A boot holster or ankle holster is another great option for you to hide your firearm, along with the belly and shoulder models. 

Developed to wrap around your boot or ankle and hold the pistol next to your non-dominant leg, this style of boot holster remains concealed underneath your pants and out of sight.

Today's article will cover every detail about this firearm concealment type to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs.

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What Inside A Boot Holster?

A boot holster or ankle holster is designed to attach to your boot's inside. You can wear it on the calf that is opposite the arm you shoot. There is a steel clip for this style of boot holster to hold it and the gun to your boot. It's helpful for you to place the pistol in a boot holster to ensure it can fit before ordering. 

Besides, the product shows a great clamshell design, allowing users to have space to open inside your boot to take the pistol. Each boot holster features soft, breathable materials, normally neoprene or leather, to let you wear without overheating. 

Moreover, you will find a mag and pocket holster inside boot holsters, perfect for your spare may and CC weapon. The boot ankle holster also boasts 2x retention straps to ensure both your pistol and spare may stay in place in any situation. Unlike the belly and shoulder holsters, you will find it quite easy and free to draw your weapon. 

Considering the occasion when a suit is required, it is better to put on a boot holster instead of the belly or any other holster as the latter options are pretty saggy and bulky.

Ankle Holster Boot Buying Guide 

There are some key factors when considering buying a boot ankle holster.

1. Holster Types

Which would you like to pull a firearm from – waist, leg, chest, hip, shoulder, or ankle? 

There are many kinds of carrying holsters, relying on the way you want to place your pistol. Of which, the most familiar are OWB (Outside the Waist Band) and IWB (Inside the Waist Band). 

These styles are ideal for concealed carry methods for regular handguns and Glock 43. The choice depends entirely on the place you prefer to carry the firearm and hide it.

2. Price

When shopping for any product, it is important to know if this one in question is within your budget. The bootlace holster is no exception. You will not want to spend much money on an expensive product with excessive features you may not utilize.

That’s why before making the final buying decision, it is best to think if the lace holster is a good bang for your buck.

3. Material

The holsters come with various materials; all of which have their pros and cons. It is best to know clearly about them to conclude which materials meet your demand best.

The most popular ones are KYDEX and leather. Also, some are made of a combination or a hybrid of two different materials, or nylon. Leather is the traditional material that is normally softer and more comfortable.

4. Comfort

You certainly want to pick a pistol holster that is comfortable to wear. This factor depends on the materials and the style of the boot holster. As mentioned above, some materials are more comfortable, like leather.

Meanwhile, some kinds of holsters are unwieldy, awkward, and heavy. For the above reasons, it is better to carefully examine the concealed carry boot holster you consider buying.

5. Concealment

This factor is about whether you prefer to discreetly carry the gun or not. Several holsters provide great concealment, while other models not so much. 

6. Draw Speed

Another big feature gun users seek in a carry pistol holster is draw speed, or whether the holster makes it easy and fast to take the firearm. A boot holster that can enhance the draw speed is one of the best.

Top Five Boot Holster Comparison

Here is a quick comparison of our top five boot holsters today.





Dinosaurized AnkleHolster Boot

Neoprene, Nylon

Right-handedand left-handed


ABC Easy Holster FromDinosaurized


Right-handedand left-handed


Ambidextrous Leather Holster


Right-handedand left-handed


G&G Black BootLock Ankle Holster 


Right-handedand left-handed


Galco Ankle Glove Ankle Holster


Right-handedand left-handed


Top 5 Concealed Carry Boot Holsters 

We will dive into the top five concealed carry boot holsters, along with their pros and cons.

Dinosaurized Ankle Holster Boot - Best Overall


We will start with our best overall - the Dinosaurized Ankle Holster Boot. You can carry it as a backup holster in case the main pistol does not work. 

Dinosaurized Ankle Holster Boot

With this ankle holster boot, it is much smooth and natural to stretch the arm and draw your weapon out from your ankle. The Dinosaurized Ankle Holster Boot also stands out with its great comfort. 

It features a non-slip design with high-quality neoprene material. In particular, this non-slip characteristic is thanks to the quality 600D nylon with anti-slip friction strips on the bottom and top. This material is breathable, washable, and smell resistant. You can wash and eliminate all bacteria, dust, and odor from it as frequently as you wish.Its design ensures your pistol can stay entirely unnoticed and concealed even when you crawl, run, or jump. With this nylon holster, you can rest assured that your firearm can be tightly held in place.


Besides, this best boot holster can hold your weapon secure against your lower legs. You can reposition it for both right- and left-handed draws. Also, you can adjust the Velcro to fit various gun sizes like standard, compact, or subcompact-sized firearms. This boot lace holster is best for subcompact and compact pistols, both double and single stack. It works well for the Ruger, S&W, Walther PPS, and M&P Shield.

Though it only comes in one size, it can fit all pouches for a knife, spare mag, and non-lethal defense. However, we found that this nylon holster has a quite higher price compared to other products.


  • Easy to draw the gun
  • Great comfort
  • Adjustable holster
  • Able to tightly keep the firearm in place
  • For both handed use
  • Work well with various sizes of guns


  • Higher price

Dinosaurized ABC Easy Holster – Best For Design

If you are seeking an easy-to-use holster, the Dinosaurized ABC Easy Holster might be right for you. The holster stands out with a lightweight, comfy, and beginner-friendly design. 

