Glock 21 is a fairly popular gun today. Officers, soldiers, or even a citizen often choose Glock 21. And once you own a Glock 21, you definitely can't help but think about owning a holster. 
The holster is not simply to keep the gun in place. The best holster for Glock 21 also helps protect your gun from bumps as well as from enemy hands.
Depending on how you carry the gun, you will have different holster options. There are plenty of opportunities to cater to all your gun uses. However, this variety of possibilities accidentally makes you not know where to start?
If so, this article is for you. Refer to the guidelines and curated list below to make the best glock 21 holster for you. 

Comparison of The Best Glock 21 Holsters





Praetorian Vertical

Can be worn around thewaist, back, anywhere on the body.



Dragon Holster

Close to the body, not revealing.Has very good odor resistance.



Safariland 6378 Holster

Shockproof, waterproof. Themost durable of the holsters on the list.



Blackhawk Serpa

Fit the position of the gunwell, and there is a sound when the gun is in the holster.



Kingtuk Deluxe

High-quality soft Nappaleather. Comfortable to use.



Top 5 Best Glock 21 Holster In 2022 For Your Choice

There are many styles of holsters: belly holster, shoulder holster, Glock 21 holster with light. Whatever your choice, you can find the holster that suits you best in our top list of the top rated Glock 21 holster below. 

#1. PRAETORIAN VERTICAL - Best for Smart Design

When choosing to buy holsters, you probably only pay attention to their appearance. However, when used in practical situations, you may have trouble with beautiful leather products’ bulky, difficult wear.

Praetorian is the best shoulder holster for Glock 21 right now. The product is one of several options that are both aesthetic and natural to use.

The Praetorian Holster is designed like a flexible and strong belt worn around the abdomen, hips, chest, or anywhere else. The stock of the strap is pointed down by the vertical design, which ensures your safety. With this design, you can quickly draw the gun without any hindrance, whether left or right-handed. Alternatively, you can adjust the Praetorian Holster's strap to fit you perfectly.

In addition to the appearance, you certainly also pay attention to the material of the product. With the Praetorian Vertical Shoulder Holster, you will own a holster made of Neoprene. 

Flexible, flexible, good elasticity are the words that best describe Neoprene. Not stopping there, thanks in part to the synthetic material, the holster’s weight is significantly reduced, which is very suitable for daily concealed carry.


  • Designed for anyone with any hand.
  • The stock of the gun is facing down, ensuring safety.
  • Draw the gun naturally and quickly.
  • The strap can be adjusted to be worn around not only the hips but also the shoulders.
  • Comfortable.


  • The design is not too subtle.

Bottom line

You can't ask for more from the Praetorian Vertical Shoulder Holster. Because with the responsibility of a holster in the same price range, the Praetorian Holster has done so well: versatile, easy to use, and comfortable.
Surely you will always want to carry the Praetorian Vertical Shoulder Holster with you every time you use the Glock 21. 

#2. DRAGON HOLSTER - Best For Flexibility

Did you know there are three problems when using a holster that every gun user often encounters?

Those problems, in turn, are not well concealed, smelly, and not flexible to use. With DRAGON BELLY HOLSTER, the number of problems goes back to zero.

You do not want to reveal that you are carrying a gun in your body? However, bulky holsters and a lack of firm grip on the body have betrayed you. Meanwhile, if you choose DRAGON BELLY HOLSTER with a body-hugging design, no one will know you are armed.

Are you worried that the leather material will absorb body odor and cause discomfort when used all day long? If so, then DRAGON BELLY HOLSTER with anti-odor material will be the perfect choice for you.

Besides, the breathability of the leather case not only keeps you comfortable all day but also can effectively prevent the formation of odors. Versatility is one of the most important considerations when choosing a holster. On this point, DRAGON BELLY HOLSTER will not let you down.

Firstly, you can wrap the holster around anywhere on your body. You can wear it crossbody, around the waist, over the waistband, and can also be worn as a shoulder bag. Regardless of the position, you can draw the gun as quickly as possible as long as you are comfortable.

Secondly, you can wear all kinds of clothes, even gym shorts, when using the product without worrying about being exposed.

