If you're shopping foryour first concealed carry handgun, choosing the right Glock can be a dauntingtask. With so many different options available, it can be hard to decide whichone will best fit your needs. We understand that the decision of which gun tochoose is an important one – after all, this is something you’ll need to trustwith your life! That's why we've compiled a handy guide to help you make the rightchoice when selecting a Glock firearm for concealed carry. In this blog post,we'll examine several key considerations related to size, weight and otherfeatures of Glocks as well as discuss holster types that are compatible withthese guns. Fortunately, this comprehensive guide will provide an overview ofessential details so that you can make an informed decision on which model bestfits your needs. Read ahead to learn more about selecting a personal Glockpistol!

The Importance of Choosing The Right Gun With Personally Suitable Categories

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Having the right gunis crucial for shooting safely and accurately. While there are many differenttypes of guns and ammunition that people can choose from, it is vital that youknow you are selecting the one best suited to your needs. Different categoriesof guns have various features and capabilities, so it is essential to doresearch into these before making a purchase.


For instance,revolvers are very popular among shooters due to their simplicity. They featurefewer moving parts than other types of handguns, making them easy to operateand maintain. Semi-auto pistols are also popular options because they can holdmultiple rounds and reload quickly. These pistols allow you to fire multipleshots rapidly without having to reload each time manually. Rifles are theobvious choice for long-range shooting thanks to their accuracy and precisionat longer distances. Rifles come in all shapes and sizes, but two of the mostcommonly used categories are bolt action rifles which use a manual bolt systemfor loading individual shells each time it's fired, or semi-automatics which offerrapid-fire capabilities with minimal effort required from the shooter.


When selecting a gun,it's essential to consider what purpose you need it for first before decidingon a specific model or category. Whether you're interested in hunting, personalprotection, or simply recreational shooting - making sure that you select thebest tool for the job can make all the difference in how successful yourexperience is going to be!

Some Requirements of Concealed Carry to Consider When Choosing A Firearm

Many individualsdecide to carry a firearm for personal protection. However, when choosing aconcealed carry weapon, several important considerations exist. The first isthe overall design and suitability of the firearm. It needs to be the rightsize, with no harsh edges or surfaces that could poke or snag on clothing whilecarrying. The grip should fit comfortably in your hand and holster, and theweight of the gun should be manageable when carried.


Next, ergonomics alsoplays a vital role in firearm selection, as you need to carry the guncomfortably with both your hands and holster. It is best to opt for a firearmthat can be flexible when carrying on multiple body parts so that you canoptimize your concealed carry. Also, it needs to point naturally toward thetarget and have controls that can be easily manipulated under stress.


The followingconsideration is how you will be carrying it. There are many types of holstersavailable on the market. Still, they all vary in level of support and comfortbased on your individual preferences. Depending on your body type andlifestyle, some methods may work better than others; for example, those whospend their days sitting at a desk would benefit from an inside-the-waistband(IWB) holster, whereas officers who spend most of their time standing up wouldprefer an outside-the-waistband (OWB) one for more excellent stability.


Additionally, if youwant to be assured firmly, find someone knowledgeable about firearms who canassist you in selecting the right model based on your own unique needs andsituation.

Why Is Glock Chosen as Best In Concealed Carry?

The Glock series of handguns is one of the most popular choices for concealed carry because of its simple design, reliability, accuracy, trigger, ergonomics, and flexibility with many holsters. The Glock's design is simple yet effective, with a minimum of controls that allow for easy operation and cleaning.

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The Glock's action isreliable and capable of being fired multiple times without failure. This makesit an ideal option for self-defense when you may need to fire multiple roundsquickly. The Glock also offers excellent accuracy compared to other handguns inits class. The smooth trigger pull and short reset make it easier to keep ontarget during rapid-firing sessions.


