What makes the best Springfield XD 9mm concealed carry holster? Find out what you need to find the right holster for your weapon in this review article.

The Springfield XD series is a family of pistols that include concealed carry and a bunch of other types of weapons. XD has almost anything for your shooting needs, from XD-M and XD-S to XD-E and XD-M Elite. But to make the most of your handgun, you also need the best holster. The question is, “what is the best Springfield XD 9mm concealed carry holster?”

This article may have the answer you need. In this post, you can explore what things to consider when you look for the best holster for XDS 9mm, along with different holster types. With this information, you can understand more the importance of choosing the right holster.

But before that, you can check out the comparison table below for a glance at our recommended holsters.

BEST Glock 43 Concealed Carry Holster COMPARISON

Product Name

Pros & Cons

Hand Orientation

Holster Type



Dinosaurized ABC Holster

It’s comfortable, easy to use, and conceals well, but expensive.

Right-handed and Left-handed



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Blackhawk! SERPA Concealment Holster

It's a good fit, secure, and highly concealed, but the exposed square is in the way of the retention lever.




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Fobus Standard Holster OWB Paddle

It improves draw speed and is comfortable to use. But the barrel and sight are exposed. Also, the cant isn’t adjustable.




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Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster

It is a practical and comfortable holster. However, it is difficult to re-holster, and the sight usually gets caught on the holster when you draw.

Right-handed and Left-handed



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Springfield Armory XD-S Molded Paddle Holster

It is a simple holster with simple but effective features. The disadvantage is it doesn’t have a lock or retaining strap.




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What to Look for in a Springfield XD 9mm Holster

Springfield XD is among the many popular pistols, which means there are also many holsters in the market designed to fit this gun. But the fact that there are many of them can be a problem because then, how do you know which one to get? This guide can help you find the right Springfield XD 9mm concealed carry holster.


Let's start with the brand of the holster. The reputation of the manufacturer can tell you many things, such as how reliable the holster is. If the brand is popular and has many positive reviews, it tells you that they produce a quality product. It means that the product you get is worth your money.

But this does not mean that you can only get the best Springfield XD 9mm concealed carry from expensive brands. Sometimes, you can get the same quality of product from lesser-known brands that are a lot cheaper. It means that you must compare the manufacturers well, choosing quality over price.


The price of holsters differs from every brand, with more popular brands often a lot more expensive. Because of the high cost, many people get tempted to go for the cheapest option. While it is not wrong to look for more inexpensive holsters, you should still look for one that has decent quality, at least.

It is best to choose quality over price, but you can also find a product with a good balance of the two. You will have to compare several brands, their price, and features to know if their value is equal to the pricing. It also helps to read product reviews, which should give you an idea of what to expect from a particular product.

Construction and Material

The material used to make the holster plays a huge part in its reliability and functionality. For that reason, you should learn more about the materials commonly used for creating a holster, such as leather, Kydex, and nylon. They each have unique properties, after all.

For instance, Kydex is a material that you can easily mold into any specific shape. As such, it helps make molded holsters. These are pre-shaped holsters in a form fit to the specific handgun. It is different from soft leather, the traditional material used for holsters.

Leather is long-lasting, but it wrinkles due to heat and humidity. This also causes leather to fold, giving sweat the chance to soak through the material. Besides these, leather can be uncomfortable to the skin. Meanwhile, there is the basic but effective material – nylon. It wears faster, but nylon is good quality material.

Besides the material used, you want to check the stitching of the holster. The best Springfield XD 9mm concealed carry holster has either double stitching or durable seams. With these, the holster should not unravel too quickly. This means you can use the holster for an extended period.


Some people look for an open carry holster, while others like concealed carry. If you are the latter, concealment is a feature you want to pay attention to when you look for a Springfield XD holster. The holster's size, shape, and material all play a part in how much it conceals, which you need to keep in mind.

Remember that bulkier holsters won't conceal better as it prints more. They also usually have irregular edges that stand out. Similarly, your clothing has an impact on the holster's concealment. If you always wear tight shirts, it would be impossible to conceal a weapon on your body. With that said, consider what you wear.


Some of the most important features of a Springfield XD 9mm concealed carry holster are the belt loops, clips, and other retention mechanisms. These things ensure that your gun remains on the holster no matter the skirmish you get into. Retention is crucial so you won’t accidentally lose your weapon.


It would be great to get a holster with adjustable cant and retention. If you can adjust it to your preferences, then it will be incredibly useful in so many ways. With that said, look for a holster with retention screws, at least. Since there is no holster that has one size that fits all, adjustability is an essential factor in ensuring you wear a quality holster.

General Holster Types

As mentioned, there are various types of holsters. The most common of them are:

1. IWB Holster

Also known as Inside the Waistband, this is the type of holster you wear inside your pants. It conceals weapons well but is quite uncomfortable. You will need baggy pants to use an IWB holster for more comfort.

2. OWB  Holster

Also known as Outside the Waistband, it's the opposite of IWB. You wear it outside of your pants, which make it more visible. Thus, it doesn't offer much when it comes to concealability. It is more comfortable to use, though.

