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Athena garter holster


Comfy, stretchable, quick draw & stay put

  • Say goodbye to awkward, uncomfortable holsters and hello to effortless style that fits your everyday look.
  • Wear it with anything, from dresses to leggings, with or without a belt.

  • All-day comfort for women who carry their firearms on a daily basis.

  • Rest easy with military-grade elastic that secures your firearm in place.

  • Keep your holster in place with hypoallergenic, non-slip Tacti-Grip technology.

  • Customizable carry options, whether you prefer inside or outside thigh, right or left draw.

  • Ensure the safety of those around you with a vertical carry position that points your firearm downward.

Empower Your Everyday with the Athena Garter Holster!

- As a woman who carries a firearm, you know the struggle of finding a holster that fits seamlessly into your different outfits. From dresses to leggings, it can be tough to find a holster that works with your wardrobe.

- The Athena Garter holster is the solution you've been searching for! With its slim design, your firearm will stay comfortably in place, no matter what you're wearing.

Ideal for small frame revolvers or semi-automatic handguns, this holster is comfortable enough to wear all day long, whether you're running errands, attending a meeting, or hitting the gym.

- The Importance of Concealment: If criminals suspect that you're carrying a firearm, you become a target. The Athena holster's sleek design ensures that no one will know that you're carrying, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

- Don't settle for holsters that compromise your comfort or style. Choose the Athena Garter holster for a perfect carry every time. 


Many women don't realize how vulnerable they are when they're out and about, especially if they're wearing a dress or skirt without a belt. This is where the Athena Garter Holster comes in - it provides a discreet and effective way to carry a firearm, so you can feel confident and safe no matter where you are.

- The Athena Garter Holster is made from a combination of high-quality, skin-friendly silicone and military-grade elastic. This means that it's not only comfortable to wear all day long, but it's also strong and durable. Whether you're running, jumping, or crawling, your firearm will stay securely in place, so you can focus on your surroundings and enjoy your day.

- The Athena Garter Holster is a game-changer for women who need a reliable and comfortable way to carry their firearm. With its sleek design and easy-to-wear material, the Athena Garter Holster is perfect for women of all ages who want to feel secure while they're on the go. Whether you're going to a late-night party, running in the park before work, or simply going about your daily life, the Athena Garter Holster has got you covered.

-In today's world, it's important to be prepared and stay one step ahead of any potential danger. The Athena Garter Holster gives women the confidence they need to go about their lives without worrying about their personal safety. 


As a woman, you want to feel secure no matter what the situation is, whether it's running alone early in the morning or heading out after work. To make sure you stay safe, it's important to carry a firearm. However, it can be difficult to find a holster that works well with your active lifestyle. With running leggings or shorts having no belt loops, it can be hard to keep a holster from swinging or moving around as you run.

Enter the Athena holster, the perfect solution for athletic women. With its snug and firm design, you'll never even know it's there. It stays secured in place, even when you crawl, jump, or run, so you can stay focused on your workout.

In addition to its comfortable fit, the Athena holster also offers quick and easy access to your sidearm. With its design, you can place your sidearm at the exact spot where your hand naturally reaches, making it much easier and quicker to draw your firearm when you need it. Unlike Kydex holsters, which can get stuck between your belly and pants when you try to draw your gun from a seated position, the Athena holster can be placed close to your hand (left or right) and provides effortless access to your sidearm.

So if you're looking for a holster that can keep up with your active lifestyle, the Athena holster is the perfect choice. With its comfortable fit, secure hold, and quick draw capabilities, you'll never have to worry about your holster getting in the way or slowing you down.


"My new favorite holster!! I wear skirts and dresses all summer so an IWB carry doesn't really work for me. This is perfect for a smaller EDC (I use my 380, perfect fit.)" Caroline - Florida

Not like leather holsters, which absorb sweat and smell from the road, making it itchy when you wear it for long hours.

Atherna holster is smell-resistant, washable & breathable. You can wear Athena holster all day long without feeling anything.

- Another funny way to use: If you're going to dress as a Secret service agent or Mrs. Smith at Halloween, an Athena holster should be a good part of it.

"This is how I wear my Dinosaurized Athena Garter Holster🥰 I have the thigh holster and the garter belt to make sure it stays put!."

Liz- Washington, Utah



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Why ATHENA GARTER holster?

✔️Good for ladies & sportwomen, perfect for seated draws.

✔️Comfortable: Athena holsters' material is completely wear-resistant, thick enough to provide protection but still so comfortable and skin-friendly when worn for long hours.

✔️100% concealed, no printing.

✔️ Stay snug and put

✔️Ambidextrous: 2 holsters for 2 sides, 1 for mag.

✔️Adjustable: Athena holsters has 6 levels of buckles so you can adjust its size.


Athena Garter holster is the ideal choice for anyone who spends a lot of time driving and needs quick access to their firearm. It is designed for seated draw, so you can easily access your sidearm from a seated position, even in a car. Whether you're a cab driver or a policewoman, Athena garter holster will give you the peace of mind you need to protect yourself and your passengers while on the job. Its sleek design and secure fit make it a reliable and comfortable choice for anyone who needs a holster that stays put and allows for quick draw in any situation.

One way to prepare is by carrying a concealed firearm, but the problem with traditional holsters is they can be bulky and easily visible under tight-fitting clothes like dresses or skirts. That's where the Athena garter holster comes in. It's designed specifically for women, allowing them to carry their firearm comfortably and discreetly. The skin-friendly silicone material and non-slip grip ensure the holster stays in place, even during a night out on the town. So, for nightlife ladies who want to protect themselves, the Athena garter holster is the perfect solution

If you're a runner, finding a holster that stays put when you run can be a challenge. Athena garter holster is the perfect solution. It is snug and super lightweight, so you won't even feel it while you're wearing it.

For hikers and campers, having a reliable and comfortable holster is essential. You never know what kind of wild animals you may encounter on your adventures. Not only apex predators like bears and wolves, but even animals like elks and mooses can be dangerous if they see you as a threat.

The Athena holster is breathable, comfortable, and secure enough to wear all day while camping or hiking. So you can focus on your adventure and have peace of mind knowing you are protected.



"I love this item!! I ordered it as a conceal carry, but also for a Mr and Mrs Smith costume and it worked perfectly! To carry though, it’s even better. It’s comfy, made well, great quality, and the seller was quick and in contact. Overall great experience and would definitely buy more products. Thank you!!"."

Clover V., Casa Grande, Arizona

" My favorite accessory! I love my garter thigh holster, it stays in place the whole time i wear it. I usually wear my gun on my inner thigh but switched it up for the picture." ~ Marlena ."

- Marlena .Pinal County, Arizona 

"Do not upsize! I absolutely love this it is so comfortable and I'm not a little lady! This fits my 26, my XD, and my EZ. Without any problems and holds all day in the heat...I do use antiperspirant on my leg so I'm sure it helps, but for this price it's an absolute no Brainerd, which means you can have more than one!!!."

Camila G., Springfield, Illinois

" Let me start by saying I recently lost over 90 pounds and I'm only 5' when I stretch my neck and stand as tall as I can with feet flat. In order to make it so the holster did not slide down (I do have the garter belt), it had to be fastened super snug which took the assistance of my husband to accomplish. The result is a very large bulb of skin which looks like fat above the garter that makes it extremely awkward to walk. The bottom of the holster is looser on my leg (probably due to short legs). Otherwise, it is beautiful, well made, and can hold that extra mag. I'm going to hang onto the holster as my skin will normalize within the next couple years. I am thinking this product is for taller ladies, but I'm not giving up yet. "

 Wendy Davis, Turnertown, TX






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