The Glock has alsobeen optimized ergonomically over the years, making it comfortable to carrywhile offering maximum shooting control. Additionally, there are many holstersavailable that are designed specifically for the Glock series handguns –providing users with plenty of options when it comes to concealed carry.


All in all, theadvantages offered by the Glock series handguns make them some of the bestoptions for concealed carrying and self-defense. With its simple design andexcellent reliability and accuracy, users can feel confident that they are well-equippedwhen carrying a Glock handgun.


And there are specificmodels of the series that are reputable when it comes to concealed carry. Let'slook at some of Glock's most popular picks, shall we?

Top Picks of Glock

Glock 19

glock 19

The Glock 19, now, is one of the most popular double-stack handguns available, and it's also an ideal choice for concealed carry.

Despite its relativelylarge size, it is surprisingly light and can be carried comfortably on a dailybasis without becoming overly burdensome. The gun has enough size and capacityto make it a suitable choice as a duty gun but is still small enough to beeasily concealed under clothing.


Furthermore, itsstreamlined design allows for quick draw times when needed. All of thesefeatures make the Glock 19 one of the best all-around options for anyonelooking for a handgun that can serve both as their primary home defense weaponand their go-to concealed carry firearm.


One big bonus of Glock19 is that its crazy reputation has resulted in a wide range of holsters andaccessories for this weapon, some of which are expressly engineered to minimizeprinting. You will not have to worry about what to buy to enhance theconcealment capability.

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Glock 26

glock 26

Glock effectively tookthe capability of the G19 and scale it down to the size and weight of a tinysnub-nose revolver for their model 26. The G26 is significantly easier to hidedue to its ultra-compact size. It was initially intended for civilian and lawenforcement markets, where it could be hidden and used as a backup armament.

However, concealmentis only one component of CCW. Finally, you'll need a weapon that can shootaccurately. The real job begins when your handgun emerges from hiding to meet ahazardous adversary. The G26 is also slightly more difficult to fire correctlybecause to its smaller weight, shorter sight radius, and restricted grip.However, most shooters should notice a minor change in self-defense ranges.


If you desire deepconcealment, the Glock 26 may be a better option since it allows you to wear awider range of clothing with less chance of printing. It has a shorter sightradius as a subcompact weapon, and a shorter grip, barrel and slide length.While the Glock 19 is a general-purpose self-defense pistol, the Glock 26 isdesigned specifically for concealed carry.


This will work greatwith small-hand gun users, while shooters with larger hands may not be able toget all four fingers on the grip, but there are aftermarket pinky extensionsavailable. 

Glock 43

glock 43

If you think the Glock26 is little, wait till you see the Glock 43. This variant clearly pushes thesize limit while yet retaining the majority of Glock's practical capabilities.With an empty magazine installed, the Glock 43 is one of the most petite andlightest Glock handguns ever built, weighing little under 18 oz. This pistol,like the Glock 26, is meant for civilians and police enforcement. The G43 isideal for deep concealment or as a backup weapon. It uses a single-stackmagazine, which greatly reduces the width of the frame and allows a widerchoice of items to be used as concealing garments.

The G43's grip ismodest, which might make it difficult to maintain a firm grasp on the pistolduring multiple shots. Glock solved the issue by including a built-in beavertail that aids in maintaining a high and tight grip. The grip surface is alsoaggressively texturized to keep the weapon from moving around in your hands,even if your palms are sweaty.


The single-stack G43features one of the slimmest profiles on the market, measuring just over aninch wide. This is the handgun to have if you need something to hide beneatheverything in your closet.

Glock 42

glock 42

The Glock 42 is thesmallest Glock on the market, even smaller than the G43. The small,single-stack appearance of this handgun makes it ideal for deep concealment.Even with a full magazine, this baby is less than an inch thick and weighs lessthan a pound! They describe it as neat, pocket-sized, and a spicy small problemsolver. 