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3. Shoulder Holster

This is the type you wear over your shoulder, which evenly distributes the gun's weight to both sides of the body. It can help you avoid having back pains. It conceals well but is not highly accessible.

4. Ankle Holster

The ankle holster is most often used for backup weapons due to its difficulty in concealing and accessing. It is comfortable to use, but the positioning isn't suitable for use as a primary weapon.

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Leg Holster

You wear this type of holster on the inner thigh, which gives excellent accessibility from every direction. However, it is more exposed. Thus, this is perfect if you are not much concerned about concealing your handgun.

Top 5 Specific Holsters for Springfield XD

ABC Easy Holster by Dinosaurized is a universal holster, one that you can use for various models of handguns, including Springfield XD. It is also unisex, which means both men and women can use it. When it comes to comfort, it boasts of the surgical-grade elastic neoprene it's made of. It is padded, lightweight, and breathable.

Aside from comfort, ABC Easy Holster offers concealment with no printing. With its sleek design, you should be able to carry your Springfield XD 9mm handgun without anyone's knowledge. It's a beginner-friendly holster that offers the freedom to move and draw your gun when seated and in sticky situations.

It also has excellent retention features that include a retention strap, snap button, and metal clip. With these, your Springfield gun should stay in place when holstering in your ABC Easy Holster. Overall, Dinosaurized ABC Easy Holster is an excellent holster but with a high price that might be your only issue.

2. Blackhawk! SERPA Concealment Holster

Blackhawk! SERPA Concealment Holster is a top pick from one of the leading brands of holsters. It features an advanced retention system, which makes it easy to keep your Springfield XD secured and safely concealed. Aside from the retention system, this holster has several other notable features, such as the SEPRA Auto Lock Release.

For quickly adjusting the holster, SERPA Concealment Holster comes with a passive retention detent adjustment screw. It also offers excellent retention that comes with an audible click after re-holstering, letting you know your pistol is perfectly secured. This Blackhawk! Holster also provides a reinforced draw technique for positive grip.

Thanks to that, SERPA Concealment Holster promises to provide improved draw speed. You can also attach the holster securely and more concealed using the paddle platform and belt loop that includes in the pack. This holster is an excellent fit for Springfield XD, but it has an exposed square that gets in the way of the retention lever.

3. Fobus Standard Holster OWB Paddle

If it is a Springfield DXM holster concealed carry, Fobus Standard Holster OWB Paddle is at the top options. It is an OWB holster that works for Springfield DXM, one of the handguns belonging in the Springfield XD series. If you like a paddle holster, this one also comes with a rubberized paddle version.

For it to fit well with your DXM handgun, this holster is injection-molded using high-density plastic. This holster is lightweight, only weighing 3 ounces, and thus adds virtually nothing to your gun's weight. It also rides high, comes with a passive retention system, and low profile construction.

These features give Fobus Standard Holster OWB Paddle the excellent ability to keep your handgun in place. With this, the holster should also help improve your quick draw. Fobus Standard Holster is a perfect choice for concealed carry, but it's a shame it doesn't have an adjustable cant, and the sight and barrel are exposed.

4. Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Leather IWB Holster

With the name "The Ultimate Leather IWB Holster," this Relentless Tactical holster is, as expected, one of the best in the market. It is made from genuine suede leather, a high-quality and comfortable material made in America. Aside from the leather material and being handmade, it’s worth noting this holster works for most .380 autos.

It is sturdy and form-fitted, with a shape and size designed for easy and effective concealment. This Relentless Tactical Leather Holster also promises quick and reliable access from various positions. It has a strong belt clip and does well in staying put. This holster is comfortable and practical, backed with a lifetime warranty.

Relentless Tactical Ultimate Leather Holster is an excellent holster with few drawbacks. One of its disadvantages is that the gun's sight often gets caught on the holster during the draw. Another disadvantage is when you re-holster it, which is a bit difficult.

5. Springfield Armory XD-S Molded Paddle Holster

Springfield Armory XD-S Molded Paddle Holster is one of the best holsters that offer the perfect fit for your XD-S handgun. It's a factory XD-S OWB molded plastic holster with a rugged design ideal if you need a carry to use every day. As it is molded from plastic, it offers not only the best fit but also retention.

A critical feature of this holster is its paddle design. Thanks to it, this XD-S holster stays low when worn. At the same time, it attaches close to the body that gives it better concealment. Despite being an OWB holster, it doesn't have much printing as the paddle design keeps the grip or handle of the gun close.

It is a minimalist holster with a simple design focused on comfort. It is supposed to keep you feeling comfortable when wearing it, even in extended periods, by not irritating or rubbing the skin. One big problem with it is the lack of a locking mechanism or retaining strap, which is a significant safety issue.


Can you see now what makes the best Springfield XD 9mm concealed carry holster? The decision is yours, but there are various features that you would want in your holster. We suggest you keep in mind the guidelines mentioned above for an easier search of the best holster for XDS 9mm.

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