DINOZ Ammo Storage Box/ Tactical Can (Made in USA)

DINOZ Ammo Storage Box

USA-Made High-Quality Ammo Storage


The Ultimate Solution for Safe and Organized Storage!

Introducing the Dinoz Ammo Storage Box, the perfect solution for keeping your ammunition safe, organized, and ready for action! Crafted with the highest quality materials and proudly made in the USA, this storage box ensures that your ammo is protected at all times. With its innovative design, it securely holds 20 or 30 round rifle magazines, keeping them in place with precision-cut foam padding. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for loose rounds or worrying about accidental damage. 

Water-Resistant Seal for Dry Ammo Storage

Designed with your security in mind, the Dinoz Ammo Storage Box is stacked with features that guarantee the safety of your ammunition. Its stackable design allows for convenient storage and easy access to multiple boxes. Equipped with triple padlock tabs, you can trust that your ammo will remain securely locked away from unauthorized access. The water-resistant O-ring seal ensures dry storage, providing protection from the elements. While it is not submersible, this storage box safeguards your ammo against moisture, dust, and other potential hazards. Invest in the Dinoz Ammo Storage Box today and experience unrivaled security!

Always Ready, Always Protected

Experience the superior functionality of the Dinoz Ammo Tactical Can with its capacity of 15, suitable for both personal and professional use. The dual latches offer enhanced sealing and prevent accidental openings, ensuring that your ammunition stays secure and protected at all times. Whether you're a tactical gun owner or simply an avid shooter, this Tactical Can is tailored to meet your needs. Its comfortable handle provides easy portability, making it the ideal companion for range trips or emergency situations. Load up with confidence and enjoy a day of shooting, knowing your ammo is neatly stored and readily accessible. 
  • Easy to Transport: Take your ammo anywhere with ease, thanks to the Dinoz Ammo Storage Box's convenient handle and compact design.

  • Crafted in the USA - Premium Quality: Trust in the superior craftsmanship and durability of this proudly made in the USA ammo storage solution.

  • Large Capacity: Store up to 15 magazines in one box, ensuring you have an ample supply of ammunition at your fingertips.

  • Durable and Secure: Keep your ammunition protected and secure at all times with the robust construction and reliable locking system of the Dinoz Ammo Storage Box.


If you live alone, especially as a woman, having a gun right by your bed is a smart move. And if you ever have to confront an intruder, holding a gun will definitely help keep the conversation on track.

The Dinoz Ammo Storage Box provides single women with enhanced personal safety, organized storage, and easy transport for their ammunition, ensuring peace of mind and convenience.

If you're a dad or a husband, you gotta make sure your family is safe and secure at night. You never know what could happen, so it's important to have a plan in place.

This Dinoz Tactical Can offers a secure solution for family men, ensuring quick access to ammunition when protecting their family against potential break-ins. 

The Dinoz Ammo Storage Box provides peace of mind to older individuals living alone, offering a secure and easily accessible storage solution for their ammunition. With its durable construction and reliable locking system, it helps enhance personal safety and protection against potential break-ins.

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✔️Superior Security: The Dinoz Ammo Storage Box stands out with its triple padlock tabbed design, ensuring enhanced security compared to regular tactical cans. You can trust that your ammunition will remain safe and protected from unauthorized access.

✔️ Precise Ammunition OrganizationUnlike regular storage options, the DINOZ Ammo Storage Box features precise foam padding that securely holds 20 or 30 round rifle magazines. This level of organization prevents bumping, sliding, and scratching, keeping your ammunition in pristine condition.

✔️ Remoldable for Lifetime Adjustments: This Storage Box is equipped with a water-resistant O-ring seal, offering superior protection against moisture and the elements. While it's not submersible, it ensures your ammunition stays dry and in optimal condition.

✔️Made with Quality and Care: Designed and assembled in USA, they are crafted to withstand rigorous use in various environments, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.



"Exactly what I wanted for storing loaded 30rd magazines. One of the gaskets was loose from the factory but I pulled it back into place and it seems to seal just fine."

- Chad B., Hixson, TN

"This plastic can will easliy hold 20-30 round magazines. It does have a rubber seal and seems to be sturdy enough to tote the weight of it's contents.It is quite a bit larger than a normal usgi 50 Cal can, and looks huge compared to a usgi 30 Cal can, but that is easily overlooked seeing as it holds 600 rounds at the ready."

Richard, Neptune, NJ

"Excellent case, holds my magazines securely when loaded."

Riley T., SparksNV

"This plastic can will easliy hold 20-30 round magazines. It does have a rubber seal and seems to be sturdy enough to tote the weight of it's contents.It is quite a bit larger than a normal usgi 50 Cal can, and looks huge compared to a usgi 30 Cal can, but that is easily overlooked seeing as it holds 600 rounds at the ready."

 Daniel T., Albuquerque, NM



1 Set DINOZ Ammo Storage Box/ Tactical Can (Made in USA)

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3 Sets DINOZ Ammo Storage Box/ Tactical Can (Made in USA)


TOTAL $119.97 (3 SETS)



2 Sets DINOZ Ammo Storage Box/ Tactical Can (Made in USA)


TOTAL $89.98 (2 SETS)  

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