When taking part in training sessions, you need items like plate carriers to protect yourself from bullets and dangers during training.
When playing dramatic action games like airsoft or paintball, you can't go without plate carriers to both hold the necessary props and protect you from paintballs and fake bullets.
Whatever the situation you get a plate carrier, your requirements are good protection and many features. You can expect more from a plate carrier. 
And you can own the best plate carriers for less than $100. If you're still skeptical, check out the following list of budget plate carriers. 

Comparison Table





Tactical Ultra-Light Breathable Combat TrainingVest

-Many sizes: from S to XXXXL.

- Removeable leather gun bag.

-Neat seams

-The shoulder and side straps are adjustable.

- Molle system for increased durability.

-Magnetic snaps are not the best option available today.

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VISM by NcStarTactical Vest

-Durable PCV plastic.

-There are 8storage pockets.

-Features 2 shoulder buckles and 3 adjustable straps.

-Pistol belt included.

-Compact design, close to the body.

-Not many sizes to choose from.

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YAKEDA TacticalMilitary Vest

-The mesh padding is removable for easy cleaning.

-Easy to put on and take off.


-Durable: wear-resistant, tear-resistant.

-Wide variety of utility bags.

-The zipper part is not secure.

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Condor ModularChest Set

-The chest shield is removable.

-Includes a built-in water bag.

-Light: 1.8 Pounds

-Thick fabric.

-Padded shoulder straps provide comfort.

-The quality of the material is not the best.

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ABENAKI TacticalVest

-Up to 7 multi-purpose bags.

-The size can be adjusted easily.

-Modular integration for mounting multiple devices.

-Solid stitching.

-High-density 600D polyester fabric, durable thick PP fabric.


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Detailed Reviews of The Best Budget Plate Carriers 2022

Plate carriers are not hard to find. Indeed, many brands design and manufacture plate carriers on the market today. 

This abundance inadvertently makes it difficult for users to find the most suitable product because not everyone has the money and time to test all the plate carriers. We have evaluated, tested, and picked the 5 best products in the affordable price range. All you need to do is consult the information below and make your own choices.

#1. Tactical Ultra-Light Breathable Combat Training Vest: Best Plate Carriers for Big Guys

Product's highlights

Dinosaurized is a relatively new tactical store but has quickly dominated the market with quality products at favorable prices. And the Tactical Ultra-light Breathable Combat Traning Vest is no exception.

The Tactical Ultra-light Breathable Combat Traning Vest has everything you'd expect from a plate carrier.

Firstly, the material of the Ultra-light Combat Traning Vest bulletproof vest is high-density 600D Oxford cloth and Polyester mesh. These two materials are known for their durability, comfort, and breathability. Therefore, you will certainly have a comfortable experience with the product.

Secondly, the Tactical Ultra-light Breathable Combat Traning Vest is sure to make you happy with Holster's flexible design.  You will get a removable pistol holster that can be attached to the belt. Whether you're left- or right-handed, you won't have any trouble wearing the Ultra-light Combat Training Vest plate carrier. Not only do you own a gun bag, but you also have many other versatile parts such as a flashlight bag, map bag, utility bag.

In the end, you can't doubt the durability of the Tactical Ultra-light Breathable Combat Traning Vest. Because the shirt has sturdy rescue sleeves and the Molle system keeps your plate carriers sturdier than ever.


  • Many sizes: from S - XXXXL.
  • Removable leather gun bag.
  • Neat seams.
  • The shoulder and side straps are adjustable.
  • Molle system for increased durability.


  • Magnetic snaps are not the best option available today.

Bottom line

If you love versatility and comfort, the Tactical Ultra-light Breathable Combat Traning Vest is the first choice. Or, if you're simply looking for a budget plate carrier that meets a basic need, The Ultra-Light Combat Training Vest won't let you down.

#2. VISM by NcStar Tactical Vest: Best Plate Carriers for Comfort

VISM by NcStar Tactical Vest

Product's highlights

If evaluating a minimalist plate carrier based on factors of material, comfort, and additional features, VISM by NcStar Tactical Vest deserves to be the perfect product.