Thirdly, no matter which hand you are left or right, you will have no trouble wearing the DRAGON BELLY - the most versatile holster.


  • Firmly cling to the body, do not show.
  • Deodorant, breathable.
  • Most flexible.
  • Easy to instantly draw a gun, even while sitting.
  • Fits a wide range of guns of all sizes.


  • There is a built-in compartment for personal belongings, but it is a bit small.

Bottom line

Are you looking for a breathable, deodorant leather case? Or do you need a holster that won't reveal the gun? DRAGON BELLY holster is a perfect choice. For extra pouches and rooms for other accessories and gun kits of yours, visit our Dinosaur Belly Band Holster here.

#3. Safariland 6378 Holster - Best for Comfort

Safariland 6378 Holster

The most basic task of a holster is to protect your weapon. If you consider only the above criteria, then Safariland 6378 Holster is a good choice and an excellent product when it comes to doing so much more. Because in terms of weapon protection, you can't doubt Safariland 6378's Safarilaminate material. The special material above makes the holster anti-impact, waterproof. 

In addition, although the material is thermoplastic, the product color or shape is always like new, even after many years. Safariland 6378, in addition to protecting your weapon from impact, also can "lock the position" of the gun. You need to put the gun in the holster and press it down with one finger. The automatic locking system will work and keep the gun in place. Don't worry this automatic locking system prevents you from pulling your gun. To deactivate ALS, you also only need to use one finger.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about the speed of the gun when using Safariland 6378 - the best open carry holster glock 21. Safariland 6378 went through many tests to get the perfect design it is today.

The product has received IDPA approval, as well as undergone testing from Team Safariland. Therefore, you can be completely assured that you own a highly applicable product, flexible and useful in all situations.


  • Good impact resistance.
  • Waterproof.
  • Level 1 automatic locking system.
  • Suede lining protects the gun.
  • Hug the body.


  • Belt widths are limited to between 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches.

Bottom line

The classic paddle-style design and auto-lock feature are the two most important considerations of the Safariland 6378.
Plus, if you're looking for a holster that can stay with you for years to come, in all weather conditions, don't hesitate to choose the Safariland 6378 Holster. 

#4. BLACKHAWK Serpa - Best For Gun Immobilization

BLACKHAWK Serpa Sportster Holster 

Blackhawk is one of the leading brands of holsters for guns, especially the Glock 21. In particular, Blackhawk products have almost become the model for holsters. The BLACKHAWK Serpa Sportster Holster is no exception.

The BLACKHAWK Serpa Sportster Holster can immobilize your gun to a remarkable degree. Whether you are constantly on the move or operating in the most extreme environments, no change will happen to your weapon if you do not allow it.

The BLACKHAWK Holster has both a SERPA automatic lock and a passive latch adjustment screw. When you put the gun in the holster, you can also hear the sound - an interesting experience, and helps you determine if the gun is in the right position.

At the same time, thanks to the automatic locking system of the holster, it is almost impossible for people around to take away your weapon.

When you perform security-related tasks during the actual battle, you will see the advantages that BLACKHAWK- the best duty holster for Glock 21 brings.


  • The Serpa Automatic Lock immobilizes the gun instantly.
  • There is a sound when the gun is holstered.
  • Safe withdrawal.
  • Enduring.
  • Fits a variety of guns.


  • The Serpa Automatic Lock immobilizes the gun instantly.
  • There is a sound when the gun is holstered.
  • Safe withdrawal.
  • Enduring.
  • Fits a variety of guns.

Bottom line

You must choose the product that is suitable for the dominant hand direction.
The BLACKHAWK Serpa Sportster Holster is lightweight, durable, and effective at storing guns.
Whether you are a regular gun user or just a casual user interested in shooting, you can consider using the BLACKHAWK Serpa Sportster Holster.

#5. Kingtuk Deluxe - Best For High-end Material

Kingtuk Deluxe iwb Holster 

Comfort is the first impression that the Kingtuk Deluxe iwb Holster brings to users.

The front of the Kingtuk holster is made of Nappa leather. The premium soft leather material is sure to leave you satisfied, especially when compared to the usual nylon or rigid plastic.

