Chest carry is a common way to carry a firearm, for both men and women. The reason why so many choose this method of carrying their firearm has everything to do with the ability to have easy access at all times. This type of holster allows you to get your gun out quickly and easily if needed. And if you're running with a gun on your chest, getting the best chest holster is essential. The last thing you want to do is have your gun fall out of its holster as you're trying to cross the finish line. That would be embarrassing and dangerous! 
Here are some tips that will help ensure that this never happens again:  
- Buy a good quality holster that fits securely around your body and has an adjustable belt loop so there's no chance of ever forgetting to tighten it down before heading out on a run.
- Make sure the strap or buckle isn't going to loosen while running or doing activities. 
Chest carry is an effective form of concealed carry because it allows both hands-free while still being able to reach your gun in case there is danger nearby or time sensitive situations where reaching your weapon quickly would be necessary. 

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Best Neoprene Concealed Shoulder Holster – Praetorian Shoulder Holster

Solve the comfort issue by providing a breathable perforated neoprene base that contacts your skin softly and lays flat against you. The universal design fits all pistols, works with both right and left-handdraws offers quickdraw capabilities without costing you money.


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Best Nylon Chest Gun Holster– Federal Cross Body Holster

Federal Holsters are quality made with nylon materialfor durability. The chest strap can be removed, adjusted and the bum shoulder straps provide a secure fit that will not fall off.


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Best Nylon Chest Holster – Man Gear Alaska Chest Holster

This is a good choice for carrying your service and  standard semi-auto Glock. The 7 Gauge Wire D-rings allow you the option oflashing or fixing it onto any pack!


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Best Tactical Chest Holster -  The Craft Holsters Sig P226 MK25

Provide comfort and concealment. The fast draw allows for easy re-holstering, while also being able to sit comfortably in your vehicle without printing


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Best Leather Chest Holster -  Sportsman’s Chest Rig Holster

The Mil-Spec webbing strap and side release buckle area perfect fit for your gun.


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Choosing the best chest gun holster for running

There are a few things to consider when choosing chest carry. First, you need to make sure that the chest holster is designed specifically for your firearm. Make sure it fits well and doesn't move around too much while you're on the run. Second, choose one with an adjustable strap or waistband clip so that you can adjust accordingly if needed (otherwise known as "fit-to-size"). And lastly, don't forget about comfort! Find something comfortable enough where there aren't any chafing points, but also sturdy enough not to fall apart after just a couple of uses. 

Chest holsters come in many different styles. There are chest gun holsters that have a hard shell and chest holsters with soft shells. The main difference is going to be how much protection the chest holster provides. If you're carrying in cold weather, then I would recommend choosing one of the chest holsters with a hard shell (since they typically provide more warmth). But if it's warm out or you need your firearm accessible quickly, then go for one of the chest holsters made from fabric instead.


When you're looking for a chest holster, don't settle for anything less than this Praetorian Shoulder Holster. Made from high-quality materials that make wearing it so much more comfortable, and of course, it has the ability to stay durable for a long period of time. It's positioned lower on your chest so accessing your weapon is actually easier than with neck rigs, and you can also wear this as a shoulder rig if need be. You'll love how versatile this one strap rig is with its adjustable straps and carry angles too!. The universal design means that most handguns will fit inside securely - recognizing that not all dimensions are identical between makes and models - while the padded area will feel good against your skin.

Praetorian Shoulder Holster provides all-day comfort without sacrificing quick accessibility or safety, making it perfect for concealed carry purposes even when you’re jogging, working, sitting, or doing any type of activity. With an ambidextrous design, the holster is worn with ease on both left and right draws. Not to mention lightweight making it easy to wear as a part of your daily routine! The holster’s strict plastic band covers tightly around your body providing security from straps that can unintentionally fall loose with frequent movements, giving you immediate access when needed most.

The best shoulder holster for hunters and hikers alike, the Praetorian is designed so well it feels natural even while sitting down - making each draw smooth and fast! Best tactical chest holster for any given day of the week. Offering right-side or left-side draws depending on preference makes this best side carry holster perfect for both men and women who have an active lifestyle involving high levels of physical activity such as jogging, working out in the gym, going shopping at stores where being able to quickly reach your firearm would best tactical chest holster best gun holder for best possible protection.


