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TopG Magnet

TopG Magnet

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Universal Compatibility: The TopG Magnet's versatility allows it to be installed on various surfaces - magnetic or non-magnetic, including cars, walls, and beds. Its superior strength ensures your firearm remains in place, even on rough terrains like the Scottish Highlands.

Multipurpose Functionality: Not limited to firearm storage, the TopG Magnet is equally effective at holding screwdrivers, hammers, nails, and other DIY tools.

Rapid Access & Convenience: The tactical and practical design of the TopG Magnet enables quick, easy, and convenient access to your firearm when needed.

Effortless Installation: The TopG Magnet can be mounted on a range of surfaces, such as vehicles, trucks, offices, cars, cash registers, doorways, desks, and tables.

Protective Design: Featuring a unique natural rubber coating, the TopG Magnet ensures your firearm remains scratch-free during mounting and releasing, allowing for worry-free use.

Compatibility: The TopG Magnet works with and fits all sizes of semi-automatic pistols.
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