet standing a teenage boy, holding a bolt cutter.  You put the gun down and tell him, calmly: "Young man, don't go any further, this time I'm gonna let you leave, this time I'm not gonna do anything, just go". The boy panicks and hop over the fence. You sigh in relief. Thanks to the weapon light, you know more about who/what you're dealing, and gaining the upper hand.

  - That's just one among many situations when you need a good, bright weapon light for your gun. If you carry a gun in the dark, for any reasons: Self- or home defense, you should have an Apollo weapon light mounted on it. Because you don't know what you may be looking for. Sometimes, it can be an intruder, a burglar or a carjacker, but sometimes it can be your dog or people that you love. 

Apollo Weapon Light spares you a hand

Carrying a gun with one hand while another carrying a handheld light is difficult, distracting and not very practical when you do it in real-life situations, especially for people with weak hands. Mounting your gun with an Apollo Light and holding it with two hands will improve your accuracy, stability and focus.


- As our eyes age, the fluid gets less clear, the muscles shaping them to focus becoming weaker. All these don't have much impact on our vision under perfect conditions, but they contribute to problems that relate to focal distance and low light. 

- If you don't have a teenager's eyes and have to defence yourself at late night, you should get yourself an Apollo Weapon Light. So at least you know what you have to deal with.

Why Apollo Weapon Light?

 Excellent fitment: For full size pistols, shot gun and rifle accessory rails. DOES NOT FIT SUBCOMPACT MODELS

Versatile modes: Featuring two versatile settings—steady and strobe—each mounted light easily switches between pinpointing or disorienting your focused target.

Multipurpose design: Compact, lightweight and featuring a quick-release mount feature and tactical bezel, it’s a perfect tactical light for, security, or bodyguards.

 Aircraft-grade Aluminum: Stronger and more durable than standard rail-mounted lights, these rail-mounted lights are dust and water resistant

Quick recharge: These tactical gun lights come with a rechargeable battery and battery charger to keep it ready for dire moments

- Easy to Install: You can easily get this picatinny flashlight installed and disassemble, without any tool. 12 Month Waranty. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

- Slick set up.

"As of right now seems well made and a lot of light. Its 1/5~ the price of name brand lights so time will tell if it holds up. I do not do a lot of night range so i could not bring myself to pay 100+ for a light i hardly use.."

 Joseph H.- Chicago, Illinois

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"I ordered this because I had another similar light that broke down and this seemed closest to my old. I was very happy to see it arrive well packaged and it definitely will fit most of my handguns with rails as the shorter size allows to fit on some compacts and subcompact pistols in my collection. I have not yet fired a gun with it mounted, but it's very solidly constructed and worth the money for a quick/ tool free mounted light on practically any weapon that has a standard rail. I would definitely recommend it & might pick up a second one for my shotgun."

Kim, New York, New York

" Let me just say that I will probably be picking up a few more. This thing is well made. It has a extremely positive lock when attached to my ar or Remington RP9. The led is bright and is perfect for defensive situations or clearing your house. If you turn it on then hit the button again it goes into strobe mode and it's definitely disorentaring. I think this is a great light for the money."

-  Chelle G.Malboro, MA

"Solid construction, very bright, easy to turn on and switch modes.I used this on my home security 12 gauge shotgun, I am really impressed with how bright the light is as well as the construction. For the price you can't beat it.


Kenneth, RoanokeVirginia

"- It's CRAZY bright; will definitely illuminate every detail of whatever object/person you happen to be pointing it at, even far away.

- It's really simple to use if you think of it like a computer mouse (one click turns on a solid beam; double clicking turns on the strobe effect. Just replace "clicking" with the power switch, and now you know how to use it)

- It's friendly to both left and right handed people; turning the switch clockwise or counter-clockwise works the same.

- While it can get warm (mine has gotten to body-termperature in room-temperature environment after extended use), it doesn't seem to get hot- though there is a "HOT" warning on the housing.

- Battery life is better than I expected. I wish I could tell you how long it does last, but mine's still going after a couple/few hours of use

- Simple to install, even comes with tools to help with installation- I personally found a US Quarter coin to be effective instead. "

 Rodriguez., Turnertown, TX



Apollo Weapon Light


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Apollo Weapon Light


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