Donald J. Trump the one who protect Americans' gun rights

When Did POTUS Trump Prove Himself As The Second Amendment Warrior?

President Trump insists that the Second Amendment rights will never be violated as long as he remains charge. Having an incumbent who champions the need for constitutional rights is a privilege that we enjoy.

"So long as I am President, I will always protect your Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms," Trump said.

A strong statement in support of the Second Amendment rights is very reassuring when the Left wishes to violate every constitutional right of Americans. Liberals have depended on the name and shame tactics to vilify individuals who support the Second Amendment. However, President Trump has proven that gun control extremists cannot bully him in allowing the violation of the constitutional rights of Americans. In an era when standing for the Second Amendment rights is detested, Trump has redeemed himself as the Second Amendment warrior.

Donald trump the gun supporter

President Trump has confronted Democrats for trying to popularize the confiscation of people's firearms. Trump lambasted Beto O'Rourke, who sought to run on a gun confiscation platform, ending his career. He put the Democratic party in check to prevent its candidates from going too far with gun control. Many candidates had started going down the forbidden path before Trump put them back on the Second Amendment track.

Trump also refused to compromise on universal background checks and the red flag laws in the so-called "Bipartisan Gun Deal." He ended the Democratic-led negotiations to have the worst gun control laws in history enacted in the United States. He also defeated various attempts by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to blackmail him into compromising and supporting the H.R. 8 bill.  He also resisted attempts to trick him through the "historic signing ceremony" offers made by the two deceptive Democrats.

Trump also opposed having a national gun registry, which would be used to spy on and intimidate gun owners. Any attempts to enact a mandatory gun buyback also hit a brick wall when they met Trump. The president proved that he does not support the government, forcing people to give up their property.

Additionally, Trump opposed any form of taxation which applies only to firearms. He also opposes the banning of semi-automatic weapons, commonly referred to as "assault weapons" by Democrats. 

Trump has consistently ridiculed the "assault weapons" terms as used by Democrats. Rightfully so, there is no standard for determining what technical or performance features define an assault weapon. States designate firearms as "assault weapons" based on their cosmetic features.

For example, having a barrel shroud could lead to the prohibition of a firearm. However, a barrel shroud is a safety feature that prevents the shooter from burning their hands and possibly going off target. And yet, anti-gun legislators have banned the component in some states.

In California, the assault weapon ban went overboard, with the legislature banning weapons they couldn't describe. For example, California introduced an "assault weapons" ban Assembly bill 88 prohibiting a firearm that the law defines as "not a rifle, pistol, or shotgun." 

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Similarly, a ban on high capacity magazines, which can hold more than ten bullets, remains unwelcome under the Trump administration. Democrats such as Joe Biden argue that someone does not need more than ten rounds to defend themselves from an attack. However, criminals do not obey this law, and having only ten rounds would give them an upper hand and put the life of the law-abiding citizen at risk. Trump has consistently opposed the high capacity magazine ban.

Trump suggested having a national concealed carry permit recognized in all states. This would help prevent restrictions stemming from the lack of reciprocity in concealed carry permits among various states. States such as Virginia, Illinois, and California would benefit mainly from Trump's suggestion.  Illinois has very restrictive laws. The state has a gun registry in the form of the owner's identification card (FOID). Virginia passed laws complicating reciprocity with other states. California carry permits are issued depending on proof of good moral conduct and a cause or necessity for owning a firearm.  The decision to grant or deny a permit largely depends on the subjective determination of the sheriff or chief of police. The same process has also been marred by corruption involving the pay-for-play scandals in counties such as Santa Clara. If Trump's nationwide carry permit is enacted, such problems will cease to exist.

Donald trump the 2nd amendment supporter

Democrats have tried to enact various gun control laws affecting firearm activities such as storage, display, purchases, and transfers. 

A federal rule required that sellers ensure that "gun storage or safety devices will be available at any place in which firearms are sold." The Trump administration understands that firearm safety is essential, but only when firearm owners are allowed to choose the best method to store their firearms depending on their circumstances. Forcing a one size fits all policy is dangerous and puts more lives at risk. Additionally, various storage methods make firearms unavailable during emergencies such as home invasions. Consequently, Trump refuses to support various firearm storage laws proposed by gun control extremists.

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