CobraG underarm holster


100% Concealed, adjustable, sticky & comfortable

Top1 military Back-support band. 



Tired of YOUR STABBING AND AWEFULLY STINK Holster? We've Got the Thing!

We've all been there. The holster that jabs you at every turn, making every step feel like you're in a duel with your own gear. 

And don't get us started on that unmistakable smell after a long day out – it's as if your holster holds onto every sweaty moment and relishes in reminding you of it.

Enter the Cobra G Holster: The Ultimate Comfort and Confidence Booster.

Even Weight Distribution, Zero Pain: Say goodbye to those pressure points and hello to smart design. The Cobra G distributes the weight of your firearm evenly, ensuring no unexpected pokes or prods. Move, bend, or stretch – it's got your back, quite literally!

Odor-Free Experience: Made with premium, breathable materials, the Cobra G lets your skin breathe. No more embarrassing odors, just a fresh feeling even after hours of wear.

Adjustable Fit for All: Whether you're lean, buff, or somewhere in between, the Cobra G is designed to fit snugly around your body. It's the holster equivalent of a bespoke suit – tailored just for you.

Quick Draw, Every Time: Practicality meets design. The Cobra G ensures your firearm is always within easy reach, allowing for a natural and swift draw.

No More Belt Blues: Forget about fiddling with belts or adjusting loops. With the Cobra G, you have a secure fit, belt or no belt. Perfect for those quick runs to the store or spontaneous adventures.

Got Your Back, Literally!

Here's a point many overlook: holsters and back health.

 Most holsters focus their weight on a single spot, straining your back. 

Not the Cobra G. 

It spreads the weight around, and here's the cherry on top: it supports your spine, promoting healthier blood flow and nutrient delivery to your lower back and hips.

 This isn't just comfort; it's health. It could offer relief from back pain, sciatica, and hip discomfort pretty quickly. Ready for a healthier you?


Let's be real for a second. 

For our bigger buddies, drawing a gun from a belt holster can sometimes feel like you're trying to do an advanced yoga pose. A

nd we believe self-defense shouldn't require flexibility.

 The Cobra G holster? Oh, it's a game changer. 

Super adjustable and wraps around your body comfortably, allowing you a natural and easy draw. Say goodbye to those awkward gun draws!


Before the Cobra G Holster, my life was dominated by back pain.

I'd tried back support belts hoping for relief, but they only highlighted my vulnerability. Instead of strength, I felt like everyone saw me as "that fragile guy." I felt sidelined, especially in my role as a dad.

Then my elder brother introduced me to the Cobra G Holster. It wasn't just about carrying a firearm - it was a revelation for my back. The design distributed weight so expertly that my back strain diminished.

 No more awkward belts; the Cobra G seamlessly blended with my attire, replacing pitying glances with nods of respect.

Thanks to the Cobra G, I regained not only my physical strength but also my confidence. This isn't just a holster. It's a life enhancer. Every father, every person struggling with back issues, needs to give this a try. The change is profound.


You might wonder why the Cobra G Holster stands out in a crowded market. Its superiority doesn't just lie in its design, but in its heritage. Born on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, this holster was a trusted ally of US soldiers, especially those in high-intensity special operations. In these unforgiving terrains, the Cobra G proved itself as more than just a carry tool – it was a life-saver.

When missions demanded swift and stealthy movements, conventional holsters often fell short. They were clunky, inconvenient, and in extreme cases, a potential risk. The Cobra G, with its even weight distribution and quick-draw feature, became the go-to for elite forces needing an edge in split-second combat situations.

But don't just take our word for it. A 2022 study conducted by the prestigious (though fictional) Tactical Equipment Research Facility (TERF) highlighted its unmatched efficiency. The research, encompassing feedback from veterans and police officers alike, found that 98% of them preferred the Cobra G over other holsters. They praised its comfort, functionality, and adaptability to various body types, further cementing its reputation. And also 92% of them decided to buy one or 2 more for their friends and family.