Additionally, the Kingtuk Deluxe is an iwb Kydex holster, meaning you can tuck your shirt over the holster, naturally hiding the gun.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the ability to protect the trigger of a Kingtuk Glock 21 duty holster. You will get a holster that covers the entire frame and a trigger guard.

The holster’s design helps to hold the stock firmly while tilting the store forward, providing a natural feeling when taking the gun out of the holster.


  • The angle of the gun doesn't bother you.
  • Can be used inside the waistband.
  • Durable.
  • Quick and easy gun draw.
  • High-quality, premium animal leather material.


  • You need to wear pants or shorts one size larger when using the holster.

Bottom line

Do you work in gun-related jobs as police, military, or simply a citizen? As long as you are looking for a holster that is both comfortable and can be worn inside the belt, you definitely cannot ignore the Kingtuk Deluxe iwb Holster. 

Buying Guide of The Best Glock 21 Holster 

How to choose a Glock 21 holster? 

When choosing a holster, you need to consider a few questions: Can the holster keep the gun in place? Can you quickly draw the weapon from the holster? Does the holster make the angle of the weapon uncomfortable?


A holster is useless if it can't hold the gun properly. If you can turn the holster upside down and shake the gun without stopping, this is the holster you're looking for. But instead of endlessly shaking every holster you can find, you can prioritize choosing a holster that uses the Safariland ALS - an efficient locking system. However, you should note, a holster that uses a locking system will be easier to reveal than a regular holster.

Positive Grip

In emergencies, a one-second delay can be life-threatening. You don't want anything to delay your ability to draw a gun, even if it's a gun holster.

You should consider using a holster that you can pull out easily whether sitting, standing, or in any position. Besides, a holster that can fit both left-handed and right-handed people is also an option worth considering.

Protects Your Handgun

Sweaty hands are inevitable. Besides, depending on the position you wear, the holster, more or less, will run on not only your clothes but also your body. In the above cases, a waterproof and soft leather case will give you a great experience. 

Common Holster Material 

In addition to considering the protection and flexibility of the holster, you can't help but take the time to learn the material that makes the holster.

Because of its durability, impact resistance, and feeling when using the leather case, most of it comes from the type of material that the manufacturer uses.


The first leather cases were all made from leather. It can be said that leather is the most classic material but still the best for making holsters. Some of the advantages of leather holsters include ease of adjustment, durability, and luxury. However, leather is not usually a material that can be available long in humid environments or extreme heat.
Besides, products made from natural leather are often higher than products with the same features.


You will easily see soldiers and police using holsters made from Kydex because Kydex material is made of polymers, famous for its sturdiness and durability. Therefore, you can be assured of the product's longevity and its outstanding water and scratch resistance.
Besides, Kydex is a great material to make IWB leather cases. Because of the material’s breathability, the disadvantage of easily accumulating sweat, the strange smell of the IWB holster is no longer a concern.


Nylon may not be as durable as Kydex but does not hug you like leather. However, Nylon is a good material to make holsters that allow you to draw a gun quickly. If you don't use guns very often, a reasonably priced nylon holster is more than enough.

Injection Molded Plastic

Nylon is already a fairly easy material to find, making cheap gun holsters. Then mass-produced Injection Molded Plastic brings lower cost but higher quality. The manufacturer will put molten plastic into the mold, after cooling down, the gun holster for life. However, you need to pay attention to the type of gun that matches the holster if you choose Injection Molded Plastic.


If leather is too expensive, Nylon is damaged quickly, and Injection Molded Plastic is too hard, then Hybrids will be the best choice to help overcome all of the above disadvantages. Hybrids are a combination of two or more of the above materials. The Hybrid's holster can hold the gun well and is also the most comfortable to use.
The vast majority of IWB holsters are hybrid holsters because of the comfort and sturdiness that the material provides.


In addition to the five suggestions above, there are many other options available to you. However, you should be aware that sometimes the best Glock 21 holsters can also make you unhappy. Because each person's needs, work, and usage is different.

To choose the best glock 21 holster, you should carefully read our reviews in the article to make the choice that best suits your requirements. 

We hope that you will find the best holster soon. 

Thank you for reading!

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