Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG

Hestia Solo Stove

Portable & Durable - 

Weighs Just 1.9lbs - Assembles in Seconds, No Tools Required.

1 Set (Shipping Cost: $3.99)2 Sets ($44.99/set + Freeshipping)3 Sets ($39.99/set + Freeshipping)

Discount is available for a limited time only!

  • Very Durable, Built With Top-notch Stainless Steel Made to Last Through All Sorts of Adventures, Hot Temperatures of the Fire, and the Journey There and Back Without an Issue. 

  • Support All Pots and Pans with diameter > 5 inches.

  • Super Portable, Weighs Just 1.9lbs! Assembles in Seconds, No Tools Required.

  • Get Exactly the Heat Levels You Need Thanks to the 2 Adjustable Heights (2.8”/3.8”). Use Intense Heat for Grilling or Lighter Heat for Warming Up Previously Cooked Food.

  • Not Only Can You Use a Traditional Gas Tank Or, Solid Fuel Tablets, but You Can Also Use Any Type of Wood You Might Bring or Find Along the Way.

Note: Package Included:1 x Wood Stove1 x Mesh Bag 

- Grill and other cookware are NOT included.


- Our Hestia Solo Stove is built with first quality stainless steel, the metal is very strong even though it seems thin.

- Edges are rolled so there aren't any burrs or sharp edges, it's built to last.

- You can fit just about any pot or pan on this stove. Whatever the situation calls for, you can boil water, cook food, or just make a nice fire for heat and enjoyment. It can do it all!

- 3 arms pot support system creates a stable cooking platformThis design also helps to distribute heat evenly.


It's a pain lugging around one of those heavy gas stoves, or having to carry too much fuel because you want to play it safe, and then having to carry that extra fuel for the entire trip.

- Not only that, if you do car camping in places where the car might too hot during the day, it's not safe to store propane. 

- This Hestia Solo Stove use sticksand twigs that is readily available almost everywhere, no need to worry about packing/keeping propane, butane... 

- The parts assemble and stay together easily. Takes less than ten seconds to put together or disassemble, no tools required and it's weighs just 1.9lbs, which is perfect for backpacker.


- What’s great about this Hestia Stove is its wide Compatibility with all sorts of fuel types. 

- Not only can you use a traditional gas tank or, solid fuel tablets, but you can also use any type of wood you might bring or find along the way. 

- It’s a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to cook and enjoy nature.

- It's nice to have in the event of a major emergency or some other unforeseen circumstances such as a prolonged power blackout or an all-out survival scenario.

- This little Hestia Stove could pay for itself 1000 times over by boiling water for drinking purification,
making coffee, cooking...


- STEP 1: Place the mini stove chamber on top of the the bottom vent

- STEP 2: put in the stove base plate.

- STEP 3: Add dried wooden branches, twigs and kindling to the the stove base plate.


- STEP 4: Fit in the pot rack.

- STEP 5: Fire up the wood. 

- STEP 6: Place your cooking pot on the burner and get your gastronomic groove on with the prefect outdoor cooking set-up.

How do you add more wood while a pot is sitting on it?

1. Pick up pot 2. Add some more twigs 3. put pot back on


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"I bought this little stove and just recently used it on a camping trip, where it easily made a HUGE dinner and a hot breakfast for two people. At night, we made 2 liters of fish stew. The 2.4 liter pot felt very stable on top of the stove; I never worried about it tipping over. It easily brought ~1 liter of water to a boil, and one load of wood cooked everything thoroughly. We added another load of wood to simmer the stew for a while. In the morning, we made sausage, bacon and eggs. The stove brought our pan up to temperature VERY quickly; it was quite easy to get the bacon done. Because the stove gets so hot, we needed to move the pan on and off of the stove to keep the eggs from burning, but it was easy to manage. Overall, it's a great little stove. I have a few tips for using it:

- Pack it only half full of twigs/sticks, and then add a bunch of tinder. Light the tinder, then pile more sticks into it. That makes it pretty easy to light.

