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Front and Rear TRUGLO Fiber-Optic for Glock, Sig Springfield, S&W

Front and Rear TRUGLO Fiber-Optic for Glock, Sig Springfield, S&W

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Color Black
Style Glock 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24 and more
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1 x 1 x 1 inches
Sport Type Hunting, Tactical & Military
Item Weight 0.1 Pounds

TRUGLO Fiber-Optic is a fiber optic product that uses traditional technology. It has CNC machine steel construction for increased durability and contrast, with a red front side to help you see the green rear when aiming at your target without being seen in return; it also conceals any hiding place of its hope so there's no chance anyone can just happen upon them by accident! You'll be able to make use of these amazing sights whether wearing standard holsters or custom-made ones alike thanks to their snag-resistant design. 

Fiber optics are the way to go for those looking in bright light conditions. The fiber-optics triad targeting system ensures pinpoint accuracy, even when there's low visibility! It also has contrasting front and rear colors which makes it virtually impossible not only to see but also aim at your target with any degree of reliability from across a room or while behind cover--without being seen doing so yourself either because these lights don't give off much heat making them very difficult. 

The concealed construction of these stocks means that they cannot be seen by targets while being worn through standard holsters which makes them perfect equipment no matter what kind or style you prefer!

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