The quick draw gun holster will help you access your weapon easily in needed situations. Today's market is full of holster options of various types. 

What are they? And which one can suit you best? To help you out in dealing with this issue, we have compiled a list of six different holster types for your consideration.

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Types Of The Ideal Holster For Quick Gun Draw 



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Chest rig holsters

When wearing chest rig holsters, the gun is positionedaround the chest bottom, normally on the left side. They are best suited foroutdoor activities like hunting, hiking, camping, climbing, and more. Theyretain the pistol well and are easy to conceal.

Praetorian Shoulder Holster

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Thigh holsters

Thigh holsters are considered one of the best ways foropening carry. They normally have elastic straps to tighten themselves to thewearer’s body yet deliver a comfortable and secure feeling when worn. Byutilizing thigh holsters, you can clear up space around other body parts andcarry more.

Dreadnought Drop Leg Holster

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Shoulder holsters

A shoulder holster will be hung from your shoulder andoften worn underneath your arm, letting the weapon be concealed behind ajacket or coat. It can hang the firearm off your shoulder while keeping ittight to the torso.

Baldman Shoulder Holster

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Belt Holster

There are two types of belt holsters: Outside TheWaistband (OWB) and Inside The Waistband (IWB). OWB holsters are worn outsideof your pants, while IWB holsters will hold the pistol inside your clothes.

OWB: ABC Easy Holster

IWB: Dragon Belly Holster

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Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters are worn on the non-dominant ankle’sinside. Accessing the gun from ankle holsters is not hard, yet it takespractice.

Wardog Ankle Holster

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Home Defense / Bed Holster

Home defense/ Bedside holsters are utilized to hold yourweapons in unexpected situations so that you can protect yourself and yourfamily from dangers. They can be attached nicely on the bedside and under themattress for discreet access.

Morpheus Bedside Holster

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Details Of Draw Gun Holster Type For Quick And Effective Draw

#1. Chest Rig Holster

A chest rig holster is an ideal option for heavy hand guns, thanks to its versatile design that can fit most gun sizes without or with accessories. You will love this holster as you can easily bring it and be comfortable for a fast gun draw in all positions. 

Praetorian Shoulder Holster

It features a vertical shoulder holster design so that the gun will always point downward safely. Moreover, it is often made of breathable Neoprene materials that will not irritate your arm's soft interior. What sets this holster type apart is the ambidextrous design that works for both left and right-side draws. There is an adjustable strap to fit around your non-dominant shoulder and a tightened plastic band covering to fit to the body tightly for a fast gun draw. 

Today, various holster providers do not care about the practical situations when providing holsters that are too bulky, slow to draw guns, and hard to wear. The Praetorian Shoulder Holster, on the other hand, is an excellent product, deserving the title "The fastest and most natural seated drawing holster." This shoulder holster can help prevent bad guys from making the first move and offer you roughly three to five upper hand seconds for self-defense. 

On the downside, this type of holster does not provide excellent safety. Most gun instructors work with shooters facing the impact berm. Almost every shoulder holster works like a cross-draw holster. 

In other words, during the draw stroke, the firearm will be horizontally held and pointed straight away from the shooter's side. Besides, it does not work well with small guns due to its quite big size.


  • Fit various gun sizes without or with accessories
  • Work well with heavy handguns
  • Easy to carry
  • Comfortable for a fast gun draw in all positions
  • Vertical shoulder holster design for safe gun placement
  • Ambidextrous design for both left and right draws


  • Lower safety only while drawing
  • Not ideal for small guns

#2. Thigh Holster

Another type of holster is the thigh holster. The most significant benefit regarding this holster style is that it can put the firearm in a merely accurate position when worn correctly. Thus, your hand can naturally fall to your body's side and draw the weapon instantly. 

Dreadnought Drop Leg Holster

Meanwhile, the waistband or hip holsters require wearers to reach high to retrieve the gun and bring the arm higher to draw it from its holster. You will find it difficult and slow to take the weapon in close quarters and active fights. Notably, these fast draw gun holsters are also the perfect emergency option for big-boned firearm wearers. It might be much more complicated or even impossible if your arm is injured. A critical pro to these holsters is that you can access the holster with your non-support hand.If your arms or hand is immobilized, you will not access the gun, especially big guys who cannot reach the body with the non-dominant arm to draw the weapon. 

Besides, using these quick draw western gun holsters can help you shift the weight distribution to the leg to reduce the weight put around the waist. Hunters can carry it when hunting to protect them from any close-quarter battle. Still, we found that the thigh holster put the gun further from the body, making it quite hard to retain immediately after the removal from the gun holster. Plus, bad guys can grab the firearm away from you much easier than other holster types. You can consider the Dreadnought Drop Leg Holster as it is one of the easiest to draw and most comfy gun holsters. This fast draw gun holster allows you to remove the gun easily and fast due to its finest. 