- If you need to light it very quickly, you can use cotton balls soaked in vaseline (fluff them before lighting), or a squirt of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to help the flame catch.

- Pack it very full of sticks and twigs. That way, you'll get nice coals which put off excellent, long-lasting heat to cook over

- Keep an extra load of twigs/sticks nearby, just in case. If you're making a stew or a large meal, there's a chance your fuel will burn off before you finish cooking. If you have too many twigs/sticks, you can always use the rest later.

The only thing I worry about is the pot stand; after using, it feels that the movable "feet" that hold the pot/pan over the stove are a little loose. This shouldn't be a problem, but it's something to watch out for.

Overall, I'm very happy with this. I'll definitely take it on more camping trips, and I might even use it for bikepacking. I can't wait to show it off next time I have a group camping trip!"

Lucas DC, Washington DC

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"Impressive. I’ve only fired it up in the backyard with lottery tickets for a base, some scrap chips from the woods behind the house, and apple chips that I used for smoking briskets. I plan to use this with a small bag of charcoal (In a gallon ziplock bag) and smoking chips like hickory or apple. It took a little over three minutes to boil 2 cups of water in a titanium pan. The fire was started 3 minutes before I put the pan of water on. The pot holder is stable and haven’t used the grill but looks like it might work with a hot dog cut in half to make it fit on the grill. The design worked great on a moderately windy day. The breakdown size is great because it fits in a titanium pot that I use for weekend trips kayak fishing. I’ll edit later with ideas or lessons learned. My goal is to make hot water for coffee, oatmeal, instant rice, instant cheese grits, scrambled eggs, and maybe a spot of tea. Like the guy who jumped off the building said as he passed each window, “So far, so good”!"

Richard , Los Angeles, California

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"like this stove. It actually seems to gassify a bit which is more efficient and eliminates smoke (once it gets going). This is a "must have" item if you live in a war zone, or a place likely to become one, or if you are an IDP, etc. I have used it with wood pellets but it seems like any biomass would work. I will use it for car camping in places where the car might too hot during the day to store propane in safely. It burns efficiently. With 100 grams of pellets and some kindling, I got about 15 minutes of smoke free cook time. If you want more cook time, you can start with more fuel, or add as you go. If you add fuel, you need to move your pot away for a second. There is no hole on the side to add fuel. I actually prefer it that way. There are lots of youtube videos with great tips for these types of stoves. The downside is that, despite the gassification, they do contribute slightly to PM 2.5 versus a propane stove. Also, the bottom of your pot and the burn chamber of the stove get ash and carbon on them. On the bright side, no propane cylinder to discard, no fossil fuel industry profit, no grid ties. Put something under the stove to catch falling ash."

-DestinMalboro, MA

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"So I got this hoping for a good cook station … and ended up with a 5 star grill. The reason it doesn’t make a cook station for me is cool down time, it takes a while for it to burn everything out of the barrel. I don’t dump live embers out in the forest, so letting it burn out was important to me. Well with that long burn time I’ve found it burns 2” tree rounds pretty well (fruit wood or alder) and makes an awesome grill/fire pit. I’ve been able to keep a fire going for 25 minutes without feeding it, great for food, herb bundles (mosquitos), keeping warm, etc. Full send recommendation."