To be honest, thismini handgun fires pretty well, considering its size. However, expect theaccuracy to come out different from the Glock 19. This is not a precisionpistol, and you won't be hitting targets from 50 yards out. Furthermore, thegun includes just six rounds of ammo due to its size.

As previously said,the G42 fires.380 Auto, which isn't usually a defensive shooter's first option.Because this variant only has six-plus-one bullets, it's more of a backuppistol than an EDC weapon. But if your priority is to defend and conceal, G42would be a nice take.

glock 42 compact 380 ACP pistol

Recommended Holsters for Ultimate Concealment

ABC Easy Holster

where it will behidden from view regardless of what you're wearing. This holster will protectyour pistol covered and out of sight whether you're wearing a suit or jeans.

Lightweight, pleasant,and easily applicable: With cushioned and breathable medical grade elasticneoprene, the ABC Easy holster makes concealed carry seem light and comfortablewhile yet ensuring the pistol is secure.


Prevent printing: TheIWB holster's design draws the pistol close to your body, making it simple tohide. The clips also keep the pistol snug to your belt, preventing it frombouncing about or printing.

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Versatility andadaptability: The ABC Easy holster includes an adjustable cant that allows youto carry your gun in a way that is comfortable for you. This holster will letyou to choose the ideal position for your purposes, whether you want to wear ithigh or low, tight or loose.

Dinosaur 3-In-1 Bellyband Holster

The Dinosaur 3-in-1holster is ideal for gun owners who want to keep their guns and ammunitionclose at hand and conveniently accessible. With three segments, two gunholsters on the sides, and an ammo container in the middle, this holster allowsyou to draw your weapon regardless of your position while also providingcomfort and protection.


Aside from that, thereis an additional zippered area for you to keep your valuable stuff, such askeys or your phone, secure. This is a huge benefit for all the gun owners outthere who want to locate the right match for their handgun but are concernedabout other necessary items. Your problem is solved with this holster, whichhas multiple free pockets!

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Furthermore, thefinest fabrics used are soft on the skin, allowing you to wear it all day longwithout feeling heavy down. Each container is also built to hold a variety ofpistols, allowing you to tailor your loadout based on your tastes or needs.Additionally, the gun holsters include changeable straps allowing for a rapidpull from any posture, adding adaptability and ease.


Overall, this holsteris ideal for anybody who wishes to keep their guns secure and easily accessibleat all times.

100% Jesus Ankle Holster

It is a very versatileand all-size-calve-friendly device developed to accommodate a wide range ofdisadvantageous conditions. It has two additional straps to hold the handgunand holster in place, as well as an attachment for individuals with big-sizedcalves.


It also comes with anextra magazine holster so you may have an extra round of ammo on hand. Thisholster is constructed of high-quality nylon and three layers of non-slipfriction, making it both resilient and comfy for all-day pistol carrying.Whatever the situation, this holster guarantees that you may draw your weaponswiftly and safely when required - whether you're forced on the ground, seatedin your automobile, coping with a stuck main gun, or assisting a colleague.

The 100% Jesus AnkleHolster delivers an unequaled blend of quality, adaptability, and comfort owingto its sophisticated design and simple features - ideal for anybody searchingfor a durable handgun accessory.

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In conclusion,choosing the perfect holster for your Glock can be a long journey. With so manyoptions to choose from, you want to make sure that you make an educateddecision when purchasing one. Various materials and designs are available, andeach material has its own benefits depending on your personal needs regardingconcealed carry. This blog post has outlined some of the best Glock models thatoffer great concealment while also providing easy access to holsters should theneed for accessories arise.


Comfort is key whenpicking out a holster; more is needed to have a great concealment option if itisn't comfortable for extended periods of time. While at the same time notsacrificing any features from your favorite firearm setups. Ultimately, yourstyle and comfort level preference will tell you which is best for you! Aboveall, remember always to be a wise gun user and prioritize safety when choosingthe right Glock holster for you.

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