The best concealed carry backpack is a great way to carry concealed pistols. Many manufacturers now provide models ready for concealed carry right from their factories. 
The variety of options might make you confused when choosing a suitable concealed carry backpack. Luckily, we are here to help you out. 
We have compiled a list of great products for your consideration, along with a helpful buying guide. Are you eager to know? Let's get the ball rolling.
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Comparison Table Of The Best Concealed Carry Backpack

Here is a comparison table to help you get an overall view about our suggested concealed carry backpack and bags.







Dinosaurized KomodoTactical BackPack

Tactical backpack

40 liters


Check price


Universal backpack

8 liters


Check price

Elite SurvivalSystems Stealth SBR

Rifle backpack

44 liters


Check price

VERTX Ready Pack

Tactical backpack

20 liters


Check price

Eberlestock S27Little Trick

Tactical backpack

18.68 liters


Check price

5.11 COVRT18 CovertBackpack

Assault Rucksack pack

32 liters


Check price

Maxpedition Entity 16

Sling bag

16 liters


Check price

Vertx Commuter Sling2.0

Sling bag

17 liters


Check price


Best Concealed Carry Backpack 2021 Reviews

The Dinosaurized Komodo Tactical BackPack deserves the best concealed carry backpack for its exceptional performance in all aspects. 

Dinosaurized Komodo Tactical Backpack

It features a 40-liter big capacity with the size of 19.68 x 11.8 x 11 inches, perfect for camping, trekking, hunting, and other outdoor activities. It features five storage compartments:

  • Two big compartments with mesh pockets and an integrated zippered pocket for important and big supplies.
  • Two pockets in the front for storing small items.
  • A hidden pocket in the back for items you frequently use.

You can store your small firearm here for concealed carry. Plus, it features a water- and wind-resistant outer shell made of 600D nylon Oxford fabrics to allow wearers to brave severe conditions like rain and snow. Due to its three-layer built-in shell, the backpack can keep your stuff dry and well protected. On top of that, this backpack gun safe comes with adjustable and removable straps, comfortable to carry. They feature soft padding, so it does not cause any burden on your shoulders even after wearing it for hours. Furthermore, it is built with a waist belt to effortlessly fix the backpack on your waist. 

Thus, you will not need to worry that your backpack can slide down when hunting, climbing, or riding a bike. We also like this backpack because it boasts a large number of zipper pockets, allowing you to store more important things based on your demand. 

Plus, we highly appreciate its layer design as it can help you organize all the gear easily and grab them quickly. On the downside, the backpack can find it slightly bulky to carry in short distances.


  • Big 40-liter big capacity
  • Water and wind-resistant outer shell
  • Three-layer built-in shell to keep your stuff well protected
  • Adjustable and removable straps comfortable to carry
  • Zipper pockets to store more important things
  • Ergonomically layer design to organize all the gear easily


  • Slightly bulky

The Dragao Universal Bag is a great partner to carry and protect your daily EDCs. It stands out with a practical universal design, helping you change the carry spot easily. Thus, you will not feel heavy and uncomfortable while carrying the bag for a long time. 

Dragao Universal Bag

You can wear it as a backpack, handbag, sling bag, or front pack. We are pretty sure it is completely comfortable and snug to carry on varying positions on the body. 

Besides, it is a multi-purpose bag to perfectly work for both daily and tactical uses. This best concealed carry bag can serve you perfectly with high quality, versatility, and tough material. In particular, it comes with 1000D neoprene material. This material is famous for its physical scratch, water, and high-temperature resistance, keeping your belongings, including concealed pistols, well-protected. It is also perfect for outdoor activities. Whether you run, hike, camp, climb, or cycle, the bag can stay tightened to the body. 

Thus, you will not worry about it sliding down, helping you focus on what you are doing without any distraction. Featuring a very big strap, the bag can spread weight across the body, making it much more comfortable to wear. You will not feel constricted in any daily or strenuous movement. Especially, there is a sleeve with elastic straps sewn in to hold your belongings inside the bag.

Thus, you can put your pistol in this bag to carry to wherever you want without drawing any attention. You will also find it convenient thanks to the design with various plastic D rings and molle straps to attach items like a jacket and water bottles. If you want to carry it in your hands, a sleeve on its rear side will help.

Nevertheless, its price is a bit higher than other options in the range.


