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2 O'Dimm Panels

2 O'Dimm Panels

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O'DIMM TACTICAL VISOR is the answer for you!

- Perfect visor for drivers: If you spend a lot of time driving, you may want to keep your necessary items ( emergency tools, identity document, cash) close to you, it's not only effort & time-saving, but also convenient . 

- 3 POWERFUL hook-n-loop straps to prevent sagging: The enhanced center strap can maximize your storage weight and also prevent itself from sagging and dropping things on it, allowing you to attach various tactical gears like a tactical pen, flashlight, seatbelt cutter, etc.

- All in ONE design: the Hoop and Loop panel can carry your morale patches, 3 transparent layers to keep your card, 3 Mesh Pockets to store your documents, 4 elastic loops to keep the marker pen or safety hammer.

- Strong and indestructible material: Made of double-layered 1000D nylon with fancy stitching, O'DIMM PANEL is perfectly stable and sturdy when you add your gears to it. The durable mesh pocket on the backside with large, flat spaces to store your important documents.



When you spend a lot of time driving you may meet a lot of cops who ask for your license and registration. And to be fair, they don't know who we are and what we do, and naturally, they should be... a little more careful when we reach the glove box (or pocket) to get the document.  O'DIMM TACTICAL PANEL helps both you and the cop to relieve the unecessary tension, it's much more natural and smoother when you just reach your the visor which is just in front of your face to get the documents they ask for. 



"I go this not too long ago and it does what it is advertised to do. I love that it makes things easy to access in case I need it. It feels strong, rugged and made of high quality. It takes 5 minutes or less to install and you're done.."

Jeremy C.- Galveston, Texas

"Really like all the storage that is easily in reach of driver."

- Sarah D., Winthrop, Arkansas

"Fits like a glove in my 2021 Tacoma. A lot of storage pockets on front side and rear side. Pen holders. Now I need to get some patches to show off since it has Velcro on the left side or room for more pens and knifes. Great product overall


Ben Wiggins.- Austin, Texas

"I'm a veteran and I love this item it brings me back and also it has a lot of room for all of my patches absolutely love it lots of storage room for everything I need!!!."

- Jorge Antonio Sandoval., New Orleans, Lousiana

ODimm visor brings you 3 things : Convenience, firmness & space.

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Why O'Dimm Panels?

✔️Keep your things well organized, easy to find.

✔️Secured & sturdy: Stay well-attacted to your visor even when you drive on rough roads. 

✔️5 pockets: save more space and keep your car tidy.


✔️Easy to install.

✔️High-quality material: water-resistant & anti-scratch.


If you spend a lot of time driving, getting an O'Dimm Panel is a great idea. You can save a lot of time when buying food and gas, or finding small, tiny things (keys, sun glasses, pen) which can be lost if you don't it place it  at a visible place.

If somehow you get pulled over by a police officer, to keep the situation go easy as Christ Rock's sketch, you should put your ID document in O'Dimm Panel and just pull it out when the cop asks. It not only helps you find you things easily & conveniently but also helps the cop feel less skeptic when he has to approach a stranger.

If you want to optimize your time its best that you keep everything in your car tidy and visible. 


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