Firefighters work in very harsh environments. Therefore, firefighter protective equipment such as shoes, gloves, and specialized clothing are indispensable tools when working.

In particular, hands are often in direct contact with hazards. So, people need to choose specialized gloves with good heat and fire resistance.

If you are wondering which fire gloves to buy, this article will be your solution. Here are the top 5 best firefighting gloves 2022 on the market. 

Let's get right into the details!

Comparison Table For Top 5 Best Version


Short Review



Dino Youngstown Titan XT Glove

A pair of the firefighting gloves from the besthigh-quality protective gear manufacturer


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Dragon Alpha X Glove

This tool provides the best hand protection with theentire outer layer made of animal skin material.

At the same time, it also has an extra layer ofreinforcement in vulnerable areas such as the knuckles.


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Dino Ringers R-314 Gloves

Our nomination offers outstanding hand protection with itsbest-in-class cut-resistant, impact-resistant construction.


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Dino Ironclad EXO Gloves

A pair of high-quality firefighting gloves that provideeffective protection at the best price you can afford.


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Intra-FIT Gloves

The unique design provides a firm grip with good water andoid resistance, supporting precision tasks.


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The Best Firefighter Gloves Reviews For Your Reference

To help people have more information to help them choose the most suitable firefighter glove for them, we have compiled a list of some outstanding products. Below is a detailed review of the top 5 nominees for the best firefighter gloves.

#1. Dino Youngstown Titan XT Glove - Best Firefighting Gloves in Overall

Feature highlights

  • Protection against impact, cut, and puncture.
  • Material: Thermoplastic rubber.
  • Color: Black/Green.
  • Item: Protective gloves for fire fighting.
The first recommendation that we would like to introduce to you is the Dino Youngstown Titan XT Glove. This product line is a designed protective tool that meets the requirements for optimal hand protection from hazards during work while offering agility and flexibility. To do this, the product has a shell made of synthetic materials of nylon, polyester, cotton, and neoprene. At the same time, the inner lining uses 100% Kevlar material - with resistance to cuts and punctures to protect your hands best. This fabric is also the material used to make bulletproof vests with excellent protection.
A vibration-reducing pad in the palm of EVA foam improves control and reduces hand vibration. Moreover, the gloves are equipped with 3M Scotchlite reflective bands at the wrist to make it easier to see when moving in the evening. Shoppers appreciate and give these gloves positive feedback. Specifically, Dinosaurized Store receives more than 500 reviews with 75% being a 5-star rating.  
The only drawback of this product is its poor water resistance. Therefore, you should use them in firefighting duties when maintaining and rescuing vehicles rather than when you have to work directly at fires. To put out a fire, you will typically need to use water. At that time, wearing these gloves will make you feel uncomfortable, reducing work performance.
In summary, the Dino Youngstown Titan XT Glove is the best structural firefighting glove you should buy. Because they offer all-round hand protection and prevent hazards associated with cuts, punctures.
Moreover, this is one of the best-selling products in Dinosaurized - An Army Store so their price is not too high.


  • Good visibility thanks to 3M reflector.
  • Reduce vibration.
  • Full hand protection.
  • Heavy-duty Composite Case.
  • Price matching.


  • Waterproof.

#2. Dragon Fire Alpha X Glove - Best Structural Protection

Dragon Alpha X Glove

Feature highlights

  • Optimal all-round protection
  • Material: Animal Skin
  • Color: Tan black

Our next recommendation is the Dragon Alpha X Glove - the firefighting gloves in Protection.

This protective gear is capable of protecting your hands from chemicals, abrasion, and punctures. At the same time, they also help to resist heat well and keep warm when working in cold weather. Therefore, people rate this protective equipment as the best gloves for warmth and dexterity.

Moreover, the Dragon Fire provides the best health protection solution for helping you deal with blood-borne pathogens. Kovenex’s inner lining is what makes the difference and makes people love these gloves. Because Kovenex, the standard for fire emergencies, is a special fabric that provides highly effective thermal protection.

This product also uses a soft and durable animal skin shell to provide a solid feel and good protection but still gives you flexibility. In addition, the device has pads sewn to the fingertips and a larger patch on the palm. As a result, they support more flexibility for every finger movement when you wear them.

More specifically, the manufacturer also equips you with a fire extinguisher strap, a great tool to make your work more flexible and convenient. This strap helps you to link your gloves to your protective clothing. This protective glove is a high-quality product with comprehensive protection, and you will have to spend a fairly high cost to own this pair of gloves.

However, with the benefits they bring, especially blood-borne dangers, we think you should buy them if you have the conditions.


  • Handy design
  • Clever, flexible
  • Strong structure
  • Optimal protection
  • Maintains the natural suppleness of leather


  • Need to break before use
  • The price is quite high

#3. Dino Ringers R-314 Gloves - Best for Impact Resistance

Feature highlights

  • Good cut resistance
  • Material: Imitation leather
  • Color: Black gold
  • Item: Protective gloves for fire fighting.