 - Comfortable, breathable without chafing your skin.

 - Adjustable Velcro band to fit your waist.

 - This is a great choice of holster for many pistols.

 - Easy to use, durable, and long-lasting material.

 - Adjustable to different body sizes.

 - The neoprene chest holster is a good tactical holster for anyone who might need to carry any extra accessories or weapons.

 - An extra storage pocket with plenty of rooms left to add any accessories or gun kits.

 - Easy to clean, easy to store.

 - Reasonable price.


 - The holster is a snug fit that works well for certain clothes.

 - While re-holstering can be challenging for some, with the positioning of your body it becomes much easier.


Man Gear is a company that makes holsters for people who need tough, reliable gear. Their Alaska holster has an extremely dense double-layer material and multiple waterproof layers to keep your firearm safe from harm's way no matter what you're doing or where the adventure takes place! This durable nylon design fits both revolvers as well as semi-auto pistols such as Glock models 17 through 22 with one exception; it won't work with either weapon if fitted using clips mounted behind their grips because of this restriction (though there are other options available).

Man Gear Alaska is a highly durable nylon holster that's perfect for carrying pistols. Crafted from an unusually thick material, it can withstand even the most rigorous abuse while still maintaining its waterproof integrity! This tough gun Holster will fit Glock models 17 - 37 as well as S&W M&P9 and HK Snap revolvers among others- so you're sure to find something great here at Man Gear Alaska.

Man Gear Alaska Holster


- Quickly and easily access the firearm.

 - Secured design to keep other triggers nice and easy so they don't get bumped.

 - Get most pistols ready for any challenges.

 - Comfortable and lightweight carry.

 - Adjustable retention.

 - Extra compartments inside for additional magazines or other accessories stored.

 - Reasonable price.


 - Poor concealment.

 - More suitable for driving, not hiking.

 - Made from nylon material that will wear down over time.

 - Difficult to perform a smooth gun draw.

 - Not a perfect choice for left-handed people.


The Craft Holsters Sig P226 MK25 is a small family-owned business, and they take pride in their work. They're confident that you'll be thrilled by the craftsmanship of your new holster – from its premium features to stand up to years of wear and tear, it’s a product that will last you a lifetime.

This sleek leather holster enhances your time at the shooting range by securing your weapon in an elegant and convenient form. The high-quality craftsmanship of this functional accessory lets you carry both a concealed and open side with complete control and comfort, so you can hit those targets no matter what. You'll be able to adjust it on the fly for important things like safety levels and the levelness of the arm itself.

The Craft Holsters Sig P226 MK25


 - Sleek & Stylish Design.

 - Long-lasting & Durable Leather Made Product.

 - Easy to wear.

 - Secure firearm in any position with adjustable retention and straps with buckles.

 - It can be worn nicely under any clothes.

 - Good hiking chest holster option for guys large-sized people.

 - Easily and quickly to access.

 - Good concealment.


- Bad smell and stretched out after times without proper storage and cleanse.

 - Available for right-hander only.

 - Unable to reposition carry angle.

 - Expensive.


Imagine a high-quality, one size fits all solution to concealed carry. The Craft Holsters Sig P226 MK25 is a large holster meant for carrying multiple handguns over the last few days of travel without needing to change out your gear. Made with lightweight, durable materials and ready for wear with or without clothes, this product will securely hold any gun worn comfortably around your waist during periods of activity as long as you please. For those carrying guns as backup weapons or as their primary means of protection on casual trips into town, this holster is just what you're looking for! 

Sportsman’s Chest Rig Holster


 - Perfect Chest Holster for Big Guns Carrier.

 - Available for both left-hander or right-hander.

 - Resistant and durable leather material.

 - Lightweight and Easy to wear.

 - Adjustable webbing strap and side release buckle that fit big guys and skinny guys.


 - Unable to adjust strap for perfect gun fit.

 - Can be worn in one carry angle only.

 - Smelly over time.

 - Need special cleaning care and maintenance.


Professional concealment at arm's length. Suitable for those who insist on work as they comfort, the Federal Cross Body Holster can be positioned either under the arm or across your chest. A removable chest strap and a fully adjustable firearm retention strap make it an ideal choice for people experiencing backaches from carrying a weapon. 

