Babel range Bag


Tough range bag to protect & organize your gears


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Best bag to protect your gun & gears

 When you go to the range, there's a lot of people there, so, to make sure you and everyone around you are safe, your guns, ammo, magazines, cleaning kit, shooting glasses, ear protection - all the gun-related stuffs should be well-organized, well-placed and well-seperated. And Babel range bag is the perfect choice for you.
- Organize your gears better: A bag that has no dividers can make you confused. With the new Babel bag and its move dividers, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort to find the gears you want, especially when you have a lot of different things in your bag.
Gun care is very important. Fact: Rust, moisture, dust and corrosion can damage your firearm. Many people leave their "toys" unprotected, which leads to their malfunction maybe even accidental discharges, which is not only bad for your shooting accuracy but also dangerous for you and people around you.
- Outside protection: Babel range bag was made from durable and high-density polyester fabric that can resist water & dust. - Inside protection: It also has super thick interior padding also provides protection for your firearms & gun accessories.
- Protect your gears from thieves: Babel range bag also has lockable main compartment & non-slip bottom.
- With adjustable padded shoulder strap spreading weight across your shoulder, you wouldn't feel heavy or discomfort when carrying your bag all day long.

A switchable 2-in-1 bag

As a truck bag, camera bag or camping bag, Babel Range can alo help you carry anything you want: Cooking & kitchen tools, phone, charger, toys, books, earphones...
Babel bag's outside part has 2 zippered pouches: front and back, with 6 magazine holders, a zippered mesh pocket, a loop wall, and 2 open pouches.
Customizable: Babel bag has two detachable molle webbing panels for extra storage and also another exterior looping panel to customize with flag patches and decorative tags.
Large capacity: Babel range bag has a lot of room for your firearms and range gears. 
As reviewed by Mr. Tufts from Texas:
" I love this bag. It has a TON of room in the main bag area. I keep two sets of peltors, two sets of eyes, binos, range finder, two to three pistols (depending on size) and 500-600 rounds in it. Side mag holder compartment is nice and works well, but with most double strack mags and 1911 mags you can only fit one mag per holder/pouch. Single stack 9mm (like S&W M&P shield) and smaller calibers I can usually fit two mags per holder/pouch. The other side compartment carrys cleaning gear, extra batteries, and basic tools."

" I am a former law enforcement officer that just likes to carry my guns to the range for practice and fun now. This bag holds everything I need and is very well organized. Very sturdy material. I would highly recommend this product."

- Harley Taylor, Utah

BABEL RANGE BAG provides perfect protection for not only your firearms but also all other gears.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-star reviews given by  

"Held all 3 of my handguns and eye and ear protection with room to spare. Built in slots to hold magazines. Comfortable, adjustable shold strap and carry handle. The perfect range bag. I'll be checking out what else this company offers. Great, quality product. Highly reccomend. "

- Natumes , FARRELL, Mississippi

" First, I NEVER right reviews on anything. That said, here we go. As stated, great bag overall. The size is wonderful. Plenty of pockets, and I love the movable dividers in the main compartment. This is my main range bag. I easily fit two sets of ear muffs, eye protection, ammo, targets, scopes, and anything else one would need at the range. One of the outer pockets I use for mags, and emergency aid gear (Tourniquet, gloves etc.). The other side I Use for misc. items such as ID, pens, spare ear foams, barrel flag, etc. The side pocket for two pairs of range gloves. Pms ty of room and can carry more of needed. Great handles and shoulder strap. Love the dark camo color with dark flag that comes with bag. I give this bag two big thumbs up."

- John D.Miami, Florida

" This is a fantastic range bag. It is large enough to hold everything you need for the range. I loaded mine with handgun, 6 boxes ammunition (300rds), hearing protection, protective glasses, gun cloth, water bottle, 6 magazines, magazine loader, adjustment tool. One side of the outer zipper compartment has slots to insert 6 magazines. The other outer compartment I put 4 boxes of ammo (so they wouldn't bounce around in main compartment of the bag). Interior has adjustable Velcro walls to customize fit. Nice handle and shoulder strap. Can fit multiple pistols inside the bag in addition to your shooting supplies. Seems very well built. I highly recommend!

- Me_Myself_and_I, Mississippi


Babel Range Bag is perfect for women who need to carry more than just gun gear. With spacious compartments and customizable exterior looping panel, you can store all your daily essentials along with firearms and range gear. Plus, it's durable and water-resistant, with a lockable main compartment and non-slip bottom for added security.

Protect your valuable gun gear and separate them for easy organization with Babel range bag, the perfect choice for gun enthusiasts heading to the range.

Babel bag is the ideal bag for hunters, offering ultimate protection for your hunting gear both inside and out.




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Are the zippers on this range bag built to last?

- Yes, it can last for years.

Can i add a universal pistol holder with velcro in center compartment?

- Yes you sure can.

The bag is supposed to have 2 dividers. How do I place and attach the dividers?

- The dividers have velcro tabs on each end. They can be placed anywhere you want them in the center section.

How many pistols can it fit, I have 4?

- Yes, more than 4, it can fit up to 6 pistols.

Does the bag have molle on both sides?

- It has molle webbing in two of the four sides; one of the long sides and one of the short sides.

Can the zippers be locked?

- The top/ main compartment can be locked with a luggage lock. The two side zip pockets cannot be locked.

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