In terms of materials, the VISM Tactical Vest has a premium PVC finish but weighs only 2.7 pounds, which is suitable for enforcement.

Surprisingly, a VISM Tactical Vest with a PVC layer lined up along the grille can hug the user's body so tightly. Because of the PVC layer, VISM's all-weather durability is even more superior to other brands' products.

In terms of comfort, VISM by NcStar Tactical Vest was born for people with small bodies. The vast majority of brands produce plate carriers in large sizes. However, with the VISM Tactical Vest, you can comfortably use it no matter how big or small your body is. You can easily adjust the straps of the Tactical Vest. Besides, you can also change the vest’s low while the waist is still not loose, always giving you a comfortable and comfortable feeling.

The storage capacity of VISM by NcStar Tactical Vest is also quite impressive. You have plenty of space for permanent storage. You also have the flexibility to swap bags based on your usage habits.


  • Durable PVC plastic.
  • There are 8 storage pockets.
  • Features 2 shoulder buckles and 3 adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Pistol belt included.
  • Compact design, close to the body.


  • Not many sizes to choose from.

Bottom line

VISM by NcStar Tactical Vest is almost the most perfect product in the price range. Owning VISM by NcStar, you have a Tactical Vest that is both comfortable to use and has many pockets for storage. 

#3. vAv YAKEDA Tactical Military Vest - Best For Budget

vAv YAKEDA Tactical Military Vest

Product's highlights

There are three reasons why the vAv YAKEDA Tactical Military Vest is the best plate carrier for your budget. 

Firstly, The quality of the 500d Cordura materials is far superior to the price range. With 1000D Nylon, you get a Tactical Military Vest with outstanding abrasion and tear resistance.

Besides, the material of the product is also very easy to clean. When not in use, you also don't have to spend too much time preserving, but you can still keep the product as beautiful as new. With just a fairly affordable price, you have been able to own and use the vAv YAKEDA Tactical Military Vest for many years.

Secondly, with the flexible locking system, you can quickly put it on and take it off. And not only is it easy, with waistband technology, you also save effort when unlocking.

In addition, the product mobility is also reflected in the point where you can adjust and reinforce the strap. Specifically, you can adjust the strap from 6 inches long to 14 inches long. Or the waist adjusts from 29 inches up to 49 inches.

Thirdly, this product has the Molle system commonly found in high-end armor plates. The YAKEDA has enough pockets for your tactical gear and accessories. Not only that, you can adjust and disassemble accessories depending on the use situation.


  • The mesh padding is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable: wear-resistant, tear-resistant.
  • Wide variety of utility bags.


  • The zipper part is not secure.

Bottom line

Soldiers will be quite satisfied with what vAv YAKEDA Tactical Military Vest brings. Also, if you want to find a suit to join the CS game, the vAv YAKEDA Tactical Military Vest is an option worth considering.

#4. Condor Modular Chest Set - Best for A Huge Number of Items

Condor Modular Chest Set

Product's highlights

The Condor Modular has a complete chest set including some built-in features such as shoulder pads, mesh pockets inside. People who use plate carriers for a long time or carry many heavy items will benefit most from this finishing touch.

Referring to the inner mesh pocket of the Condor Modular Chest Set, you can't help but notice the modular space of the product. You have more space, which means you can keep more accessories.

In addition, just like the plate carriers are designed on the list, you can also adjust the Condor Modular Chest Rig Set to your body size.

And last but not least: the Condor Modular Chest Set has a built-in water reserve in the tank. No matter what your job is, this new feature of the Condor Modular Chest Set is sure to make you happy.


  • The chest shield is removable.
  • Includes a built-in water bag.
  • Light: 1.8 Pounds.
  • Thick fabric.
  • Padded shoulder straps provide comfort.


  • The quality of the material is not the best.

Bottom line

The product is very suitable for use when hunting. The Condor Modular Vest, with a water storage bag and mesh pocket, accessories will help you carry many useful things.

#5. ABENAKI Tactical Vest - Best for High Performance

Product's highlights

The ABENAKI Tactical Vest is a product that costs less than $50.