Moreover, thanks to a three-layer slip-resistant friction strip design, the Dreadnought holster can stay in place from movement or falls. It is also universal and adjustable to work with various gun sizes or tactical gears such as phones, knives, flashlights, and mags. On top of that, if you seek a holster for your tactical games, the Dreadnought leg holster might be your ideal option. It's well designed for greatly tactical activities. 

Accordingly, you can feel free to run, crawl, climb, or jump without worrying about dropping the weapons. We are amazed about this kind of holster because it can be used as a back-up option in case your primary firearm gets jammed or you are out of ammo.


  • Easy to draw a gun
  • Work with various gun sizes or tactical gears
  • Help reduce the pressure around the waist
  • Great for tactical games and hunting
  • Able to be used as a back-up option
  • Reduce weight around the waist
  • Easily used with non-support hand


  • Hard to retain immediately
  • Easy to be taken by opponents

Read more about this Dreadnought Thigh Holster

#3. Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are also an effective way of concealed carry, especially when you regularly wear a jacket. All you need to do is to unbutton or unzip your jack, and you are good to go. 

Baldman Shoulder Holster

Thus, these holsters come in handy, you can access the gun quickly. Meanwhile, other holsters like IWB sometimes can get slightly tight, possibly causing trouble for you when drawing guns. It is worth noting that, unlike pocket or IWB carry, shoulder holsters let you easily remove the weapon when sitting down. You will find it extremely helpful when you want to access the pistol when driving. The Baldman Shoulder Holster is a prime example; it is comfortable and can keep the sidearm out of the way.

Moreover, the shoulder carry can deliver better concealment. As you might know, the holster's visual print can be noticed through your shirt and pants. With the shoulder holster, you will not need to worry about this problem. When it's cool outside, you can walk around with a jacket or coat all day without being noticed. Moreover, the shoulder holster can work with long-barrelled weapons as long as you wear a thick jacket or a trench coat for optimal concealment. 

The Baldman holster can work well with heavy firearms as it helps spread the gun's weight over a bigger area of the torso. 

Indeed, there is no holster perfect in all aspects. Shoulder holsters are no exception. We found that this type of holster is not as safe as belt models. 

When you draw the gun from shoulder holsters, you must first sweep yourself and bystanders before aiming at the threat. It's a specialized gun holster requiring training. If you do not feel you need the essential standards, it might be wise to use the belt holster. Besides, when using a shoulder holster, an assailant can easily block your weapon access. Should you be attacked, the perpetrator can grab you around your chest. Thus, you might find it hard to fight them off with bare arms.


  • Allow effortless access to the firearm
  • Ideal for drawing the pistol when sitting
  • Deliver better concealment
  • Work with long-barrelled guns


  • Not as safe as the belt gun holsters
  • Not good when you are in a wrestling encounter

#4. Belt Holsters

One of the most convenient and safest places to store a gun is on your hip's strong side. You can access your pistol easily with this type of holster. In particular, the belt holsters are available in two types: Inside The Waistband (IWB) and Outside The Waistband (OWB). 

The question is, which kind is better? Both are good, so you should buy both and utilize them in different situations. While IWB holsters are a better choice for concealed carry, the OWB holsters are great when you are embarked on a hike as you do not need to keep the weapon concealed. The most significant advantage of the IWB holsters is that they are much more concealable than OWB variants. 

Besides, they deliver high stability as they have three contact points with the torso. This feature is quite beneficial as your weapon can stay stable and does not move around much. The Dragon Belly Holster can strictly tighten your belly and hip, helping you carry your gun in a stable condition. 

Dragon Belly Holster

Moreover, you can have a variety of carrying positions with the IWB. You can wear it on your strong side hip or at the small of the back. It is slightly inconvenient when wearing the IWB holsters as it can make the pants tighter or dig higher into the torso. 

You might have to buy shorts or pants which are one size bigger around your waist to wear the pistol.


  • Deliver more concealable carry
  • High stability due to three contact points
  • Able to wear in various positions


  • Require bigger pants when wearing IWB holsters

Meanwhile, OWB holsters are an ideal alternative to the IWB. As its name suggests, you will wear the belt outside of the shorts or pants. There are various benefits to OWB holsters over IWB ones. 

For instance, it is more comfortable to wear a holster outside the waist than inside. As mentioned above, the IWB holster can require you to get a bigger pant or short size. Another pro to the OWB holsters is that they allow you to draw your weapon faster than their counterpart. The ACB Easy Holster lets you quickly remove the firearm and get the freedom to move the body, especially in urgent situations.

On the downside, an OWB holster is not as concealable as other models.


  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Support fast withdrawal of gun
  • Free to move


  • Not concealable

#5. Ankle Holster

You might see in many action films that police often use ankle holsters when they are on duty. It’s true that ankle holsters work well when you draw from all positions. 

You can find it safer and faster to access your gun from an ankle holster than pulling it on the belt. Notably, when you are knocked down or in a disadvantaged situation, an ankle holster will allow you to get the gun much easier and quicker than other holsters. 

Most ankle holsters come with an ambidextrous design so that you can wear them both on the right or left leg. The Wardog Ankle Holster can work well with subcompact and compact guns. 