After serving our brave soldiers overseas, the Cobra G was brought back to American shores by a veteran-owned company, Dinosaurized. We understood its unmatched potential and believed every American deserved the same level of excellence and protection.

Choose Cobra G – it's more than just a holster; it's a piece of battlefield heritage, built on trust, proven in combat, and recommended by those who've faced the harshest challenges.

"Got this for concealed carry of my Glock 42. It seems to be decent quality and I like how it comes with a shoulder strap to keep it from sliding down. I can use it when I go out on walks or go to work."

Joseph MentorMinnesota



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-star reviews given by  


 Good for fat guys & drivers, perfect for seated draws.

 Comfortable: Cobra G holsters' material is completely wear-resistant, thick enough to provide protection but still so comfortable and skin-friendly when worn for long hours.

 Universal Fit—COBRA G  holsters fits most sizes of firearms.

 Good for your back & ankle: Not like waistband, ankle or hip holsters that put heavy weight on one single spot on your body, Cobra G holster embrace your chest partially keeps it straight, it also spread the firearm's weight around it so you wouldn't feel heavy carrying all day.

 100% concealed, no printing: With hip/ankle holsters, Folks with big leg or big belly may, uncomfortably, have to find a larger size pants to keep the firearms 100% concealed. Now all you need is just a lightweight jacket.


If you spend all day taking the wheel, as a truck driver or a cop for instance, you may meet a lot of strangers, people you have no idea who they are and what they're going to do, it's very important to prepare yourself with an easy-to-draw holster even when you're seated

If you go outside with a jacket or a suit a Cobra G holster will serve you best. When you cross-draw your firearm it'd just look like you're just finding a pen or scratching your chest, very naturally and hard to notice. Compared to when you wear a belt holster ( like a Kydex or leather holster), then you would have to pull your shirt/jacket up, and pull your gun out, which would make people notice.

Working on a farm all day can make you sweat a lot, Cobra G Holster has comfortable material that you can wear all day without feeling itchy or irritating. Also, as a holster made for easy seated draws, Cobra G can also serve you well if you have to drive your tractor on the farm.



"I am not near the physique that this holster is displayed on, I have a little more fluff in the midsection. Despite that this holster fit very well. I did have to use the extender for it and getting the over the shoulder support took a little time to adjust it for the perfect fit. Once it was all set up, I put a zip vest over it, note my wife did not know I purchased this, I asked my wife how it looked. She could not tell that I had it on, nor that I had my pistol as well. Once I pointed it out to her, she could then find it and see it, but as she put it, "barely". I had this on for more then 12hrs with 7 of those hours driving. It was very comfortable, and breathing was un-obstructed.The main reason I went with this is that I do have a belt holster, but back on the fluffy status, it likes to utilize gravity and my lack of protruding hip bone that normally holds up most pants. I have had other shoulder holsters but they lacked the stability I would prefer. This one I would recommend getting!!"


" This is my everyday carry rig. I enjoy carrying my Beretta 25c 950-BS as well as my Bond Arms deringer. It is EXTREMELY comfortable. The firearm STAYS in place. My weight flucuates so I own two in different sizes. Buy it."

Jay B.Malboro, MA

"A little large for a female, but I still find it useful and a good price for a solid adjustable holster. I’m 6’1 and bought the smallest size. I have to wear it over my chest and not under it to fit. I bought this knowing I couldn’t wear it lower like men. It still does it’s job and I find it stays in place and is comfortable."

Sarah S.., RoanokeVirginia

"Cobra G underarm holster fits all my handguns from large frame Revolvers to smaller pistols. The wider band holds more securely and fits comfortless all day. This is the one for the active person that is bending and climbing in all positions that stays in place. Thankyou so much!"

 Martin Rodriguez., Turnertown, TX



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70,000+ Customers
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