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B's Dry Fire 9mm Dummy Round

B's Dry Fire 9mm Dummy Round

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This B's Dry Fire 9mm Dummy Rounds are often used by shooters as a training aid to help them learn how to fire their weapons safely. It packs in 10 rounds with specific purposes and is made exclusively for dry firing - they don't have any capability or function that would make it dangerous if fired accidentally during practice sessions!  You'll get an unmatched quality product from B's Dry Fire because we never sacrifice durability even when making something so simple; our trademark bright white striking surface perfectly absorbs impact on your FIRING PIN after every shot, giving you peace-of confidence knowing there won't be any costly repairs. Our dummy rounds are the most dependable and economical option for shooters who want to hone their skills without spending a fortune on bullets! With B's Dry Fire Dummy Rounds, you can practice like a pro with no vulnerabilities or risks - just pure confidence when it's time to shoot for real. Get your Dummy Rounds today!

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