A gun holster is a handy tool for storing your firearm around your stomach, but not many know how to wear a belly band holster. That is why we are here to provide you with a quick and easy guide on the proper ways to put your Dragon Belly Holster on with comfort.

A belly band holster in action

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How To Wear Belly Band Holster

Contrary to popular belief, a belly band holster can be worn in multiple different positions. When you ask experts how to wear a belly band holster, their recommendations would be as follow:

Across The Chest

This carrying position gives perfect concealment for users who often don a sports jacket or overcoat. 

To secure the pocket holster, you have to look for the Velcro straps. Those parts are where your belly band connects to your body. Stick each of the Velcro sides of your holster until one of them hangs across your shoulders, and the others secure tightly around your chest.

Across the chest is a favorite choice of men due to how snugly it fits around their chest. Moreover, you may alter the holster section to your preference, moving it closer to your dominant hand side with ease. 

Wearing a belly band holster across the chest may not be suitable for ladies, however. Daily carry can cause aches and pains in the chest area due to how tight they fit.

How your belly band holster sits around your chest

Under The Arms

People who want to carry multiple firearms or magazines will love this variant. It creates a spacious capacity without bulking up under your layer of clothing. 

Connect the gun belt towards the front part of your abdomen for this posture. Check to see if the connection is secure. Afterward, pull the band over your shoulder and adjust its length to your favored position.

By wearing a belly band beneath your arms, such a technique demonstrates your holster's adaptability by making it a simple and comfortable method to carry your firearms.

At The Stomach

For those looking for how to properly wear a belly band holster, wearing it at the stomach will provide them with optimal posture. 

This position is how newcomers usually put on their holsters for a quick draw. It is straightforward and requires few pre-measurements. Regardless of what top, jacket, or shirt you're wearing, this position will always be appropriate for your attire.

You could put your favorite belly strap behind your back while attaching the Velcro straps around your stomach until it is a snug fit. It accommodates both males and females nicely.

Additionally, you will always feel secure since you can observe where your gun is.

You can get a hold of your firearm in no time

Around The Hip

We have one suggestion for men, so we can not miss holsters for women. An around-the-hip holster is well-known among users to be the best posture if you have a large wardrobe with skirts or jeans. 

Other than that, people who intend on using a belly band holster for running should also grab this for maximum support. 

You may try the belly band just behind your hips, and after establishing a proper fit with Velcro, you can tighten it to your liking. You can even wear it around your waist instead of a belt.

It is designed to bring the most comfort for the ladies

Tip For Comfortable Concealed Carry With Belly Band Holster

Have you found the ideal way to wear your belly band holster? We also have some extra tips to make it more comfortable to wear a holster all day long.

Choose Your Perfect Firearm

Remember! You are getting a holster to carry your gun. If the gun is too big, it will be more difficult to conceal. While you can get a super-size holster to fit your gun, it will weigh more, which is the major cause of back pains if carried every day.

On the other hand, small firearms are lightweight and tucked away easily. But guns of this size are very difficult to hold in both hands and have fewer features.

In summary, we highly suggest you pick guns sizing between 6” to 6.5” for the perfect balance between comfort and utility.

Pistols come in variable sizes

Get Your Comfortable Holster

There are 2 carry options of belly band holsters on the market, IWB (inside the waistband) and OWB (outside the waistband).

IWB holsters are by far more inconvenient since they only require you to slip them between your skin and your trousers. You must also wear clothes in one size bigger than usual to leave extra pockets for the holster. This measure, in turn, gives you exceptional concealment, keeping your gun hidden from plain sight. 

Should security be your main concern, these are the right holster designs for concealing your firearm.

On the flip side, OWB holsters are far more comfortable because you do not have to tuck them inside your pants. However, they protrude more from your body because they are attached to a belt, making concealing more difficult. Carrying OWB also demands the use of a belt, which severely limits your size options.

Dress Comfortably

With suitable clothes, you will not only increase your belly band holster’s effectiveness but also make it feel pleasant to wear. Typical pants with a belt are suggested for using a holster for pistols. 

When carrying OWB, you will most likely have another layer of clothing, such as a coat or a vest. It is acceptable to improve the holster’s lack of concealment but might cause discomfort to wearers in hot and humid environments.

Watch this Video for better help: 

Common Q&A

We have stumbled upon some questions many users have in mind while browsing for belly band holsters.

What Is A Belly Band Holster?

A belly band holster is a broad elastic belt with a built-in holster that stays beneath your shirt to draw your gun easier. There are several variants, with the firearm mounted everywhere from the front of the belly to under the arm. 

Traditional belt holsters are extremely tight for them to stay in place, which sounds rather uncomfortable. Worry not! Modern holsters are getting more and more snug but comfy to use, thanks to the elastic Velcro straps. 

For varied types of holsters, visit here: https://dinosaurized.com/pages/dinosaurized-all-tactical-gears

Are belly band holsters safe? 

As long as you choose from a trustworthy manufacturer, belly holsters are perfectly secure. A quality belly band holster should have either a genuine IWB holster securely attached to your body or a hard-shell extra retention level to effectively protect and hold the handgun in place.

Should the belly band holster fail to carry a handgun properly and make it harder for you to quickly grab the gun, avoid it at all cost. When it comes to gun safety and functionality, there are no compromises.

Check our Dragon Belly Holster for more information.

Why i should buy this belly band holster?

- Speaking from experience, I can tell you that evil can pay you a visit ANYWHERE. You may feel your neighborhood is safe and it may appear to be to 100% of your community, but evil doesn’t care. Don’t get too certain something bad can’t happen to you or your loved ones where you feel safe. 

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Are they comfortable? 

The answer purely depends on the size of your firearm and how you want to carry the belly band holster. OWBs are most comfortable for a full-day use since they make little contact with your skin.

IWBs focus on concealment, but the strap is flexible enough to not tighten up your pants too much. In general, we can say that they are a perfect option for long-term use.

Can I Wear A Belly Band Holster While Running? 

It is an absolute yes! Modern belly holsters tend to wrap around your body shape with soft and elastic neoprene, minimizing obstructions to your movements. 

In fact, there are products specialized to be used underneath sports equipment. These belly band holsters are ideal for both women and men who wish to defend themselves during their jogging or exercising.

Will this belly band holster work a Ruger SR9? Does it fit full size 1911s?

- Yes, Our Dragon Belly Holster fits a Ruger SR9 and most of other common handguns. You can adjust its velcro to fit different sizes of guns from sub-compact, compact, standard sized pistol, full size 1911s , this concealment firearm holster also works well for M&P Shield, Walther PPS,Glock, S&W, Ruger.

Its adjustability allows itself to hold even tactical flashlights tight, with diameter up to 1.5 inches.


And that was the end of our guide on how to wear a belly band holster. Each way of wearing your belly band has a significant effect, so you should browse carefully to see which one checks your personal needs.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you will wear your carry holster with excellent comfort, thanks to our article!

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