Thomas L., JacksonvilleFlorida

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"I finally got a chance to use this little stove on a camping trip, and I absolutely love it! It burns hot, and if you keep a little pile of sticks by it, it's easy enough to keep it burning long enough to cook anything you need. Just throw in more wood when it burns low and blow on it to get it going again. Couldn't be easier. On this trip, I cooked two fish, two foil pouches of vegetables, boiled countless pans of water, and all without having to pack in any fuel. It is so small that you are almost certain to find whatever wood you need in most camping locations. But you can also use this with solid alcohol fuel, if you will be going places without wood or if you are worried about finding dry wood. The only drawback to using the stove on this trip was, I was camping in a pine forest. When evergreen wood burns, it creates pitch, a black sap that gets on everything. The bottoms of my pans were covered in a thick layer of pitch, which was a nightmare to get off. I looked it up when I got home, and found out that what I should have done was to coat the bottoms of the pans with soap before cooking. Apparently, if you do this, the pitch will wash right off easily. So, file that away for future reference. "

 Erin., TurnertownTX


  • At Dinosaurized, we believe our products are truly innovative and have 100% confidence in it.

  • We understand that buying things online can be scary with companies not staying true to their customers 

    So we go the extend to keep you satisfied.

  • We are happy to offer you a 45 day replacement guarantee with your purchase.

  • If you bought it and feel that it is not for you, don't worry. Just shoot us a message at support@dinosaurized.com 

    and we will make it right by offering you a replacement.

  • Very Simple & Risk-Free process.

Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG
Hestia Solo Stove GG

Hestia Solo Stove

1 Set (Shipping Cost: $3.99)2 Sets ($44.99/set + Freeshipping)3 Sets ($39.99/set + Freeshipping)

Discount is available for a limited time only!


Shipping time?

- (U.S customers only) Standard shipping time is 3-9 Calendar days to ship and arrive. All packages are seriously & strictly sterilized before being sent.

- We'll immediately upload your tracking code to your email after the shipment, it may take 1-4 days to be activated.   

How do you add more wood while a pot is sitting on it?

- 1. Pick up pot 2. Add some more twigs 3. put pot back on

Will this leave a fire scar on the ground?

- It depends on what is on the ground. It works as a rocket stove, creating a flow of air from below up through the fuel and fire, so most heat is moving upwards. A few ashes will drop through the holes, so use your brain and don't use it on top of your kitchen table or anything flammable. But on dirt, a flat stone, a brick, or even a few sheets of aluminium foil... I think you are safe.

Can I put charcoal in this and cook or will this cause damage?

- No damage. Charcoal is fine. One of the best ways to cook with this stove is to use charcoal. The charcoal will burn faster in this stove because of all the air circulation.

Can I use a Trangia alcohol stove with this set-up?

- Yes, this stove comes with a small plate to pour alcohol fuel into or you may remove plate and use wood sticks

Does the bottom of the stand get hot in use? I would think since its sucking the air through the bottom it doesn't. Can you pick it up from bottom?

- Yes the bottom stand will get hot, The vent holes in the bottom do provide you with ability to run sticks or tent stakes through to safely pick it up.

How hot does the exterior of the body get when cooking?

- When using wood as a fuel, it gets exactly as hot as common sense would expect stainless steel to get when heated directly with a flame and coals (read: It will burn you if you touch it). If using solidified or liquid alcohol in the alcohol tray which sits much higher in the stove then the outer stove body will not get nearly as hot, especially the lower portion of the stove may not get hot at all. 

Can this stove be used with denatured liquid alcohol with this stove, and if so, how well does denatured alcohol burn compared to wood?

- I wouldn't advise it. If you bump it while cooking you could very easily have a fire out side of the stove that's why it says solid alcohol or wood only it would be unsafe.

I am looking for something that I can put on an outdoor table and roast marshmallows. Does this have a flame that I can do that on?

- Absolutely, just make sure your outdoor table is metal or at least has a pice of metal underneath it to catch the very little ashes it produces and dissipates the heat generated from it

can you use this with a sterno can indoors?

- You can use a sterno can but I would absolutely NOT recommend using it indoors.

What kind of alcohol/fuel do you use with this?

- sterno alcohol

How long does it take to bring 2 cups of water to the rolling boil (average)?