  • Practical universal design for flexible wearing positions 
  • 1000D neoprene material to deliver high resistance
  • Able to stay tightened to the body
  • Big strap for comfortable carrying
  • Plastic D rings and molle straps to carry other items


  • Higher price

#3. Best Designed Concealed Carry Bag: Elite Survival Systems Stealth SBR

The next position belongs to the Elite Survival Systems Stealth SBR for its design. Particularly, it is built to carry a bit more firepower than other conventional handguns. As the name suggests, the backpack is great for carrying short-barreled rifles (SBRs). 

Elite Survival Systems Stealth SBR 

The bag comes with 500D military-grade fabric to deliver high durability against water, scratch, and other external elements. Plus, its Stealth SBR features well-padded shoulder traps, including a back panel and a sternum strap, and a built-in belt for comfortable concealed carry. You will love this bag as it can be worn by two side handles and both shoulder straps. These side handles help you wear it like a briefcase and messenger bag. There is also a small pocket in the upper front to hold stationery like small notebooks, pens, and pencils. 

Also, the backpack comes with a bigger lower pocket to fit some firearm magazines. The key compartment of this bag can fit a compact pistol or a carbine broken into a lower and upper. The bag has a mount with Velcro straps to secure SBRs of any size. 

The sides, top, and bottom are padded to protect the concealed gun well. There is also a vented back panel paired with aluminum stay to deliver great support for you when carrying. That said, we found that it is quite hard to access the bag.


  • Able to carry a bit more
  • 500D military-grade fabric to deliver high durability
  • Well-padded shoulder traps comfortable carry
  • Padded sides, top, and bottom protect the stuff


  • Not easy to access

#4. Best Tactical Tailor Concealed Carry Backpack - Vertx Ready Pack

The next position belongs to the VERTX Ready Pack for its ability to conceal. It looks like a school or business backpack, so people hardly recognize that it’s a concealed carry bag, perfect for CCW. Besides, it comes with a capacity of 20 liters to fit a 15-inch laptop, and other EDC demands. 

VERTX Ready Pack 

The back's front panel can fold into the backpack to expose various molle straps for extra external features in terms of flexibility. Plus, its back foam panel features a mesh coating to allow for airflow for additional comfort. What we also like is its side pocket which is big enough to fit a bottle of water. The bag's shoulder straps come with a built-in sternum strap to keep the bag in place. The bag also stands out with a built-in hip belt to tuck away when it is unused.

Another plus point of this backpack is its main compartment that can fit a ballistic panel. This pouch can beef up the VERTX pack with optimal protection. Moreover, you can access a concealment compartment through a pull strap. 

Accordingly, a fast yank on this strap can open the big Velcro-lined pouch. Besides, the strap delivers easier access in times of stress. Nevertheless, you must wear this bag with one strap. If not, you will have to practice bypassing a strap to spin the pack around forward.


  • Great design for concealed carry
  • 20-liter capacity to meet EDC demand
  • Mesh coating to allow for airflow for additional comfort
  • Built-in sternum strap to keep the bag in place
  • Main compartment to fit a ballistic panel
  • Easy access in urgent cases


  • One wearing style only

#5. Best Innovative Concealed Carry Backpack - Eberlestock S27 Little Trick 

We cannot forget to mention the Eberlestock S27 Little Trick. The brand Eberlestocks is famous for its tactical innovation, and this backpack is no exception. This 18-liter bag is made of 1000 denier nylon, delivering high water resistance to protect your belongings.

Eberlestock S27 Little Trick

It features a design of a hiking backpack without overt signs of any defensive content. There are two big major compartments in the front with ample organizational features. Plus, we are impressed with its exterior compartments relegated for firearm concealed carry with various zippered openings. Furthermore, the key ingenuity of this backpack is the big main compartment. Whereas you fit a pistol or some, for that matter, the bag can expand to store an AR gun. 

Moreover, the major compartment's bottom can unzip to expand for fitting a bigger firearm's length. We also found this bag to be comfortable with a well-ventilated back panel and nice padding. The bag also wins our hearts for its loop Velcro PALS webbing to allow you to rack Velcro-backed or molle accessories. Notably, there is an ambidextrous concealed holster for storing most firearms, even full-frame automatics.

That said, it seems to be difficult to utilize the holster compartment through pass-through openings on the pack's sides. They are quite small and tough to get our hands to access the pistol at any speed. 

Besides, the Velcro in the major compartment isn't sufficient for our VERTX holsters to be securely held.


