The decision to carry concealed comes with the vital task of choosing the right holster. Among the options, ankle holsters stand as a unique choice, offering a versatile, accessible, and concealed carry method for various situations.

This guide is designed to walk you through the extensive range of ankle holsters, exploring top-rated options to help you find the ideal fit for your needs. We'll break down each holster's features, advantages, and disadvantages, focusing on comfort, concealment, ease of draw, and overall value.

If you're a law enforcement professional needing a backup carry method or a private citizen seeking a comfortable and discreet personal safety option, this comprehensive look into the world of ankle holsters is made for you. Let's explore and find the perfect complement to your lifestyle and defense strategy.

I. Understanding Ankle Holsters

1. Brief History and Evolution of Ankle Holsters

Ankle holsters have come a long way since their inception. Originally, they were simple, unsophisticated devices primarily used by detectives and police officers for carrying a backup weapon. These early versions were typically not very comfortable and had limited retention capabilities.

Over time, manufacturers have refined the design, paying more attention to comfort, concealment, and ease of draw. Modern ankle holsters now incorporate materials like neoprene and sheepskin padding for enhanced comfort, adjustable straps for a secure fit, and even calf support straps to prevent them from slipping down. They have evolved to become a reliable and practical option for concealed carry.

2. Benefits of Using Ankle Holsters

The decision to use an ankle holster is often backed by the unique advantages they bring to concealed carry. Apart from their historical relevance, these holsters offer certain practical benefits that can enhance your overall carrying experience.

  • Concealment: Ankle holsters offer exceptional concealment, especially when worn with longer pants. They're an ideal choice if you want to avoid drawing attention to the fact you're carrying.
  • Comfort: Modern ankle holsters are designed with comfort in mind. Many use breathable, padded materials to ensure all-day comfort, even in hot weather.

  • Backup Carry: For law enforcement or security personnel, ankle holsters serve as a great backup carry option. They provide an alternative way to carry a second firearm, offering an additional level of preparedness.

3. Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ankle Holster

Choosing the right ankle holster requires careful consideration of various factors. This isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario, and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Here's a closer look at the essential elements you need to think about when choosing an ankle holster:

  • Comfort: Comfort is paramount, especially if you plan to wear the holster for extended periods. Look for one with soft, breathable materials and a design that won't chafe or pinch your skin.
  • Retention: Good retention keeps your firearm securely in place, even during vigorous activity. Many holsters feature an adjustable strap or thumb break for added security.

  • Ease of Draw: The holster should allow for a quick and smooth draw. It's essential to have fast access to your firearm in an emergency.

  • Quality and Durability: Choose a holster made from durable materials that can withstand regular wear and tear. High-quality stitching and robust fastenings are good indicators of a long-lasting product.

  • Fit: Make sure the holster fits both your firearm and your ankle correctly. An ill-fitting holster can be uncomfortable and may even impede your draw.

II. Explanation of the Criteria Used to Evaluate the Ankle Holsters

In evaluating the best ankle holsters, we've based our assessments on a set of key criteria that can make or break your concealed carry experience. We believe that these elements play a crucial role in defining the efficiency, comfort, and overall effectiveness of an ankle holster. Let's delve deeper into these criteria:

  • Comfort: Since ankle holsters are typically worn for extended periods, comfort is a top priority. We've evaluated each holster for its comfort levels, considering factors like padding, material, adjustability, and the design's overall ergonomics.
  • Concealment: The whole point of concealed carry is to ensure your firearm isn't visible to the casual observer. We've examined how well each holster achieves this, taking into account its design, fit, and how well it blends with various types of clothing.

  • Retention: It's critical that your firearm stays securely in place, regardless of your movement. We've tested the retention capabilities of each holster, considering both passive retention (how well the holster holds the gun without any active retention devices) and active retention (mechanisms like thumb breaks or straps).

  • Quality and Durability: We've assessed the build quality and durability of each holster. This includes examining the materials used, the quality of the stitching, and the robustness of any buckles or other fastenings.

  • Ease of Draw: In a situation where you need to draw your weapon, speed and smoothness are essential. We've analyzed how easy it is to draw from each holster, and how natural the draw feels.

  • Value for Money: Finally, we've considered the value for money of each holster. This doesn't necessarily mean going for the cheapest option; instead, we've balanced the cost against the features, quality, and performance to determine whether each holster represents good value.

III. Top Ankle Holsters for Concealed Carry

1. 100% Jesus Ankle Holster - Top Choice for Extended Comfort and Real-Life Red Alert Situations

Topping the list is the 100% Jesus Ankle Holster. It is perfect for unexpected situations, whether you're knocked down, seated in your car, or when your main gun jammed. Its features include an extra mag holster, high-quality 600D nylon material construction, and 3-layer non-slip friction, ensuring durability and stability even during high-intensity situations. 

The holster fits all gun sizes, from sub-compact to full-size 1911s. One of its major highlights is the adaptability to larger calves, with 2 extra straps for size extension, making it a favorite among people with larger calf sizes. It's designed for a super easy draw from a kneeling position, making it the perfect choice for real-life "red alert" situations.