However, there are two advantages commonly found in products in the higher price range: polyester fabric and multi-purpose bags.

ABENAKI Tactical Vest is made of 600D polyester. In which, 600D is the symbol for the thickness of the fabric. The D stands for Denier, a unit of bulk density of fabric fibers. Besides, the fabric reaches 600D, which means you can use this material in cases of heavy load.

In addition to the fabric’s durability and the seam’s sophistication, the ABENAKI Tactical Vest also impresses with its versatile bags and laser cut.

You will have up to 7 pockets: 3 for documents, 1 for a smaller map, 2 other pockets for flashlights or notes, one other bag for medicine.


  • Up to 7 multi-purpose bags.
  • The plate size can be adjusted easily.
  • Modular integration for mounting multiple devices.
  • Solid stitching.
  • High-density 600D polyester fabric, durable thick PP fabric.


  • Quite heavy.

Bottom line

ABENAKI is a basic Tactical Vest. You can use the product when participating in tactical training, raids. In addition, you can also wear a shirt when playing action games like paintball, and airsoft. 

Buying Guide

How to choose a plate carrier

What useful information did you get from the list of budget plate carriers above? Is the information you obtained enough for you to make a decision? If you still have trouble making a choice, a plate carrier vests must-have list should help.


Choosing to buy a budget plate carrier does not make much sense if the product’s durability is not high. Besides that, you also need to consider whether the plate carriers are durable enough to protect you in all extreme situations.

The best advice for you is to look for products made of tear-resistant, wear-resistant materials. Remember: The material of the product is the point you need to invest in as well as the top note.


The main function of plate carriers is to protect you from injury. Depending on the level of danger you may face, you will choose the type of plate carrier vest that is right for you.

If your danger is handguns, a piece of soft armor can do a good job of protecting you.

However, if you are replacing pistols with rifles, you need to consider hard armor or plate carriers that meet the safety standards of levels III and IV.

Simply put, a level III body armor can protect you from damage from 7.62 FMJ core bullets. Meanwhile, the standard level IV armor will be able to resist 30cal of steel for armor-piercing shots.


Try to choose the right size

Don't be afraid to ask for more information about the size of plate carriers because a plate carrier that is too wide or too tight can cause you trouble moving. If you choose plate carriers according to the label on the product, be aware that the brands do not match the scale. Don't compare the sizes on the labels of two brands with each other if you do not want to be confused.


Choose a suitable one in weight

When wearing plate carriers to perform missions, you will, of course, not be able to sit still.

At this point, speed becomes the deciding factor. The faster you speed up, the more advantageous you are. Therefore, don't let anything, even your armor, stop your footsteps. If you are not used to carrying heavy loads for a long time, give preference to lightweight armor.

Besides, don't forget to minimize the extra gear you carry. Just because a mech has 8 compartments inside doesn't mean you need to fill up those 8 compartments. Lighten the load, and you'll have faster movement speed and more agility.


Choose Tactical Vest for low Price

The practice has proven, for no more than $100, the practice has proven that you can own plate carriers that meet basic needs with incredible durability. And, the 5 carriers on this list above are living proof.

If you want to dig deeper into the evaluation criteria, check out the military expert's analysis in the video below.


Tactical vests with bulletproof panels can save your life. A shield can also do the same thing. However, a plate carrier can do much more.

A good armor plate should protect you from injury and help you carry a lot of essentials like a map, medicine, or a flashlight. This versatility makes many people mistakenly think that it takes a lot of money to own a good plate carrier.

However, you can absolutely save a lot of money when you trust the names on the list of budget plate carriers above.

                -The Tactical Ultra-Light Breathable Combat Training Vest comes in a variety of sizes.

                -The vAv YAKEDA is durable with wear-resistant, tear-resistant material. 

                -The ABENAKI Tactical Vest has up to 7 versatile pockets.

The features of the above products meet the basic needs of users well. And you just need to rely on your personal goals and the suggestions above, surely making a decision will not be too difficult.

Thank you for reading!

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