  • Tactical innovation for high protection
  • 1000 denier nylon material to deliver water
  • Exterior compartments relegated for firearm concealed carry
  • Expandable main compartment to store more stuff  
  • High comfort with a well-ventilated back panel and nice padding
  • Loop Velcro webbing to allow you to rack accessories


  • Hard to access the pistol
  • Insufficient Velcro in the main compartment

#6. Best Concealed Carry Bag For Pistol - 5.11 Covrt18 Covert Backpack 

If you seek the best backpack for your full-size firearms, the 5.11 COVRT18 might be right for you. This pack outweighs other products for its roomy main compartment with secondary storage areas to house your weapons without drawing attention. 

5.11 COVERT18 Convert Backpack

In particular, the major storage area measures 19 x 12.25 x 6.5 inches with the volume of 32 liters, while the secondary storage area is 11 x 9.25 x 2.5 inches. Especially, the bag has a roll-down assault compartment able to store a full-sized pistol.We like this bag because it has a reinforced grab handle and shoulder straps for extra comfort when wearing. There is also an ambidextrous side-entry compartment to store a weapon you need to access fast. It is made of waterproof 500D nylon to withstand unfavorable conditions.

The backpack also features a flip-down ID panel to let you go from overt to covert immediately. Besides, the bag has a padded pouch for housing sunglasses. You will love this bag as it is available in color combinations that can blend well in various environmental conditions. 

The bag also boasts interior molle attachments to make it effortless and fast to customize. On the downside, we found that this bag's bungee cords on the side pockets tend to break. 

Besides, there are not many organizational features inside the bag, just two big open pouches.


  • Roomy main compartment to house belongings
  • Reinforced grab handle and shoulder straps for extra comfort 
  • Waterproof 500D nylon to withstand unfavorable conditions
  • Flip-down ID panel to let you covert immediately
  • Interior molle attachments to make it fast to customize


  • Not durable bungee cords
  • Not have many organizational features

#7. Best Gun Backpack For Grey Man - Maxpedition Entity 16 

The Maxpedition Entity 16 is the best option for those who follow the grey man theory. It is a neutral looking heather gray sling bag, ideal for offices. Besides, the bag's low profile look is also great for discreet carry.

Maxpedition Entity 16

We are also impressed with its external pouches, perfectly matching the curves and lines of the bag. Plus, you will find it easy to utilize with no bulging out. This backpack also boasts a shoulder strap available for both hand use. Notably, the bag can stay in place thanks to two waist straps to hold it tight to your body. Its sling design is fast to rotate into place so that you can access your firearm from a big CCW pocket. This pouch comes with zippers on all sides and is entirely lined in Velcro. 

Thus, you can attach magazine holders, holsters, and other things you want. In terms of capacity, this best CCW backpack features a 16-liter volume with the size of 17 x 10 x 8 inches. There are also tuckable exterior magnetic wings to deliver fast temp closing of the major compartment. Besides, this compartment comes with drawbridge straps for extra security. It also features a dedicated sleeve that fits various tablets.

Still, we found that the bag's CCW pocket might not be big enough for full-sized firearms. And if you want to store your laptop, it is best to consider other options.


  • Neutral looking heather gray sling bag great for discreet carry
  • Shoulder strap available both hand use
  • Two waist straps to hold it tight to your body
  • Tuckable exterior magnetic wings to deliver fast temp closing


  • CCW pocket insufficient for full-sized handguns
  • Unable to house laptops

#8. Best Quick Draw Concealed Carry Backpack - Vertx Commuter Sling 2.0 

The VERTX Sling 2.0 is the best sling bag for your EDC needs. The bag boasts a wide variety of non-tactical colors, including red, green, black, and blue. If you prefer style, you possibly color coordinate this sling bag with the outfit. 

VERTX Commuter Sling 2.0

Another plus point of this bag is that it lets you insert a ballistic panel into the bag, providing an extra protection level. There is a removable waist belt to improve the bag's loading ability. 

When carrying the bag over a shoulder, you will also find it quickly to shift the side for easy access to the firearm pouch. Thus, it can provide a smooth transition from concealed carry to cocked. Notably, the VERTX's main compartment can accept ballistic panels with various internal organizational accessories to keep stuff in place. We also like its convertible front panel to stow behind the loop-faced molle webbing to offer access to things mounted there. It can quickly change the appearance of the bag as well. You will rest assured about the security of this bag as there are two retention G hooks in the back compartment to hamper unintended opening. 

This rifle-friendly bag enables you to carry more essentials securely to the job and other pursuits in confidence, safety, and comfort. The minus point undermining the overall performance of this bag is the lack of an external pocket for water bottles.


