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What is the best Ruger SR9C concealed carry holster? It’s not easy to find the holster that suits you best, but this review and guide article can help.

The Ruger SR9C is an excellent weapon, one that is reliable and useful in various situations. It is great to have during dangerous situations and emergencies, making an excellent handgun to have in hand. But that has to do with the draw speed, which is only possible if you use the best holster. The question is, “what’s the best Ruger SR9C concealed carry holster?”

Let’s find out.

This article is here to introduce you to some Ruger SR9C holsters that are the most recommended in the market. At the same time, it includes a guide to help you choose the holster that suits you best. Take some time to read it to understand the factors to look for in a holster and the different types you can choose from. You can also check the comparison table below for our top 5 holsters.

Product Name

Pros & Cons

Hand Orientation

Holster Type



Dinosaurized ABC Holster

It’s comfortable, easy to use, and conceals well, but expensive.

Right-handed and Left-handed



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Texas Heritage IWB Holster

It is easy to use and made to last, but it has a high price. You also need to break the leather first.

Right-handed and Left-handed



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DeSantis S and W Shield Sof-Tuck Holster

It is a practical holster for Ruger SR9C with excellent features, but it can still be better.




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Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster

It is a simple holster with a quality build but too thick and sturdy material.

Right-handed and Left-handed



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Alien Gear Holsters Ruger SR9c Cloak Tuck IWB Holster

It has an excellent build, snug fit, and adjustable in many ways, but the screws quickly loosen.

Right-handed and Left-handed



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Factors to Look for in a Ruger SR9C Concealed Carry Holster

How do you know which holster is ideal for your Ruger SR9C? Whatmakes it suitable for your weapon and comfortable for you? Several factors andtraits can tell you this, which will be discussed in this post. Take a look atthe things to consider in your search for the best Ruger SR9C concealed carry holster below.


Some shooters don’t like to have their weapon visible to everyone. Wouldn’t it be great to have the element of surprise during confrontations? In that case, you might like a Ruger SR9C concealed carry that offers excellent concealability. Inside the waistband holsters are often the best for this, but some types also offer a degree of concealment.


No one wants to reach out to their holster and discover their gun isn't there, especially during crucial situations. This is where retention is critical, for it is the factor that helps you choose a holster that remains safely attached to you. The best Ruger SR9C holster concealed carry has adjustable retention to alter it to your preference.


It's incredibly important to find a comfortable holster for various reasons. One of which is so that you don't feel uneasy when you carry your handgun. Several things affect a holster's comfort, such as the material, design, construction, type of holster, etc. Take this into consideration when you look for a Ruger SR9C holster.


When it comes to materials used for holsters, the most common is leather. It’s soft and supple, which means it doesn’t irritate or dry the skin. Other materials used include Kydex, polymer, nylon, and more. Each of these materials has unique advantages and disadvantages. It’s best to read up about them to know which material you prefer.


The construction is vital in terms of the longevity of the holster. Of course, you want a Ruger SR9C holster that lasts for years, which means you must check the stitching. A holster with solid stitching won’t break down easily just after a few times of use. If you can find a holster like that, then you have picked a good one.

Holster Type

Some types of holsters are better than others, or at least have different purposes and benefits. There are a few types, which will be discussed in another section of this article. One of them is IWB, which is best for concealment. Other types aren't ideal for concealing your weapon, and that's why becoming familiar with them is essential.


Accidental discharge can happen, which could avoid if you use the right holster. This makes the trigger guard a vital feature to look for in a holster. The trigger guard covers the trigger to prevent it from accidentally discharging. This way, you can have peace of mind that no accidents happen that can result in injury.

Draw Speed

When you need to use your gun, the draw speed can be a matter of life and death. It goes to say you want a concealed carry holster for Ruger SR9C that secures it well but doesn’t affect how quick the draw speed is. Look for a holster with a design with this in mind, making sure you can quickly use your gun when needed.

General Holster Types

Aside from the factors mentioned above, you want to know the different types of holsters. There are many of them, but the general types are IWB, OWB, ankle, leg, and shoulder holsters. Under these types, there are more subtypes and each with unique styles. You can learn about the general types below.

1. IWB Holster

IWB or 'inside the waistband' means exactly what the name says – it's the type you wear inside your pants or waistband. A Ruger SR9C IWB holster effectively conceals your gun, allowing you to carry it without anyone knowing. This is great if concealability matters for you, but note that this type is a little uncomfortable to wear.

2. OWB  Holster

OWB or ‘outside the waistband’ is the opposite of IWB. You wear this type of holster outside of your pants, usually by attaching it to the belt. It is a type of holster that is more comfortable than IWB, but it is more visible. It doesn't offer concealment as much as IWB, but some types like the pancake holster can be more discreet.

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3. Shoulder Holster

One of the benefits of a shoulder holster is it distributes the weight of the gun evenly. As such, you don't have to worry about back pains. It has excellent concealability when you wear a jacket over it. But doing so sacrifices the holster's accessibility. It can hold guns vertically, making it excellent for carrying long-barreled weapons.

4. Ankle Holster

The ankle holster is the type you wear on the ankle. This is a position that is a little inconvenient because wearing your gun on your ankle is too apparent. Though it doesn't conceal, it is comfortable. Because of all these, the ankle holster is more often used for backup weapons.

