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belly holster concealed carryLOOKING FOR THE MOST MINIMAL & EASY TO USE HOLSTER?

- ABC easy holster's amazingly versatile, adjustable and simplified design helps new gun owner don't have to buy different holsters for different sizes of guns.


- The MOST common problem that many holster brands in America nowaday have is overcomplication. They add a lot of useless parts to their holsters to make it cooler, and sell them with much more higher price. The truth is, hulking, complicatedly-made holsters only brings you troubles, especially when you are a new gun owner. When you run, jump or crawl, those big holsters are gonna start to sag, impacting your speed. Also, carrying heavy holsters for a long time can damage your spine and posture.


- ABC easy holster, with zero unecessary parts (which are mostly added by other holster manufacturers just to make you pay more), makes sure you can carry and draw your gun safe and easily.

best belly holster

1 SIZE FITS ALL ABC easy holster is the perfect choice for you!

- Lightweight, comfy & easy to use: Made of padded and breathable surgical grade elastic neoprene, you won't feel a thing carrying ABC easy holster.


- No printing: ABC easy holster's sleek design makes sure that nobody knows you're carrying.


- Optimization & freedom to move : With ABC easy holster, you can quickly draw your gun and freely move your whole body especially under need-to-quickly-response situations.


- 100% Concealed & Sticky: ABC easy holster's light weight, anti-slip design and high-quality neoprene sticky material ensures that your gun stays 100% sticky & unnoticed even when you run, jump or crawl.


- Versatile-good for newbie: With ABC easy holster, you can learn to carry your guns in different ways with different sizes. You can carry ABC easy holster on any positions around your belt. You can also use ABC easy holster not only as an IWB but an OWB holster. ABC easy holster fits all sizes of handguns, even ones that are mounted with a flashlight.




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