- We have found that 2 cups boils in about 5 minutes, 3 cups in about 7. However, be aware that those times can be very much affected if you are using the stove in a fairly substantial wind -- we tried it last weekend with a pretty steady breeze blowing and it took longer. (We did have a make-shift wind screen, but it was just that -- make-shift. We suspect that a sturdier one might make more of a difference next time we are cooking in windy conditions.)

What type of alcohol can be used?

- solid alcohol can be used for the stove.

Would I be able to roast hotdogs or brats on this? I'd like to avoid making a campfire if possible

- You can. Just a few things to keep in mind. This fire burns very hot (we use wood pellets -- yes, just like you use for heating -- easy to transport with the stove in an old Pringles can). If you want to boil your hot dogs or brats rather than roasting them, water boils in about 5 minutes. If you want to use, say, a small frying pan, we rig a stand over the top of the stove to hold larger pots and pans for more involved cooking (or as involved as you can get with a stove this size.) If you are using a stick or other kabob-type utensil, you can cook the brats over the flame but, as the others have pointed out, any grease will drip into your stove and make a mess -- not too desirable. We did a lot of experimenting in the back yard before heading out camping, so you may want to do that to see what works best and most easily for you.

I like to use charcoal, I break the coals up into small pieces. Can you do this with this stove?? (I use my own grill plate)

- I would think that you probably could. Just be aware that the bottom of the stove has a grate that allows the ashes to fall through onto the surface where the stove sits. So just make sure the spot where you place the stove is free from debris or anything flammable. Also note that it may use a little more charcoal than normal as it burns due to the airflow from the gasifier design. If you decide to purchase one I suggest you burn wood the first time. Just to see how well it burns wood. I was truly amazed how fast and how hot this stove burned.

Can I use Esbit 1300 degree solid fuel cubes with this?

- the stove can't be used with Esbit 1300 degree solid fuel cubes..

How tall is the stove when fully assembled?

- The body of the stove is 5.5 inches in height. The three extensions that hold your pot/pan increase the height exactly an inch -- 6.5 inches.

What is the smallest size pot it can hold?

- I bought a 120mm stainless steel fan grill (like for a computer) and it lays perfectly into the ridges of the 3 arms. With the grill in place, even the smallest camping cups can be used. The 120mm grill stores in my MSR Alpine 775ML pot along with the complete stove.

Can I use a gas canister as fuel for this stove?

- No

ill be car camping for a few days. Will this re heat frozen meals like casseroles and such?

- I would recommend camping stoves for frozen food. They are made to reheat on microwave.

Would this get hot enough to cook in a 14” wok say in emergency grid down situation

- Yes, if it will fit and if you keep fueling the fire.

will this fit in a toaks 775 pot 4.5 X 2 3/4 H?

- this item can be used for the pot with the diameter more than 5 inches.

what is the best order for repacking the pieces into the storage bag so it all fits and closes completely?

- Here's how I do it: 1 place stove chamber on top of the base plate, 2 place the bottom vents on top of stove chamber, 3 put the alcohol plate in the center (I wrap it up to prevent clanging), 4 insert pot supporter, 5 place the grill on top (it won't sit perfectly flush), 6 insert into bag.

Could you use a 12" skillet with this stove?

- Sure. It is a stable platform. Picking your firewood supply would be the trick. For 20-30 minutes of cooking, I'd think that might be the trick, especially if you want to control the temperature. Unlike cooking on a fire, with a good sized bed of coals, this type of stove isn't as good for that. It is a good, pretty hot flame, using small stuff that burns fairly fast.

Can you use this to warm yourself like a campfire?

- I don't suggest you to use the stove as a campfire.

Whats the smallest snowpeak cookset this will fit and store into?

- The smallest size will not less than 5 inches.

Can you put this in the dishwasher?

- Yes, but before that I suggest soaking it in hot soapy water(dawn) and using a Brillo or sos pad to clean it. The more you use Brillo or sos pads the easier it gets to clean. A clean cooking set in your kit, and when you get to use it makes easier and smoother.

100% No-Risk Replacement Guarantee