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Leg Holster

You wear a leg holster on your inner thigh, which is great because it is accessible in any direction. The disadvantage with this type is you aren’t able to conceal your weapon well. For this reason, a leg holster is also much better to use for backup handguns than your primary pistol.


Below are our reviews of most recommended Ruger SR9C concealed carry holster. They are some of the highly rated holsters in the market, which means they might fit the kind of holster you are looking for.

ABC Easy Holster by Dinosaurized is an excellent beginner-friendly holster that works for a variety of handguns, including Ruger SR9C. The best thing about ABC Easy Holster is its simple, straightforward design, perfect even if you are clueless about guns. It's a padded holster made from surgical-grade elastic neoprene but is super comfy, breathable, and lightweight.

If you are concerned with printing and other visible signs that you are carrying a gun, ABC Easy Holster solves that with its sleek design. This specific holster promises to offer more freedom to move, resulting in a speedier gun draw. It is easy to use and ensures secure attachment thanks to the retention strap, snap button, and metal clip. These features ensure your SR9C will stay attached to you no matter what.

ABC Easy Holster is universal, fitting with all sizes of handguns besides SR9C. It even fit some Sig Sauer models, although there are a bit of modification needed. Overall, this Dinosaurized holster is as easy to use as its name suggests. The only issue you might have is its expensive price.

2. Texas Heritage IWB Holster

Tucker Gun Leather Texas Heritage Holster is an "inside the waistband" holster, meaning it provides you with the benefit of concealment. It is undoubtedly an excellent holster if you prefer to carry your pistol a little more discreetly. It is worth noting that Texas Heritage IWB Holster is made of good quality leather. As it’s made from leather, this particular holster should not rub the skin and cause dryness.

Texas Heritage IWB Holster comes with two buckle-on straps used to hook it on the belt or loops of pants. It is excellent that the holster's height and cant are adjustable, so you can change it to suit your liking. You might also like its stitching, which is exceptional and sure to last long. The holster also has a trigger guard that covers even the barrel, perfect for avoiding accidents.

Both the look and feel of Tucker Gun Leather Texas Heritage Holster is fantastic. It is comfortable, easy to use, and made to last. This SR9C IWB holster also has its drawbacks, such as the high price and the fact you need to break the leather first.

3. DeSantis S and W Shield Sof-Tuck Holster

Another leather holster in this list is the DeSantis S and W Shield Sof-Tuck Holster, which perfectly fits Ruger SR9C. It is an inside the waistband holster that can conceal your pistol well. Sof-Tuck Holster comes with an adjustable metal clip for secure attachment and IWB carry. For safety, the holster’s trigger guard covers it to prevent accidental discharge.

From what users suggest, there is no visible printing in using Sof-Tuck Holster. This is great for making sure your handgun is perfectly concealed. It is also worth mentioning that this Ruger SR9C conceal holster is quite nice looking. Sof-Tuck Holster is stylish with its two-tone leather, ideal if you want to carry your handgun in style. The holster is comfortable to wear thanks to the soft suede and premium leather it is made of.

It is a good value Ruger SR9C concealment holster with decent features. It does have a clip for attachment, but it doesn’t tighten enough to keep the pistol in place. It is a practical and comfortable IWB holster, but there is still room for improvement.

4. Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster

Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Holster is a more compact holster compared to those in this list. It is made from Kydex, which is durable but also a comfortable material. The best thing, perhaps, is its shape that perfectly fits Ruger SR9C. This makes LightTuck Holster one of the best spot-on Ruger SR9C concealed carry holsters in the market.

The cant of this holster is adjustable at 30-degrees either way, allowing you to change the angle to your preference. This is an excellent feature for making sure you get a fast draw, especially during confrontations. It has many notable and practical features, such as the spring steel clip and deep ride height.

The build of Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Holster is exceptional with a quality that is sure to last. It is great for concealing your pistol and is also comfortable to use. But it also has its drawbacks, such as the material used to make it being too sturdy and thick.

5. Alien Gear Holsters Ruger SR9c Cloak Tuck IWB Holster

When it comes to a comfortable Ruger SR9C inside the waistband holster, Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB is among the best in the market. It's as expected from Alien Gear, a brand known to produce the best holsters consistently. With Alien Gear Holsters Ruger SR9C Cloak Tuck Holster, the hybrid design is why it's on this list.

This holster combines leather and Kydex, creating a comfortable, sturdy, and modern holster for your handgun. It has several features that add to its practicality, such as the steel spring core. Thanks to that, this Cloak Tuck Holster is both malleable and strong. It is comfortable and easy to wear too, thanks to its tuck-able design.

This Alien Gear Holster also doesn’t fall short on retention, promising to ensure you can make an easy and quick draw. It is a fantastic concealed carry holster for Ruger SR9C with a focus on comfort and durability. One problem is the screws that eventually loosen, which must be tightened again.


Now you have an idea how to find the best Ruger SR9C concealed carry holster. It's not easy, and you might have to try more than several holsters to find what suits you best. But with the guide and the reviews mentioned, you can now look for the holster that suits your needs best.

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