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6 TopG magnetic mounts

6 TopG magnetic mounts

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Powerful & Universal:Made of neodymium rare earth,TopG Gun mount allows itself to safely hold and conceal up to 75 lbs. of firearm – for both parallel and perpendicular mounting (no spinning!).

Stay put:TopG Mount can be installed on your car/wall with our provided screws, it's also super strong that can keep your gun in place even when you're driving off-road on a rough surface in Scottish Highlands.

Tactical & practical: Allows you to grab your guns quick and convenient.

Easy to mount: can be mounted in your vehicle, truck, office, car, cashier, doorway, desk and table.

Scratch-free:With unique natural rubber coating, TopG Gun Mount protects your firearm from scratching when mounted, allowing for quick and easy mounting and release without worrying about damage.

Only fit flat-top handgun, if you have revolver, check Dragon gun mount here

under desk gun mount


TopG Gun Mount is the best replacement for gun vaults when you're home or driving. Put your gununder your table, under hand wheels or right on your door, set your belt free from carrying your gun for a few driving hours but still keep yourself100% prepared.

easy gun wall mount


You can easily install TopG Gun Mount on any magnetic metal surfaces without any efforts. 

You can also install TopG on other non-magnetic surfaces like wall or wood with our provided screws.

Where to install?You can installTopG Gun Mount in your car, truck, wall, vault, bedside, doorway, desk, table, safe... As long as it's within reach.

vehicle gun holster | magnetic mount gun for car


Good choice for fat drivers:Seated draw is usually struggling, especially when we drive. And when we're fat, that would even be a much tougher expericence: We have toawkwardlydraw the gun when it's still stuck between the pants and our big sweaty belly. That may cost us3-4 seconds, and if we're not an experienced gun owner, it would be7-8 seconds.
With TopG Gun Mount,now you can just grab your gun like a banana.
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