The holster is made of first-run nylons and waterproof polypro webbing that does not shrink when exposed to water or sweat; meaning you can wash it without fear of damaging them with hot water. If you prefer wearing your firearm high and across your chest, this one will make concealed carrying more comfortable than ever before!


 - Padded design that's great for carrying heavy handguns.

 - Adjustable straps for any body type perfect fit.

 - Extra space with plenty of room left in case of emergencies.

 - Comfortably wearing with big guns.

 - Quality construction and padding for comfort.

 - Water-resistant


 - Small magazine pouch.

 - A bit bulky under light clothing.

Chest Holster Material For Running: What You Need To Know


Nylon holsters are much cheaper than other types, this means that they're not as durable as other materials and will stretch over time. It can be hard to find a perfect nylon holster for your gun but if you still want something affordable and resistant to water and sweat then take note: look for the Federal Cross Body Holster!

The buckle on a lot of nylons stretch and bend over time, which means your firearm won't stay secure with one if it isn't properly mounted from its inception - or when you add things like sweat onto an already loose fit - compare that to leathers which mold themselves around whatever shape.  


 Leather holsters are still the most durable, classic material and best for maintaining a sleek look. This material has many advantages, like flexibility in adjustment that will fit your gun perfectly every time; However, it can't be used when there's extreme heat or humidity because of its natural properties which cause cracking over long periods if left unchecked. It also makes these items higher priced than synthetic material counterparts with equal features but lacks their sustainability qualities too!

Leather holsters have been around for centuries because of these benefits as well as ease of adjustment which makes them the best choice if you're looking to buy one today!


Kydex holsters are the perfect choice for today's modern firearms. Not only do they maintain positive retention, but plastic or kryptek material is waterproof and won't get saturated with sweat as leather does.

Kydex cases are made of polymers that make them durable and resistant to water or scratch. For this reason, you can be assured that your holster will last long as well! On the other hand, it mainly comes in the form of an IWB leather case because it's so durable which means it can be a bit uncomfortable and bulky to wear in front of your chest.

 What to look for when buying a chest gun holster

Chest holsters are a great option for gun owners who want to keep their firearms concealed under their shirts or jacket. They are especially useful if you plan on wearing them for extended periods of time, such as when you're at work. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one is best suited for your needs. We are listing some things to consider before you making purchase below: 


Firstly, you need to make sure that the chest holster is designed specifically for your firearm and it will last through all of your activities. 

Durability is a key factor in choosing the right chest holster. You need to find one that will last through your activities and protect your firearm from damage, no matter what they're put through throughout their day or how much heat there may be present at any given time. A good durable design has some important benefits: It can take more punishment while still protecting against scratches on metal surfaces without warping easily due to its high-quality materials used so it doesn't loosen over extended use; these holsters have plenty of life left before needing replacement which prevents costly repairs down the line. The quality and durability of a chest gun holster are something that you want to be aware of before buying. The more durable it can withstand wear, the better suited your firearm will be for an active lifestyle with motion-based activities like jogging, fishing, or hunting! 


Secondly, comfort should also play into this decision because if there are uncomfortable straps then they'll simply get tossed aside in favor of another product just as quickly - not to mention how hot these rigs might make us feel while wearing them all day long outdoors during summer months when things tend hottest. Make sure it fits well and doesn't move around too much while you're on the run so as avoid painful moments due to friction caused by inappropriate fitment issues with clothing items like backpack hip belts which can cut into our hips after hours on end wearing them. Something that is lightweight yet sturdy, not too chafe your skin but also sturdy enough not to fall apart after just a couple of uses. 


A gun owner needs the right holster for their firearm. A chest holster is a great option because it can be used with various types of guns, and holsters! When choosing one look at what material it's made from to ensure durability - plus safety should never take second place when carrying your weapon around all day long.

A good way not only to protect yourself but also make sure you have easy access in case something goes wrong while wearing this type of pouch on our bodies, so keep these two things top-of-mind before investing money into getting any chest gun holster or generic product available out there today. We already introduced some holster material above, now it’s your time to choose the best concealed carry chest gun holster for your running errands.

