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Discover the Ultimate Holster for Your 1911 Firearm - Ranchman Leather Holster!

Versatile and Simplified: The Ranchman leather holster is adjustable, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a perfect fit.

Optimal 3-Slot Pancake Design: With three belt loops, this holster can be worn in three different ways, including strong side, cross-draw, or behind-the-hip carry.

Durable and Long-Lasting: The Ranchman holster is double-stitched in key areas, ensuring that it will stand the test of time and provide years of dependable use.

Comfortable and Easy to Use: The thick leather construction makes this holster lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use, making it the ideal choice for everyday carry.

No Printing: The sleek design of the Ranchman holster ensures that no one will know that you're carrying a firearm, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Stays Put: Unlike other holsters that can come loose, the Ranchman leather holster is incredibly sticky, so you can move, run, or jump without worrying about your gun falling out.

Fits All 1911 Handguns: Whether you have an Airsoft 1911, a S & W 1911, a Colt 1911, a Remington 1911, a Ruger 1911, a Taurus 1911, a Sig Sauer 1911, a Springfield R O 1911 A1, a Ruger Mark 4 target or any other type of 1911 firearm, this holster will fit them all!

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Why Leather Holsters are Better Than Kydex for Everyday Carry:

The best holster for everyday carry is one that is comfortable and easy to wear. The Ranchman leather holster provides a snug fit and makes your sidearm feel like it's not even there, yet it will always be within reach when you need it.

In contrast, Kydex holsters can be irritating and uncomfortable, especially when you move or run. Additionally, Kydex holsters can cause damage to your firearm, as they tend to rub against specific parts of the gun, which can wear away the finish over time. Furthermore, Kydex holsters are designed for specific gun models, which means you'll need to spend time searching for a matching holster each day. With a Ranchman leather holster, you can simply grab it and go, without any hassle.

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Working on a farm or on the road can be hard, and you need to stay focused at all times. The Ranchman holster is designed to prevent sweat from damaging your firearm, and its sweat guard also prevents the rear sight of your firearm from damaging your skin. Plus, the sweat guard provides a secure and comfortable spot for your firearm to rest when you reholster it, keeping it away from your lower body.

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" Once you get over that and look it over, it will impress you. I have a box of holsters like many people who carry a lot. I have spent anywhere from $90 to $155 for a leather OWB holster to varying degrees of satisfaction. For $45, this holster is a steal. Here is what I like*Leather Holster with a high enough sweat guard to protect you from the 1911's tendency to gouge my side when sitting.*The holster is sewn in a radius to match my hip and it pulls the firearm in close .* Will fit three of my large frame firearms that are all different makes. Glock, Kimber, Springfield, it's all working.*The choice of a cant is awesome and helps with comfort.What I don't like*Thin leather. I expect it to stretch and deform within a year and end up in the landfill.*Single stitch for most of it with lightweight thread. The thread is not waxed so it will stain. For the money, a year of comfort is welcome. I think I will buy another for a back up."

OldmanrahDC, Washington DC 

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Why Ranchman leather holsters?

Here's why Ranchman is the perfect choice for you:

✔️ Breathable & Skin-friendly: Made of 100% real leather, Ranchman holsters are breathable and will never cause any irritation or bad smell.

✔️ Lightweight & Simplified Design: With a sleek and basic design, you can carry your firearm all day long without feeling weighed down.

✔️ Secure & Sticky: The strong metal clip will keep your holster securely in place, even during intense activities.

✔️ Fits Most Firearms: Ranchman leather holsters are adjustable and can fit most sizes of firearms, providing you with a one-size-fits-most solution.

Don't settle for less, choose Ranchman leather holsters and experience the ultimate comfort and security for your firearm. Protect your family and focus on your job with ease and comfort!


Why settle for a $100 Kydex holster that only fits one specific firearm when you can have a versatile, comfortable, and lightweight solution for everyday carry with Ranchman leather holster?

As a responsible father or husband, ensuring the safety and protection of your family is a top priority. With Ranchman's skin-friendly, breathable material, you can wear your holster all day without feeling any discomfort or sweat.

And for the hard-working man who needs to stay focused on the job, Ranchman's strong metal clip and sticky design will keep your holster in place, allowing you to move freely without being bothered by a swinging holster. So, whether you're working in hot weather or in the field, you can be prepared and comfortable with Ranchman leather holster.



"For a "mid range" priced holster I am VERY impressed! The quality is pure thick leather that I can not see wearing out anytime soon. The fit and finish are superb. All edges are rounded and smoother out where it would come in contact with your body if you decided to pull your shirt over it. I usually conceal carry but when I'm out in the woods and I want something with a little more knock down power (this easily fits a .45 and 10mm) this will be my go to. Seller delivered on what was advertised and it was received the next day after the order was placed. If you want a good OWB holster I would look no further!!!"

Marco, Saint PaulMinnesota

"Holster is great. Love the 2 position cant. My Sig 1911 carry fits great after I warmed with a blow dryer treated with some Zymol leather conditioner and let him set in holster over night"

Jim G., texas city, Texas





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