  • Able to insert ballistic panel for extra protection level
  • Removable waist belt to improve the bag's load-carrying ability
  • Smooth transition from concealed carry to cocked
  • Retention G hooks to hamper unintended opening
  • Able to carry more essentials securely


  • No water bottle external pocket

Ultimate Buying Guide For A Good Concealed Carry Backpack

Gun Accessibility

Gun accessibility is a critical element when you want to deploy the pistol. It is imperative to get it with ease. A too small pull tab or sticky zipper is probably the line between death and life. 

A concealed carry bag needs to feature a hook and loop tab or a sizable zipper. It is best to exercise the mechanism to build the confidence that it can always open without issues. Practice is the key here. Practice whenever you can. Another factor affecting the accessibility to the pistol is the pouch's position. If it is placed on the side, you have to rotate the pack to the front. If it's in a main concealed compartment, you might have to remove the pack for access completely.

Plus, a highly organized bag can help you house your pistol in the same proper position every time. As a result, you can quickly access the pistol without any hassle.

Safe and Security

We define a bag's safety based on its capability to keep the pistol securely. The main concealment compartment has to remain closed until you open it. Plus, safety begins with a high-quality holster for the pistol itself. 

The firearm has to be kept in place, and its trigger needs optimal protection. Retention might be a good option too. There are two popular options, including molle and hook and loop panels. Molle panels can allow you to mount any holster compatible with molle within the pack. 

The benefit is that you can utilize a specifically-made holster for your firearm. Plus, you can mount various magazine pocket options with molle panels in your bag. Meanwhile, hook and loop panels offer a wide mounting surface. They require mounting straps or a mated holster. 

The concealed carry bags with hook and loop regularly offer a "one-size-fits-most holster. They might sell a holster at an extra cost. Normally, holsters are outfitted with additional retention points like snap, thumb strap, and other devices. 

This combination of security ensures your firearm can stay in place. With the hook and loop panels, you can utilize a gun-specific holster.  

Concealment And Outlook

When seeking a concealed carry bag, you might want it not to draw any attention. It is best to choose the gray bag and adapt to your environment. You can seek the pack with familiar styles like school, hiking, or business bags. 

These appearances all make great camouflage for a concealed carry bag. Plus, it is imperative to have compartments inside the bag loaded with tactical and molle goodies. Besides, the bag with a color-contrast interior can make it more effortless to locate and identify specific gear visually. A black interior with black organizers and black gear possibly makes things tricky. 

That's why it is best to seek some color contrast inside the bag to make things stand out. But remember to keep the outside simple and plain.

Quality and Durability

Quality is a critical factor for a concealed carry bag. It is best to choose those made of high denier nylon (1000 or 500), Cordura, or Kodra materials. Also, you need to look at the stitching's durability, especially for the bag's shoulder straps since these parts take the most abuse. 

Besides, a good bag needs premium zippers bound to last longer. There's nothing more terrible than a jammed or blown zipper.

Comfort And Convenience

Luckily, most concealed carry packs are relatively light. Thus, it will not be a burden on your shoulder. But it must be fit, so remember to avoid small bags that aren't suitable for your body. 

Besides, we highly recommend you to buy a bag with adjustable load straps and shoulder straps to deliver wearing comfort in various situations. Moreover, all straps need padding to handle a lover over longer durations. 

The back panel and shoulder pad's inside might be moisture wicking and ventilated to offer optimal comfort.

How To Use Concealed Carry Backpacks?

Using a concealed carry backpack is slightly more complicated than an average OWB holster. So how do you use it? Carrying your pistol off-body has a set of concerns. The first point is about the speed to access it. 

It is essential to practice the holstered draw again and again. Practice makes perfect. To get used to the backpack, you have to draw from it regularly until you're proficient and add stress. It is worth recognizing that you never outdraw a firearm with a backpack. 

Thus, you have to re-establish a concept of threats. In urgent cases, it is imperative to keep the pistol on your body at all times and leave other unnecessary stuff behind.


So you have gone through our article about the best concealed carry backpack and bags. In a nutshell, a quality concealed carry bag needs to meet the requirements of concealment, durability, comfort, access, and security. 

If you are still unsure how to choose a good pack, it is advisable to reread our buying guide. Besides, you can consider our eight suggested products above. We are quite confident that they can mostly meet your demand for carrying your firearms without drawing much attention. Of which, our winner - the Dinosaurized Komodo Tactical BackPack is a worthy investment. It not only stands out for a great design for concealment, but it also has a large capacity of up to 40 liters.

Moreover, it can comprehensively resist water, stand, scratches, and more thanks to the waterproof 600D nylon Oxford fabric material. There is also a three-layer built-in shell to keep your belongings well protected. 

Anyway, we hope our article is helpful for you. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you for reading.

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