Dino Ringers R-314 Gloves are the most suitable tools to carry out searching and rescuing people and objects in a fire. Because they have a special design with protection along the back of the hand that contributes to injury prevention thanks to good cut and puncture resistance.

This padding creates a barrier between the hand and the hazards at the fire scene, providing the best protection for the firefighter's hand.

The shell of the gloves is made of super durable Kevlar material. At the same time, the palm part has an additional layer of padding that improves the ability to hold firmly. In particular, you can confidently collect debris without fear of them affecting your hands by wearing these gloves.

In addition, the product also features an elastic cuff on the wrist for a snug fit that helps keep dirt and debris from getting inside. This protective glove earned 176 reviews, of which 81% had a 5-star rating.

As can be seen, these high-quality firefighting gloves protect the hands well. At the same time, it is very suitable for rescue missions and searching for victims and objects after extinguishing fires.


  • Outstanding hand protection
  • Suitable for many professions (including firefighters)
  • Good cut and puncture resistance
  • Comfortable
  • Clever, flexible


  • Quite stiff for the first time use

#4. Dino Ironclad EXO Gloves - Best for Budget

Feature highlights

  • Best price
  • Material: Nylon - Synthetic Leather
  • Color: brown
  • Item: Protective gloves for fire fighting.

Dino Ironclad EXO Gloves are popular products for firefighters that use MVA release technology to provide comprehensive hand protection.

First, the gloves are made from soft, flexible materials such as nylon and polyester for increased agility and flexibility. As a result, firefighters can control their fingers flexibly to operate equipment and machines that require high precision even when wearing gloves. Therefore, the gloves are structural firefighting gloves with best dexterity to help improve work performance for users.

The product is equipped with a 16-point measuring system to create the correct size to provide a perfect fit for the user. Besides, the hook and loop wrist cuff allows you to customize the fit to your hand.

In addition, they also feature anti-vibration palm pads that cushion the impact of impact tools and motorized equipment, allowing you to keep working at your best.

Currently, this pair of fire gloves have more than 3,300 reviews with a 5-star rating of 72% (reaching an average score of 4.5/5 on the marketplace).


  • Soft, flexible materials
  • Customizability
  • Cheap
  • Anti-vibration pads
  • Safety


  • No resistance to pathogens 

#5. Intra-FIT Gloves - Best for Waterproofing


Feature highlights

  • Effective waterproof and anti-oil
  • Material: Imitation leather
  • Color: Black gold
  • Item: Protective gloves for fire fighting.

Intra-FIT Cut Resistant Fire Protection Gloves with PVC patches give you a firm grip on all types of surfaces for a great user experience.

This product is designed with 3 protection features, including A tight inner lining that protects your hand. Next, Armortex-reinforced padding covers the palm, and the abrasion-resistant thumb saddle is shaped to the palm shape.

Finally, the striking shell is also made from a special technical fabric resistant to oil as well as water. Fuel, the acid in buttery, and chemicals can cause serious chemical burns.

This downside of this product is that its fire resistance is quite low. Because the gloves are made of synthetic leather, they are resistant to heat but easily burned by fire. According to our statistics, there have been more than 200 reviews for this pair of protective gloves with a 76% 5-star rating (average 4.5/5 points) on the Amazon e-commerce platform.

All in all, the Intra-FIT Gloves offer the best protection for firefighters' hands with water and oil resistance.


  • Good grip on all surfaces
  • Good oil as well as water resistance
  • Dustproof
  • Protect fingertips and hands
  • Simple


  • Low heat resistance 

Buying Guide 

To help you have more information to choose the best fire extrication gloves suitable for your needs, we have compiled some basic product featuré.

You need to consider these factors before deciding to buy firefighting gloves for yourself or a loved one.


Water-resistance is the first factor to evaluate the quality of a pair of the firefighting gloves. Working in this environment, you often use water to put out fires. Therefore, the gloves must have good water resistance and keep your hands dry to accurately and flexibly handle situations that arise while working.

The best firefighting gloves often have a specialized waterproof layer that's breathable to keep your hands from getting steamy.

Heat resistant

In addition to water resistance, the best fire extrication gloves need to meet heat resistance requirements. Because, fires will give off very high heat. The gloves then act as a protective layer, separating your hands from this heat source.

At the same time, gloves need to have good heat and fire resistance to help firefighters complete the task of extinguishing and rescue.

If gloves are not heat and flame resistant, firefighters can get burned while working because they directly contact high heat sources.


Flexibility is also an important factor you need to consider when choosing fire gloves.

Thick gloves usually protect your hands well but will reduce dexterity. As such, when handling situations that require precision and flexibility, you will have to remove your gloves.