  • High-quality 600D nylon material construction for durability
  • Adjustable to fit all gun sizes and larger calf sizes

  • Extra mag holster for additional backup

  • Super easy draw from a kneeling position

  • Stays in place even during physical activities


  • The size adjustment may take time for first-time users
  • The design might be bulkier compared to other options due to the extra mag holster

2. Wardog Ankle Holster - High Quality and Comfort

The Wardog Ankle Holster stands as a testament to quality and comfort, making it suitable for all-day gun carriers. Designed to fit all gun sizes, from sub-compact to full size 1911s, this holster is perfect for those unexpected situations where you need quick backup. High-quality 600D nylon material and 3-layer anti-slip friction ensure durability and stability, even when you're on the move. 

This lightweight holster features an adjustable strap that comfortably fits up to a 16" calf, an ambidextrous design for right and left draws, and is sure to remain tightly held to your ankle during physical activities.


  • High-quality materials for long-lasting use
  • Comfortable and breathable design

  • Fits all gun sizes and up to a 16" calf

  • Ambidextrous design for flexibility in use

  • Tightly held to your ankle even during intense activities


  • The design may not be comfortable for extremely large calves
  • The lack of extra mag holster might be a drawback for some

3. Odin Ankle Holster - Exceptional Comfort and Versatility

Odin Ankle Holster stands out for its exceptional comfort and versatile compatibility. Made for all-day gun carriers, this holster is designed with a neoprene band and foam pad to ensure maximum comfort, even when worn directly against the skin. Its high-quality, non-slip features enable it to stay in place, even during rigorous activities like running or climbing. 

The Odin Holster fits all gun sizes, from sub-compact to full-size 1911s, and is compatible with firearms and revolvers under 6.5" in overall length. It also boasts a metal snap retention strap for a quick, silent draw, and a flexible fit to cater to various leg sizes or over boots.


  • Exceptional comfort from the neoprene band and foam pad
  • Versatile compatibility with a range of firearms

  • Quick and silent draw from the metal snap retention strap

  • Flexible fit for various leg sizes or wearing over boots

  • Tightly held to ayour ankle even during intense activities


  • May require adjustment for perfect fitting
  • Size options may not cater to extremely large calf sizes

IV. Comparison of Top Ankle Holsters

Holster Name

Key Features



100% Jesus Ankle Holster

- Extra mag holster

- Adjustable straps for all calf sizes

- High-quality 600D nylon material and 3-layer non-slip friction

- Fits all gun sizes

- Perfect for emergency situations  - Comfortable for all-day wear

- Extra straps fit larger calf sizes

- Non-slip design for intense activities

 - Versatile, suitable for a wide range of firearms

- Might not fit very slim legs as snugly

Wardog Ankle Holster

- Adjustable strap up to 16" calf

- Fits all gun sizes

- High-quality 600D nylon material and 3-layer anti-slip friction

- Lightweight and ambidextrous design

- Perfect for difficult situations

- High-quality materials for long-lasting use

- Firmly held to your ankle even in active situations

- Universal fit for all gun sizes

- Might be too snug for people with larger calves

Odin Ankle Holster

- Neoprene band and foam pad for comfort - Compatible with micro to subcompact guns and revolvers

- Quick, silent draw with metal snap retention strap

- Flexible fit for various leg sizes and over boot wear

- Exceptional comfort

- Versatile compatibility

- Fast, silent draw

- Adjustable fit for comfort and secure hold

- Might not be as comfortable when worn directly against the skin for extended periods


1. What is an ankle holster used for?

An ankle holster is used for carrying a firearm on the lower leg. It's a good option for a backup gun, or for concealed carry when wearing certain types of clothing.

2. Are ankle holsters comfortable for all-day wear?

Yes, many modern ankle holsters are designed with materials like neoprene and foam padding for comfort, allowing for all-day wear.

3. Can I run or climb with an ankle holster?

Yes, high-quality ankle holsters are designed with non-slip materials to stay put during rigorous activities like running or climbing.

4. Can ankle holsters accommodate larger calf sizes?

Yes, many ankle holsters offer adjustable straps to fit a variety of calf sizes, including larger ones.

5.  Is drawing from an ankle holster fast?

 Yes, with practice, you can achieve a fast draw from an ankle holster. Some models feature a quick, silent draw design.

6. Are ankle holsters suitable for emergency situations?

Absolutely, ankle holsters provide an easily accessible backup option in emergency situations and are perfect for disadvantaged positions such as when seated or knocked to the ground.

VI. Conclusion 

In conclusion, ankle holsters offer a unique advantage when it comes to concealed carry. They strike a crucial balance between easy accessibility and discretion that few other methods can rival. Whether you find yourself in a seated position, on the move, or in an unforeseen disadvantageous situation, an ankle holster is a dependable backup solution that won't hamper your mobility or comfort. 

The products we've examined showcase the immense potential and practicality of this carry method, each with their own unique strengths and innovative features. Comfort, quality, and a fit tailored to you are key elements to consider in a quality ankle holster. Ultimately, your choice should hinge on personal preference and specific needs. 

Take time to assess each option, consider what's most important to you, and you're sure to find an ankle holster that will serve you well. Safety and preparedness are always paramount!

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