Welcome to our latest dive into the essentials of concealed carry: finding the perfect pocket holster. If you've ever found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there, or if you're just starting your journey into personal defense, you're in the right place. Today, we're not just looking at holsters; we're exploring what it means to carry with confidence, comfort, and, most importantly, safety.

Why focus on pocket holsters, you might ask? Well, for starters, they represent one of the most discreet and convenient ways to carry a firearm. Whether you're dressed for a casual day out or headed to a formal event, a pocket holster allows you to keep your protection close without drawing unnecessary attention. It's all about blending security with subtlety.

This blog is more than just a review; it's a comprehensive guide designed to navigate you through the intricacies of choosing a holster that fits not just your gun, but your lifestyle. Grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and let's talk about how to carry concealed with confidence, starting with the very pocket we slip our keys into. Welcome to the ultimate guide to choosing the best pocket holster.

i. Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pocket Holster

When it comes to selecting the perfect pocket holster, there are a few critical factors you'll need to consider. These aspects will not only affect how comfortable and practical your holster is but also how effectively you can draw your weapon in a time of need. Here are the three main ideas to keep in mind:

1. Material: The Foundation of Comfort and Durability

The material of your holster plays a pivotal role in both its comfort and durability. Common materials include leather, nylon, and Kydex, each with its own set of advantages.

- Leather is traditional and offers a unique blend of comfort and durability. It molds to the shape of your firearm over time, ensuring a custom fit. However, it requires more maintenance to keep it in top condition.

- Nylon is lightweight and generally less expensive. It's a great choice for those seeking a softer, more flexible option, though it might not offer the same level of durability and firearm retention as other materials.

- Kydex is a hard plastic that provides excellent retention and protection for the firearm. It's durable and easy to maintain, but it might not be as comfortable against the skin as leather or nylon.

2. Concealability: Ensuring Discretion and Comfort

A crucial aspect of any pocket holster is its ability to conceal your firearm effectively. The design and size of the holster should complement your daily attire, allowing for discreet carry without printing. Consider the typical clothing you wear and how the holster will fit with your wardrobe. A good pocket holster should be virtually invisible, providing you with confidence and peace of mind.

3. Retention and Draw: Balancing Security with Accessibility

The best pocket holster strikes a perfect balance between securely retaining your firearm and allowing for a quick, smooth draw. Retention prevents your gun from slipping out of the holster accidentally, which is especially important in dynamic situations. On the other hand, you should be able to draw your firearm efficiently without it snagging on the holster.

- Retention adjustments can be a valuable feature, allowing you to customize how tightly the holster grips your firearm.

- The design of the holster's mouth is critical for re-holstering and ensuring the holster stays open after drawing your firearm.

II. Top 5 Pocket Holsters Reviewed

1.  Nemis Pocket Holster:

The Nemis Pocket Holster emerges as a standout option for those seeking a blend of innovation and practicality in their concealed carry solution. Designed to accommodate a wide array of firearms, including the S&W BODYGUARD 380 CAL and M&P BODYGUARD WITH INTEGRATED CTC Laser, this holster is crafted for versatility. Made with a high-quality tacky material, it offers durability without sacrificing lightness, ensuring a comfortable carry throughout the day. The interior is lined with slick pack cloth for a low-friction draw, while the foam core effectively disguises the gun's outline, enhancing concealability.


  • Compatible with a broad range of firearms
  • The tacky exterior and slick pack cloth interior provide durability and a smooth draw
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Can be used for right or left-handed draw, enhancing its appeal


  • Certain firearms might fit a bit too snugly or loosely, depending on their exact dimensions
  • The tacky material ensures the holster stays put in your pocket, but it might also grab onto lint or dust more than smoother materials, requiring more frequent cleaning.
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Nemis Pocket Holster

2. Scorpion Gear Pocket Holster:

Next up on our list is the Scorpion Gear Pocket Holster, a lightweight champion in the world of concealed carry. Crafted from neoprene, this holster combines comfort with practicality, ensuring your firearm is always ready when you need it. The Scorpion Gear Pocket Holster is made from lightweight neoprene, offering a comfortable carry experience without adding bulk. Measuring 4" tall by 3.25" wide, it's compatible with a wide array of subcompact and micro pistols, making it a versatile choice for many gun owners. Ambidextrous design allows for carrying in either the right or left pocket, and even your back pocket, offering flexibility in how and where you carry.


  • The neoprene material makes it an easy carry, even for long periods
  •  Fits most subcompact and micro auto pistols
  • The interior lining promises a fast and smooth draw, which is crucial in a self-defense situation


  • Neoprene, being a synthetic rubber, can be sensitive to heat and might retain moisture,
  • While it fits a wide range of firearms, those with guns just on the edge of the size compatibility might find the fit a bit too snug or slightly off
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Scorpion Gear Pocket Holster

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3. Tulster Unisex Pocket Holster:

As we continue our exploration of top pocket holsters, let's turn our attention to the Tulster Unisex Pocket Holster. Specifically designed to accommodate the SIG P365 series, including the P365, P365 SAS, and P365 W/Safety, this holster combines functionality with sleek aesthetics. Its attractive black design is not only stylish but also versatile, fitting seamlessly into any concealed carry wardrobe. The Tulster pocket holster utilizes an exclusive sticky rubberized material that goes a step beyond what the Nemis model offers in terms of viscosity. This ensures both optimum longevity and unmatched durability. A standout feature of the Tulster is its excellent fitting. The holster is designed to stay in place within your pocket, aided by a removable and reversible outer flap that adds an extra layer of concealment for your firearm.