Therefore, it is essential to choose gloves that meet the features of Dexterity. These gloves should have a hand-hugging, well-fitting design that allows you to control your fingers easily. To have flexibility when using, you should choose a pair of the firefighting gloves that are the right size for your hand. Because, if the gloves are too tight, they will constrict your hand, making it impossible for you to control your fingers flexibly.

On the contrary, when you choose to buy gloves that are too wide, it is difficult for you to operate correctly, especially when using small objects such as flashlight buttons.


The best quality firefighting gloves are usually made from animal hides, most commonly goats and cows.

Evaluating these two types of animal skin, many people think that the leather is thick, hard, durable with good protection but not very flexible.

In contrast, the thinner goatskin provides convenience, allowing the firefighter to perform tasks that require precision. Therefore, this material is more and more popular.

However, the durability of goatskin will be lower than that of gloves using cowhide material. 

Knuckle protection

Besides being resistant to heat and protecting hands from scratches, the best pair of NFPA firefighting gloves need knuckle protection.
People should choose gloves with added protection at the knuckles.
Firefighters often apply force to the knuckles, so the best quality firefighting gloves require extra knuckle protection.


Cost is also a factor you need to keep in mind when choosing fire gloves. The product that works best for you is the one whose selling price falls within your payment limits.

Therefore, before buying, you should plan a specific budget. Then, choose and compare quality gloves in that price range and evaluate whether they have outstanding advantages to choose the most suitable one.

Having a budget will save you time when searching and deciding to buy fire gloves. 


what are the two basic styles of fire service gloves?

The classification of the firefighting gloves is based on the Function of the product. Specifically, firefighters often have to perform tasks such as: maintaining and rescuing vehicles or working in the extreme heat of aircraft or fires.

Two types of fire gloves will meet each job requirement: gloves for maintenance, equipment pulling, and heat resistant gloves for working at fires.

In addition, these two types of gloves are called quantitative gloves (for rescue, support, maintenance...) and structural gloves (specialized for direct contact tasks with fires).  

What's the differEnce between extrication gloves and STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING GLOVES?

In general, these two types of gloves do not have too much difference in texture. However, each type of glove allows you to use it to perform different tasks. Specifically:

  • Dosing Gloves for use while you are on a fire rescue mission. This gives you a full range of motion and impressive dexterity while allowing you to operate in tight spaces and prevent cuts or scratches on your hands.
  • Meanwhile, structural rescue gloves allow you to perform typical tasks such as: responding to alarms and assisting in extinguishing construction, chemical, oil and gas, vehicle, and wilderness fires.

Besides, you can also use them when applying established tactics and strategies to prevent and control incidents.

At the same time, when firefighters are involved in community education, inspection and fire prevention will also use this type.


The fire line is an additional device to add safety features to the rescue glove. However, firefighters often overlook this tool when choosing to buy protective equipment.

This device makes it possible to link fire gloves to protective clothing through hooks. This product is very necessary and useful for the fireman.

Because, during the fire fighting process, they often take off their gloves a lot to perform tasks that require dexterity.

Therefore, they need to be equipped with a fire fighting strap to avoid dropping and losing gloves when taking off and wearing them continuously. At the same time, this belt also helps firefighters work smarter, faster, and safer. 

For more tactical tools, visit here: Dinosaurized Survival Kits Collection


When you are wondering if you need another pair of specialized gloves of Wildland, the answer is definitely "yes". Because wilderness fire gloves have many distinctive features that make them more versatile and convenient.
In particular, other specialized pairs of the firefighting gloves often have a thicker construction that makes it difficult to accurately use equipment such as searchlights and radios with small buttons.
Meanwhile, wildland firefighting gloves are far more versatile, allowing precise brute force with these tiny buttons.
However, if you only have a pair of structured firefighting gloves available, you can also use them when working in the wilderness.
These gloves still have good protection for your hands from heat and fire. Because they have the same material and function as the fire fighting gloves used in the wild.
Besides, suppose your working environment has extreme weather conditions. In that case, the temperature is too low, and the textured fire gloves with a thicker design to help keep warm are often more popular than common fire gloves for fire fighting.


Most textured gloves are derived from leather. Therefore, how to clean them is a question that many people are interested in.
Since leather is a rather special material, to clean these gloves and keep them looking new, you need a
First, about the tool, you need to prepare a toothbrush with medium bristles, not too hard to avoid damaging the skin.
Besides, you need to prepare a little more soapy water and cold water. Remember, choose soaps with mild detergent properties that work best.
About how to do it, first, you apply soap on the gloves. Then use a brush to clean the dirt on the surface gently. Finally, you wash this type with clean water several times to completely remove the soap.
Note, When drying gloves, you should avoid direct sunlight because it will affect the leather material. 


Fire fighting is an extremely dangerous job, and it requires firefighters to have the best protective equipment, especially hand protection.

Therefore, you need to choose the most suitable pair of the firefighting gloves to protect yourself and help solve the job more effectively.

Hopefully, the 5 best professional firefighter gloves reviews above are really useful to you. Thank you for reading!

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