Wardog Ankle Holster

Thanks to a slim design, you can get a better-concealed carry with this holster when wearing inside the pants. Still, when you utilize ankle holsters for back-up guns, you had better make it accessible for the non-dominant hand. 

It makes sense, especially when you have to use back-up firearms as you are wounded. Plus, we have found that most ankle holsters are pretty uncomfortable to wear, partly limiting your movement.


  • Able to draw a gun from all positions
  • Safer and faster to draw weapons
  • Able to wear on both right or left leg
  • Excellent concealment


  • Need to practice for back-up pistols
  • Limiting movement

Highly Recommended: Wardog Ankle Holster

#6. Home Defense/ Bedside Holster

A bedside holster is perfect for unexpected situations at home. It is considered a phantom quick draw gun holster. When having a bed holster, you can sleep well while being 100% prepared for potential threats. Moreover, it will work best when you are in danger. 

You might want to get the weapon as close as possible. It can decide if you are the hunter or the prey. For instance, when criminals like robbers, burglars, or looters break into your home, you can quickly get the weapon for self-defense within several seconds. 

The Morpheus Bed Holster works well with various gun types and other gears such as mags and knives. It can securely stay under your mattress, couch, and bedside and be an ideal quick draw gun holster for cars.

Morpheus Bed Holster 

And in urgent situations, this precision quick draw gun holder can save you about 70-120 seconds and generate much less noise whenever you get the weapon. 

That said, if you have kids, it might not be a safe choice as they can unexpectedly get your guns and injure themselves.


  • Deliver quick access to the weapon at home
  • Work with various gun types
  • Create much less noise when drawing


  • Not safe for homes with kids

Tips And Tricks For Tactical Quick Gun Draw

When you have the right holster, you're ready for a defensive carry. That said, another critical factor is to rapidly and smoothly get your pistol out for the fight. Several tricks and tips can help you draw the gun quickly a lot.

Clearing The Pistol

If you carry your weapon daily, you might do so in a concealed fashion. There are ways to clear outer garments to get your firearm quickly. If you wear a loose shirt or jacket, you had better remove the cover with your shooting hand. 

Put your hand on the abdomen for preparation, let the fingers bend toward the palm, and then sweep back the garment with a fluid motion. Remember to use gusto when doing this to ensure the garments move far enough not to rebound instantly.

Meanwhile, if you carry under a shirt, use your hand to remove the shirt and expose the fire gun. Again, it is best not to take shortcuts by slightly lifting it. Draw it high to give enough space to get an optimal grip.

Get A Grip

The next task is to have a tight grip on the fire gun. Many draw their weapon and make adjustments to the hold before shooting. To have a firm shooting grip, it is advisable to drive your support hand and draw the gun straight up.

Drop The Elbow

So you already get a robust grip, and your fire gun is drawn out of the gun holster. It's time to have it pointed in at the danger. The simplest method for raising the muzzle quickly on your target is to drop the elbow to the side. 

It's at this point that you put your finger on the gun's trigger. The weapon needs to be pointed towards the danger with the forearm in contact with your side. 

Though it is probably the most accurate spot, it's a sturdy shooting position in case you don't have time to extend the arms completely. It is worth noting that you should avoid adding extra motion and crouching your body. Make the draw smooth and straightforward.

Put All Together

If you have time, you can get your support hands on the grip for higher stability. The gun hand should remain on the abdomen, and you slide it on the firearm since it moves forwards. Your support hand melts on the handgun since you hit it forward. 

Ensure you get a tight grip to let you develop dynamic tension. Your strong hand pushes forwards, so your support hand will pull back, letting you stabilize the firearm and have better shots. 

It is also critical not to allow the support hand to float in the space when drawing the gun. In many cases, people shoot the finger or ventilate the palm as they put the support hand in front of the muzzle when they press the gun's trigger.

Before You Shoot

When your hand is welded to the pistol, you press forwards to have the ideal position to shoot. You have great dynamic tension while the slack's out of your gun's trigger. You're ready to shoot now.

This formula's final part is to get the pistol into the fighting position. The support hand will be able to do more than only stabilize your grip. Also, it can help you to raise the handgun to eye level. 

At that time, press the support hand upwards, below the trigger guard, aiming to increase the gun and shave off the time for this step without compromising your grip.

It is imperative to remember that your grip's firmness is essential. You should avoid crushing your grip as it can impact your accuracy. Too hard squeezing can make it quite challenging to move the trigger finger smoothly and negatively influences the accuracy.

Final Tip

You should deliver the "point-in" action as straightforwardly as possible. Also, the muzzle should be pointed at your target. Again, you need to have a natural posture behind the firearm and avoid additional motion.


So you have gone through our quick draw gun holster article. In a nutshell, you can wear a holster in different positions on your body like belt, ankle, thigh, shoulder, and bedside. Each type of holster delivers specific pros and cons. 

Depending on your preference and demand, you should buy one or various holster types to achieve different concealment and safety levels. 

Anyway, we hope our article is helpful for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you for reading.

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