  • The innovative design, featuring a reversible outer flap
  •  Perfect fit for a popular range of firearms
  •  The sticky rubberized fabric offers superior durability and stickiness, ensuring the holster stays put.
  • Suitable for everyone, regardless of hand preference, enhancing its appeal across the board


  • While perfect for the SIG P365 series, those with different firearms might need to look elsewhere.
  • The unique material, while advantageous for stability, may require regular cleaning to maintain its effectiveness.
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Tulster Unisex Pocket Holster

4. Spiderweb Pocket Holster:

Moving on, we have the Spiderweb Pocket Holster, an innovative solution for concealed carry that takes its design inspiration from the natural world of spiders. With a unique web-grip texture, this holster ensures that when you draw your firearm, it stays securely in your pocket. The ambidextrous design means it's usable in either pocket, suitable for both right and left-handed shooters. The proprietary Spiderweb Texture mimics the gripping ability of a spider's web, holding the holster firmly in place inside your pocket. Custom fit is a big sell here; with 9 different sizes, the Spiderweb Holster can accommodate a wide variety of concealed carry firearms, from revolvers to compact automatics.


  •  A range of sizes means you can get a holster that fits your gun like a bespoke suit
  • The unique Spiderweb Texture is specifically designed to grip the inside of your pocket
  • No need to worry about right or left-handedness; this holster caters to all users equally


  • While having multiple sizes allows for a better fit, it also requires you to measure your gun and refer to a chart, which could be a hassle for some
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Spiderweb Pocket Holster

5. GECI IWB and Pocket Holster:

Finally, let's wrap this up with the GECI IWB and Pocket Holster. If you're looking for versatility and no-fuss functionality, this holster may just end your search. Designed for discreet carry, either inside the waistband (IWB) or pocket, it fits a variety of small 9mm firearms and more. Features high-performance, non-slip material that adheres firmly to your clothing or skin, making sure it stays in place.The inner layer consists of closed-cell foam for a snug fit, ensuring your pistol remains securely seated.


  •  The closed-cell foam contours to your firearm for superior retention
  • Whether it's IWB or pocket carry, this holster is designed to adapt to your carry preference
  • It's built for all, offering easy drawing capabilities for every user
  • Designed for minimal printing, this holster ensures your carrying is discreet in a variety of outfits


  • While versatile, it may not accommodate all firearms as snugly as those listed
  • Some users prefer a clip or loop for added security, which this holster lacks
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GECI IWB and Pocket Holster

III. Cleaning and Maintenance of Pocket Holsters

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your pocket holster are vital to ensure longevity, performance, and hygiene. Here's a straightforward guide to keep your holsters in top shape:

1. Cleaning Your Pocket Holster

  • Empty and Inspect: Begin by ensuring that your firearm is unloaded. Double-check the chamber to make sure it’s clear. Inspect your holster for any visible debris, lint, or damage.

  • Material-Specific Cleaning:

       - Leather Holsters: Use a soft cloth and leather cleaner to wipe down the surface. Do not soak the leather. Apply a leather conditioner after cleaning to keep the material supple.

       - Synthetic Materials (Nylon, Neoprene, etc.): These can often be cleaned with mild soap and water. Use a soft brush to gently scrub the surface, then rinse with cold water and allow it to air dry.

       - Kydex and Other Plastics: A damp cloth with soap will suffice. Avoid abrasive materials that can scratch the surface.

  • Interior Care: For the lining of the holster, which might be made of suede or pack cloth, use a dry brush to remove lint and dust. If necessary, a slightly damp cloth can help remove grime, but ensure it’s thoroughly dried afterward.

  • Drying: Never use a direct heat source to dry your holster. Always air dry by laying it out flat in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

2. Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Checks: Regularly check for loose threads or worn areas, especially around the seams and where the holster grips the firearm.

  • Proper Storage: Store your holster in a cool, dry place when not in use. Avoid humid areas to prevent mold and mildew, especially for leather holsters.

  • Use a Holster Safe Dehumidifier: If you live in a humid climate, consider using a dehumidifier where you store your holsters and firearms to prevent moisture buildup.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Stretching: For leather holsters, avoid leaving the gun in the holster indefinitely as this can overly stretch the leather.

  • Routine Conditioning: For leather, regular conditioning is essential to prevent cracking and drying. For synthetic materials, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for any specific conditioning products.


1. Can I wash my pocket holster in the washing machine?

Generally, it's not recommended to machine wash pocket holsters, especially if they are made of leather or have metal components. For synthetic holsters, refer to the manufacturer's instructions, as some may allow machine washing on a gentle cycle. However, hand washing with mild soap and water is typically the safest method.

2. Are there any legal considerations for using a pocket holster?

Holster use is generally subject to the same laws and regulations as the firearms they hold. Always be aware of local concealed carry laws and regulations regarding the use of holsters and firearms.

3. Does the Tulster Unisex Pocket Holster's sticky rubberized material leave residue in your pocket?

No, the material is designed to stay intact and should not leave any residue in your pocket. Regular cleaning should help maintain its stickiness without any transfer to your clothing.

4. How does the GECI IWB and Pocket Holster stay in place without clips or loops?

The holster uses a high-performance non-slip material that adheres to skin or clothing, which should keep it securely in place during normal use and movement.

5. Shipping time?

- (U.S customers only) Standard shipping time is 7-12 Calendar days to ship and arrive. (Shipped from U.S, by USPS)

All packages are seriously & strictly sterilized before being sent.

- For Non-US customers, shipping time may vary from 10-20 Business days.

- We'll immediately upload your tracking code to Paypal after the shipment, it may take 3-4 days to be activated.

6.  Is the foam padding in the Nemis Pocket Holster thick enough to alter the fit for smaller firearms?

The foam is designed to accommodate a variety of firearms without being overly bulky. It should not significantly alter the fit for smaller firearms but adds to concealment by breaking up the outline of the gun.

V. Conclusion

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