Quality & Price

Don't forget about quality when choosing your best side carry holster, be aware of what others are saying about its durability and comfort level before purchasing. There is nothing worse than getting a low-quality product that will break within weeks or months from use! When I was looking for my concealed weapon on the market to buy this past year it felt really overwhelming because there were so many different brands out in front with their ads everywhere but none made me feel confident until finally came across Dinosaurized Holsters who has been around since 2016 using high grade neoprene leather plus Velcro Tighten Band.

 How to wear your chest gun holster while running 

 If you're going to be wearing this chest carry method on runs longer than five miles I would recommend choosing one with an adjustable strap so that you can adjust accordingly throughout the exercise (otherwise known as "fit-to-size"). Also, make sure not to tighten too much since there's always the chance of chafing during certain exercises when wearing anything tight against your body. Make sure any belt loops are placed in front where they, meaning even if someone tried pulling on it hard enough they won't just pull out your firearm without much effort required from them. You also want something comfortable! And don't forget about fit-to-size.

The chest gun holster is a great option for runners who want to carry their firearm with them when they're exercising outdoors in case they need it if attacked by an animal or worse, being mugged while running alone. There are many factors that go into choosing the best chest holster for your needs, but these tips should help you narrow down which chest holster is going to be the best choice possible so that you can get out there and run safe!


1. What is the best chest gun holster for running?

There are many different chest gun holster styles to choose from for runners. A good option is one that's belt-mounted, as it will snugly hold your firearm without being too tight or loose around the clip depending on how much weight you have in this area while running.

Chest mounted gun holsters are often best for runners because they don't require a belt. They attach to the chest and should be very secure, as you can easily fall or jump with one of these on your body without worrying about losing your firearm.

Shoulder holster is also a good option for runners who are worried about losing their firearm while on the run. Shoulder holster normally works best with smaller firearms, but with Praetorian Shoulder Holster, not only does it give you extra storage, but it also eliminates concerns about gun sizes.

These are just some ideas to consider when choosing the best chest gun holster for running. There is no perfect option, so pick one you feel comfortable with keeping your firearm attached to your body.

2. What are the pros & cons of using a chest holster for concealed carry?

The pros of using a chest holster for concealed carry are that you can quickly and easily reach your weapon without having to remove it. Draws the gun away from your body, making a drawing on an awkward position easier than ever before; but there's always some cons involved in every choice right? One drawback with this type of carrying method is not all holsters fit into these slots well enough or comfortably at all while running (which many people do). It also might be noticeable if someone sees what's inside yours considering most options come off as bulky looking under clothes where said objects should remain unseen by passersby - unless they're specifically searching out weapons as cops would probably want them seen! 

-> A special solution to all these problems? Check out our: Praetorian Shoulder Holster

3. Do you believe that the chest holster is designed for men and women?


- YES, The chest holster is a great way to carry your firearm. It's discreet, easy-to use and can be worn by both men or women without having any negative reactions from other people in public places like schools or offices!

4. How safe is a chest holster for carrying a concealed weapon?


The chest holster is a safer and more comfortable way to carry your weapon than hip or thigh holsters. The position of the gun makes it less likely that you'll forget about the firearm, as well as pointing away from yourself so there's no worry if someone sees what's in plain sight on their own body part (i..e: head). Despite these benefits however; they can be uncomfortable under certain conditions such like sweating heavily which again points towards using an inside-the waistband Holster where at least one hand will stay dry!

It goes without saying but choosing wisely when considering concealed carry equipment matters most - not only because it could be the difference between life and death but because you'll find yourself more comfortable out on a run.

The best chest gun holster for running will depend on your physical build, location of firearm (purse or belt), and how far/long you plan to go! It is best that it should have adjustable retention screws so that if necessary


There are many different types of chest gun holsters. The type you should choose depends on what you're looking for in a holster. For example, if you want to carry your handgun easily while driving, running, or need quick access to it, then the best option is an over-the-shoulder holster. If you prefer not having anything touching your body and don't mind sacrificing some speed and convenience, then the shoulder holster is for you. There's also a variety of other options like hip holsters that can be worn under clothes without any printing; waistband holsters; and ankle holsters  which offer good concealment but slow draw time due to location (but work well with heavy clothing). Chest guns aren't just used by law enforcement officers anymore!

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