Dinosaurized ABC Easy Holster 

This best boot gun holster features breathable and padded surgical-grade elastic neoprene material, delivering optimal comfort for wearers. Thanks to its sleek sticky design, your pistol can be 100% hidden.

On top of that, you can draw a firearm fast and easily with this holster. It is like a cowboy boot holster. And there is no difficulty for you to freely move the body when wearing it, especially in emergencies. We also like its high versatility that is good for novices. 

You can carry guns in various ways in many sizes. For instance, you can wear it in positions around the belt or use it as an OWB or IWB holster. Thanks to an ergonomic design with no unnecessary components, you can simply and quickly carry and draw a pistol. 

Also, you can avoid damage to your posture and spine when wearing heavy models for a prolonged time. It features a retention strap to prevent sagging and fit most firearms without or with light or laser.

Moreover, there is a strong snap button that creates less noise when you draw the gun. Its robust metal clip also ensures it stays put when drawing.

On the downside, it is not an ideal option for SIG SAUER models as they require stitches cut with scissors to match the trigger guard.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable and encouraging good posture while wearing
  • Easy to draw the gun  
  • Retention strap to prevent sagging
  • Strong snap button to create less noise


  • Not ideal for SIG SAUER models

Ambidextrous Leather Holster - Best For Versatility

We will continue with the Ambidextrous Leather Holster. It wins our hearts for its versatility. As its name suggests, you can clip this holster to the belt like a traditional holster. Besides, you can use it inside your boot as well. 

Ambidextrous Leather Holster

The holster can be ambidextrous to give you more choices to carry. It is possible to bring your firearm as a concealable boot holster or a belt model without causing any hassle. Certainly, like a boot holster, it requires you to wear boots with open tops around the calf. It is best if you put on Western boots. With this boot holster, you will free up the belt space whenever you need it and clips back to the belt whenever you do not.

In practice, having this suggestion means your pistol does not need to dictate the wardrobe.

When it is cold, you can wear this item on the belt, covered by a thick sweatshirt and a jacket. When it is hot, you can ditch your heavy coat, put this holster inside the boot and cover it with your pant leg.

In either case, you can rest assured that it will not leave noticeably print, and you will not need to overcome the dressing challenge for the firearm you are wearing. Though its material is leather, we found that this holster is slightly heavy in reality. You might find it tiring when wearing it for an extended time.


  • High versatility 
  • Able select options of carrying
  • 100% conceal design
  • Nice leather material
  • Hold firearms securely


  • Slightly heavy

Gould & Goodrich Black BootLock Ankle Holster – Best For Boot Lock

If you want a holster that can stay attached to the boot, you can try the Gould & Goodrich Black BootLock Ankle Holster. 

Instead of utilizing the Velcro system to attach the holster, this suggestion can loop through the lace-in boot holster to give you a perfectly secured lock to the body.

Gould & Goodrich Black BootLock Ankle Holster

As regards locking the Glock 33, 27, or 27 to this holster, you get a sturdy Velcro strap and a molded body that offers good retention whenever you need it. It can be detached within minutes when you do not.

It is also an ankle holster that laces into boots with high mobility. Due to the retention strip, you can jump, climb, run, and do anything at high speed with no need to worry about your pistol bouncing around.It is also an ideal option for law enforcement to hold a secondary handgun. It can neatly hide under your pants, and its multi-thread holes mean it can stay hooked to the legs via every footstep.It would be better if it were not too bulky when wearing the uniform.


  • Stay attached to the boot
  • Sturdy Velcro strap
  • Molded body for a good retention
  • Comfortable and freedom
  • 100% conceal design


  • Slightly

Galco Ankle Holster – Runner-Up For Comfort

Our last pick is the Galco Ankle Holster. This suggestion is exclusively made for the boot holster Glock lineup of subcompact firearms. We like this holster as it features a cool wide neoprene band perfectly lined with the sheepskin. 

Galco Ankle Holster

This design makes the band comfortable and can hold the pistol in place even when you are running. While its body comes in a flexible material, it is molded tough leather flexible to provide a great balance of draw speed and retention for your firearm.You will love its comfort and the capacity to attach the calf strap to boost stability. The material of neoprene can keep it comfortably yet tightly pressed against the skin.

Plus, this all-leather holster can keep the pistol perfectly hooked into the non-dominant ankle and boot to give you complete concealment for personal protection. Whether the boot is your fashion statement or a part of the work, this suggestion can ensure you carry it with confidence.

That said, it comes at a quite pricey price compared to other products.


  • Comfortable and flexible material
  • Provide a great balance of draw speed and retention 
  • High stability
  • Offer complete concealment


  • Slightly pricey


So we have gone through our article about boot holster reviews and a buying guide. In brief, compared to the belly and shoulder holster, a holster boot can give you more freedom and comfort when moving.

If you are considering an ankle holster boot, you can count on the Dinosaurized Ankle Holster Boot for its complete comfort and flexibility when wearing.

Anyway, we hope our article is helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

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